Movavi Video Editor 14 Free Download

Movavi Video Editor 14
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  • Reviews: 320
  • License: Free Trial
  • Downloads: 109k
  • Version: 9
  • Compatible: Mac/Windows

Would like to download the free version of Movavi Video Editor 14? I’ll tell you about the legal ways to install this program, the numerous issues that could arise during the use of pirated copies, and see what alternative programs are available in the public access.

movavi video editor 14 interface

Movavi Video Editor 14 Benefits

  • Numerous transitions, filters, and presets
  • Quick rendering process
  • Extensive library of supported file formats
  • Convenient and intuitive interface
  • Direct YouTube upload


  • Is a link to the free trial version of Movavi Video Editor 14 available on the official website?

No, this version is considered outdated and no is longer supported by the official developer but the current version can be used for free for the duration of the trial.

  • Can I get the full version of this software for free?

There is no such legal opportunity; the program is only fully available to those, who pay for the license which can be obtained in the Buy Now section on the official page.

  • Are all the main features available during the trial period?

All the standard features will be at your disposal but to get the professional ones, you have to purchase the Plus version.

  • Can I use Movavi Video Editor 14 on MacOS, or is this program available only for Windows users?

Both systems can run this software without any issues.

Another Ways to Use Movavi Video Editor 14 Free

There are the Basic and Pro versions of the current Movavi Video Suite. For more information, see the short descriptions of each option below.

Movavi Video Editor 2020
  • Rank
  • Reviews: 311
  • License: Free trial
  • Downloads: 60K
  • Version: 2020
  • Compatible: Win/Mac

Movavi Video Editor 2020 Pros:

  • Contains a library of media files, special effects, and stickers
  • Any video editing tool from trimming to chroma keying
  • VHS and TV signal recording
  • Numerous filters, transitions, titles

Movavi Video Editor is the basic version of the software that is, however, fully equipped for professional work.

It contains all the necessary instruments and effects for working with footage and text, giving you access to quite an extensive categorized library of those.

You can additionally work with media files contained in the program for improving your clips. The workspace of the program is well arranged and helps you deal with audios and images in addition to videos.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020
  • Rank
  • Reviews: 248
  • License: Free trial
  • Downloads: 47K
  • Version: 2020
  • Compatible: Win/Mac

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 Pros:

  • More performant with Full HD and 4K videos
  • Advanced title features
  • Entitles you to a year of updates
  • Extended Timeline with a max number of tracks

Being an extended version, it gives you everything there was in the basic one plus some more tools and features important for high-end video production. The increased productivity helps to deal with longer and heavier footage with more ease.

This program truly enlarges your capabilities, allowing you to work with animation or leave notes over the timeline for team members or as reminders.

You can resize your footage and supply it with a different background, use artistic filters, etc. More importantly, this version has an improved method of processing the 4K format which saves time noticeably.

Movavi Video Suite 2020
  • Rank
  • Reviews: 201
  • License: Free trial
  • Downloads: 40K
  • Version: 2020
  • Compatible: Win/Mac

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Pros:

  • Helpful materials: apps, online courses, stock media
  • Lossless conversion between 180+ file extension types
  • Screen recording: any activity including video conferences
  • Helpful screenshot options: entire screen or its portion, solely a web page
  • CD, DVD and Blu-ray managing: copy, burn, rip

This offer is a package that features more than just the top-notch software for professionals. You will get access to countless materials for learning and raising your level of skill.

Plus, apart from all the instruments for video editing, converting, and recording, you can also use private cloud storage, several additional applications, effects, and media files.

The main program works in a better design and the features for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray are now more performant.

Movavi Video Editor 14: Pirated Version

Don’t be a pushover for free stuff, learn what real consequences await those, who risk dealing with pirated copies of programs.

1. Problems with Law

Software is among the things protected by copyright law and working with a pirated copy makes you a criminal. The punishment will start with an email containing a notification. If you decide to just ignore it, a lawsuit will follow, and depending on the severity of your offense, a large fine or even a term in prison could follow that.

2. Lack of Updates

An update from the developer brings improvements to the general performance and new features that altogether help you work faster and more efficiently. Getting a cracked version, you are going to remain outside any such progress so prepare to witness your toolkit becoming more and more outdated.

3. Viruses

Something most users know and still hope to get off the hook is the fact that cracks are swarming with malware. Your bonus for the free use could vary anywhere from annoying but harmless advertisement to system-damaging viruses that harm your computer and expose your personal data.

