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Have you found Movavi Photo Editor сrack on third-party services, but aren’t sure whether it is safe and legal to download this software? Don’t understand why Kaspersky recommends avoiding this program?
In this article, I will tell you about all the dangers of pirated versions that are so carefully hidden by hackers and third-party services. In addition, you will learn about the only legal way how to download Movavi Photo Editor 2020 free of charge.

What Is Movavi Photo Editor Crack?

Movavi Photo Editor cracked version is becoming more and more popular among aspiring photographers/retouchers. The reason for that is the usability and a large set of tools. However, you should understand that “crack” means the source code of the software has been processed by hackers. Lines of code responsible for authorization and connection to servers are deleted.

Windows Movavi Photo Editor 2020

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Filesize: 3.1 GB

Mac Movavi Photo Editor 2020

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Filesize: 4 GB

Why Using Movavi Photo Editor Crack Is Bad?

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Any software downloaded from official sources is 100% safe to use. Developers value their reputation a lot and don’t want to risk losing it by releasing a poor-quality program.

But what about Movavi Photo Editor crack file download? As Kaspersky team members say, hacking a regular photo editing program, like Movavi, is possible in 4-8 hours. Hackers share such illegal programs mainly for spreading viruses embedded in them. But observing that such aftermath doesn’t scare everyone, I collected the top 5 reasons that can convince you not to do it.

1. Viruses

Viruses can be either simple, like adware, or hidden, integrated into the program launcher. Such viruses usually stay unnoticed until you make an online purchase by entering your credit card information. They copy your data, send it to the programmed base and self-destruct. Using this method, cybercriminals have already stolen more than $1 billion from the US citizens.

2. No Updates

Due to the lack of some important lines of the source code that are responsible for connecting to the servers, the Movavi Photo Editor crack cannot receive updates under any circumstances.

3. No Tech Support

To solve the problem with Movavi software, users usually try to find corresponding videos on YouTube, but the trouble is that this photo editor is not very popular, so the only way out is to contact the technical support. But the thing is that all people, who address the company’s managers undergo account verification and if you use Movavi Photo Editor 64 bit crack or any other version, you can’t expect any assistance and can be even penalized.

4. Court and Fine

Another serious reason why you shouldn’t use Movavi Photo Editor crack is copyright infringement. The US government has a very strict policy concerning the illegal use of various programs. You will be forced to pay a hefty fine or your personal property will be confiscated. The most terrible outcome is imprisonment for up to 5 years.

5. Errors and System Failures

By deleting some lines of the code in order to make the software standalone, hackers forget to fix the structure of the code, and there may appear various errors, bugs and crashes in the future. This can happen when you use certain tools, for example, brushes, or when you first open the software.

What Are the Legal Alternatives to Movavi Photo Editor Crack?

If you’ve examined my list of possible problems and changed your mind about using Movavi Photo Editor crack, keep reading to learn the only legal way to get this program for free.

Free Trial

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $20
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Movavi Photo Editor free trial version offers dozens of professional tools, including color correction, custom filters, semi-automatic brushes for improving skin, face, red eyes, teeth whitening and more.

Movavi Photo Editor Crack: Free Alternatives

If the trial version has finished and you don’t want to break the law using Movavi Photo Editor crack, you can buy the official versions. In case the price is too high for you, choose one of these free alternatives.

1. Lightroom

  • Batch editing
  • Spot color correction
  • Support for third-party plug-ins
  • RAW editing
  • Limited trial version

Lightroom is the most popular software for professional color correction, batch editing and photo organizing, among both beginners and professionals.

All processes in Lr are divided into convenient modules, among which the most commonly used are the Histogram module, Basic module, Tone Curve module, HSL/Color/B&W module and Split Toning module. In them, you can adjust saturation, hue, shadow, white balance, and more.

The most interesting features of this Movavi Photo Editor crack alternative presets and brushes, which allow you to achieve professional results, even if you are a beginner. You can easily organize your photos, searching for keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of using tags.

2. Pixlr

  • Supports RAW files
  • Editing images using layers
  • Custom brushes
  • No batch editing
  • May seem complicated for newbies

Pixlr is the most effective skin retouching tool. The photo editor resembles Photoshop and offers advanced tools such as layers, custom brushes, support for third-party plug-ins, advanced effects, curves, etc.

Unlike Movavi Photo Editor, Pixlr supports RAW files editing, but, unfortunately, you can’t work with multiple images at once. You can expand the functionality with professional Photoshop actions and Photoshop brushes. You can expand the functionality of the program with professional Photoshop actions and brushes. As for the shortcomings, I can note the ineffective help section.

3. RawTherapee

  • Batch editing
  • Convenient cataloger
  • Deep color correction
  • Linux version may lag
  • Few video tutorials

RawTherapee is open source cross-platform software that can easily substitute Movavi Photo Editor crack. The image editor is designed for quick and deep color correction of RAW files.

Looking through the toolset, you will find various histograms, HSL, radial brushes, tools to adjust tones in a high dynamic range, reduce noise, rotate, control exposure, change shadows/ highlights, tone settings and white balance. Another important point to consider is that RawTherapee is specifically optimized for low-end PCs.

Movavi Photo Editor Crack Download

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Instead of violating the copyright law, and putting your computer at risk of infection by downloading Movavi Photo Editor crack, you’d better get a licensed free version on the official site.

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