Nerds Company Digital Marketing Agency Review 2023

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software

Nerds Company

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Verdict: When working on a project, the Nerds Company digital marketing agency combines ideas, experience, and creativity to boost the brand awareness, user engagement, and conversions of their clients. The thing that I like about their work is their focus on helping each specific customer grow by providing them with a personalized marketing strategy. The agency helps photographers create a website from scratch, update it, and boost their online presence.

You can order a full range of marketing services in one place: from website and photography portfolio creation to marketing strategy development and event planning.

  • Full range of services for photographers
  • Client-focused approach
  • Over 6 years of experience
  • Fast response to client’s inquiries
  • Good project completion speed
  • Exact prices are revealed by the manager
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Nerds Company has been involved in website development, web design, branding, and marketing for over 6 years. They also offer photography services for commercial projects and family events. Moreover, if you plan to take part in an exhibition, the agency can help you design an attractive stand.

The company employs event managers that can organize an exhibition of your works or a workshop. Other than creating marketing materials like brochures and posters, the agency can also help you print them out in good quality.

Nerds Company – Main Features

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Nerds Company is a multidisciplinary digital marketing company that has worked on projects for both small enterprises and global brands. Companies that they’ve worked with include an international outsourcing company Capita, a family bakery Tunnock’s, etc.

This digital marketing agency provides an array of creative, technical, and advertising services, with all of them being designed to help your business grow and evolve.

Developing Efficient Websites for Photographers

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Website design is one of the agency’s main services. The company’s designers and developers have worked with some of the most popular brands in the world so they have the experience necessary to deliver creative premium web products.

They focus on creating an online experience that visitors will enjoy and companies will profit from. The agency relies on a mix of technical and creative proficiency to develop awe-inspiring websites that engage the audience and lead to a significant increase in conversions.

The company provides both front-end and back-end development and can help integrate your site with CMS platforms like Umbraco, WordPress, Sharepoint, and Sitecore while listening to all your feedback. They work with plenty of photography website builders as well.

Their front-end developers tightly cooperate with the designers and only present the final results after receiving your approval. They also rely on the latest web design techniques to deliver a platform that functions properly on all types of devices. With the help of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and other tools, the company’s developers ensure the user experience is as intuitive and smooth as possible while still having your business goals serve as a cornerstone of the design process.

If you want your site to have advanced technical features, this agency’s .NET and PHP experts will ensure those are implemented with diligent care according to your specifications.

Developers can integrate your website with multiple systems, including e-commerce platforms, content managers, recruitment utilities, etc. Moreover, they can employ APIs, wireframes, and plugins to enrich the feature set of the website even further.

Strict Website Testing Methods

The agency’s experts rely on thorough testing techniques that verify whether the website is ready to launch and has all the functionality requested by the client. The testing process includes proofing, in-house testing, UAT, and load testing.

They devise a personalized testing strategy for each order to ensure are relevant aspects have been checked. Additionally, their digital marketing experts help you during the pre-launch stage to ensure you preserve your previous ranking positions and relevancy, while all your traffic is redirected from your previous website to the new one.

Website Creation that Matches Your Business Goals

When creating web designs, the agency’s employees account for two key aspects: your business goals and the needs of your audience. Their projects consider other factors as well like the constantly increasing number of possible display sizes and resolutions, which is essential to consider if you want your website to look good on all devices. Additionally, they get inspired by current industry trends and the latest technological advancements, while studying how users search and absorb information on the internet.

Nerds developers uphold a time-tested procedure that begins with a site workshop, continues with sitemaps, content plans, and wireframes, and concludes with key page designs. They can work with all popular web-based platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, as well as some of the best web design software out there.

The agency creates designs based on wireframes, which serve as site blueprints that help guarantee all pages are filled with relevant content and have a proper hierarchy according to the client’s specifications and goals.

For bigger orders that demand more in-depth testing, whether it's performed by an in-house audience or customers, the agency can create an appropriate online prototype. Thus, you'll be able to click links, view menu sections, and browse different pages, getting a preview of the website before confirming its final look and structure.