Make sure you are protected by antivirus software at all times to avoid at least some of those risks.

4. No Tech Support

Whether you’re learning or experiencing issues, no official technical support will be available to you and it works similar to what was said about updates. Simply get ready to managing all errors on your own.

5. Errors and Bugs

Slow performance, lags, malfunctioning tools, and complete shutdowns are the price of someone breaking into the source code and messing with it.

Free Movavi Video Editor 14 Alternatives

You can avoid breaking the law by turning to one of the simpler programs in public access.

1. Avidemux

avidemux logo
  • Enables conversion
  • Recognizes all formats
  • Precise frame editing
  • Simple interface
  • Easy clipping process
  • Too limited for high-level professionals

Although somewhat basic, this is one of the best alternatives among the existing free programs. It divides the work into three steps, allowing you to trim, code, and then edit the video, providing you with the most necessary tools for any of the steps.

You can also do some complex video editing, for instance, remove or copy portions of footage, alter the fps rate, create and improve subtitles. If you prefer using ready-made effects, these are also supported in the software so you can simplify any task greatly.

2. Filmora

filmora logo
  • Impressively fast video rendering
  • Powerful Audio Mixer
  • Much freedom in working with text
  • Easily applicable effects and filters
  • The free mode pastes a watermark
  • Restricted color grading possibilities

Filmora is another great alternative with a slightly different focus in its toolkit. You can sure alter the look of the video but, for instance, you can do a more thorough work on the titles and other inscriptions.

Another thing that is convenient to work with is the sound. The program supports the use of filters and other kinds of media, provides you with a library of transitions and overlays. You will even find some useful features not entirely related to video editing, like sharing the screen.

3. Camtasia

camtasia logo
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Incredibly convenient screen capturing
  • Good interactivity features
  • Praiseworthy asset library
  • Mobile app
  • No keyframe feature
  • Few possibilities for customizing

Free Camtasia is a multi-feature tool for more regular users, who are trying some hobbies or learning the first steps of a profession. You get a feature for recording the screen, another one for making videos, and then the main video editing section.

Despite being rather simple, it is suitable for some types of professional work, including sharing projects with partners, due to its powerful engine and necessary tools that keep being improved with frequent updates.

4. Shotcut

shotcut logo
  • Amazing interface
  • A selection of output formats
  • Can process HD
  • Extensive filter library
  • Does not recognize 360 VR or 3D
  • Lacks a quick social media sharing feature

Shotcut is favored by many users, who prefer working in free software.

Firstly, it can be run on any OS. Next, it gives you quite a liberating toolkit that allows trimming videos, arranging the clippings, performing three-point editing, splitting off or inserting audio, using various quick filters and overlays, and more.

You can forget about issues with formats of both audios and videos due to its ample format library.


vsdc free video editor logo
  • Powerful capabilities
  • Smooth playback
  • Can record the screen
  • Contains numerous effects and transitions
  • Too much concealed in the properties panel
  • Badly organized interface

VSDC is one more simple free program that allows quickly putting together a clip or improving its look. It is especially helpful for those, who don’t have much experience.

You can perform simultaneous actions on several pieces of footage or arrange them into a comprehensive clip. The latter can be provided with subtitles or titles and embellished by appropriate effects for the image or sound. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the formats because they are all supported.


Get some officially free instruments that are helpful in reducing the time spent on certain actions.

Color LUT

color lut for movavi video editor 14 color lut for movavi video editor 14

For the footage that contains lots of nature, this effect is superb. In one click, it emphasizes the natural colors in a realistic way and makes the landscape more striking.

Film Emulation LUT

film emulation lut for movavi video editor 14 film emulation lut for movavi video editor 14

For a cheerful and energetic atmosphere in the movie, you can use this LUT that adds brightness and makes colors more saturated.

Color Grading LUT

color grading luts for movavi video editor 14 color grading luts for movavi video editor 14

Have you ever had to deal with washed-out footage shot in crowds or with active motion? This is a quick and efficient tool that will bring the colors back and make the footage clearer.

Download Movavi Video Editor 14 Free

movavi video editor free download

Those who want a perfectly functioning software with well-designed tools for efficient work should forget about the illegal Movavi Video Editor 14 free download. The only way to get what you need is to go to the official website and get the latest version of the software from there.

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