Nerds Company provides a long list of development services for both desktop and mobile devices. Thanks to their advanced testing procedures, technical proficiency, analytics, and research, you’re guaranteed to receive a website that functions equally well on all popular platforms.

Creation of Powerful Branding

nerds company digital marketing agency branding services

The agency can provide high-quality written content, impactful designs, and a clear interpretation of what your brand stands for to the audience. Whether you need to promote an existing brand or start a new one, the company’s experts are equally capable of doing both.

Their graphic designers provide a full range of branding services that boost conversion and help put out a visually impactful project. They also help create brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, and logo designs. Another service that deserves mentioning in this Nerds Company review is display and exhibition stand design.

Photoshoot Help

The agency’s team employs professional photographers that can pick the ideal moment and angle for ensuring any event, wedding, or birthday party is presented in the best possible light. If you want to enhance your photos further, you can outsource photography editing services.

Development of Creative Event Ideas

nerds company digital marketing agency event management services

The agency has a lot of experience in event management and organization, public relations, and product launches. They excel at getting the most out of your budget, while their event managers help you with everything from event planning to venue decoration and staff management.

Individual Approach to Each Client

The company’s services are based around a single core principle: the thing that matters isn’t what they do, but rather what benefits they can bring for you. With their arsenal of online channels and tactics, the agency can make sure you’re using the optimal marketing tools for hitting your specific targets.

When developing a marketing strategy, they focus on the client: the peculiarities of your niche and business, the advantages you have over the competition, and your target audience. Their experts devise a personal approach for each client that is meant to satisfy both your needs and the ones of your audience.

With their services ranging from digital strategizing and marketing to website development and content writing, the agency can ensure your brand constantly stays on top of all market changes and trend fluctuations.

Social Media Services to Engage Your Audience

The agency provides several social media services that can help you engage and convert your social followers, including:

Social media strategy. The agency’s employees devise a strategy that further helps you meet your marketing targets. They start with a strategy workshop designed for analyzing your brand, audience, and goals. Once that part is done, they come up with a social media strategy, content plan, and suggestions on how to distribute your resources and funds.

Campaign management. Nerds Company can take full control over your social network campaigns. They’ll handle idea generation, graphic design, content filling, and audience communication, all with equal care. Once the campaign is finished, you’ll be presented with an in-depth report and statistics that will help you understand where to go from that point on.

Paid social activity. Their digital marketers can take care of paid activities, allowing you to focus on organizing, producing, and sharing content while the agency handles the more boring parts of social media marketing.

Content & design. Nerds can take over all aspects of account management on social media sites for photographers thanks to their team of advertising, copywriting, and graphic design experts.

Set Up and Launch of Successful Email Campaigns

The agency can set up and manage email campaigns by relying on a broad set of email marketing tools. They allow their clients to pick between two approaches: client-managed or agency-managed. Both can bring great results and enable you to scale marketing messages across the entire enterprise.

The agency can offer you the following services:

Email data management. Employees segment the audience and evaluate the integration requirements based on the existing CRM system.

Creating email campaigns. They devise impactful email campaigns for promoting your business. Before launching the campaign, it can be tested by analyzing the subject lines, content, and mailing list.

Reports. After the campaign has launched, you’ll receive a real-time Worldview report that will inform you when and where your emails have been read. This service also enables you to measure the success of the campaign and draw appropriate conclusions to make your future campaigns even more effective.

Advertisement Launch to Improve Sales

Nerds employees specialize in producing strategically sound ad campaigns while believing in establishing long-term relationships with clients.

Regardless if you want to start a print, online, or social network campaign, they have the necessary experience to help you. By ordering their services, you’ll receive an optimized campaign that will do wonders for your profitability.

Nerds Company Prices

The cost of the services covered in this review is calculated individually. To do so, you need to fill out a form on their website or contact them via the email address on the official website.