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Model Mayhem is a universal website for finding models, make-up artists, or hairstylists in your area. If you are going to arrange a photo session and need a professional team, you should learn more about Model Mayhem and find out how to work with it.

What Is Model Mayhem?

model mayhem website

There are many people here who you can find regardless of the place. When you sign up and create your account on this website, you will receive access to plenty of possibilities in this area.

First of all, it reduces a big part of your physical work that you need to do when looking for bookings in offline mode. Mayhem Model provides casting calls, TFP shoots, paid work and gives its users an opportunity to enhance their skills and find the professionals through several clicks and texts.

what is model mayhem

As feedback shows, the majority of users consider Model Mayhem to be safe and trustworthy. Yet, some frauds and disregard occurred in the past. So, you should always stay on alert.

Registration at Model Mayhem

It’s quite easy to register on Mayhem Model. I will explain how to do it.

model mayhem signing up

1. Starting an Account. You have to register. Click on Join button. Choose the “Individual Artist” section and select “Photographer/Model”. After that, you will be redirected to the “Sign Up” page.

2. Enter your details. To sign up for Model Mayhem, you have to do the same procedure as for any other website. The only difference is that you have to wait a couple of days to receive approval.

Use the instruction to fill in the information needed, create a password, choose the location, accept terms and conditions.

Indicate a working e-mail address as well. This is important because as soon as you sign up, you will get a confirmation on your e-mail, which will lead you to the next step.

Don’t forget to read Site Rules and Privacy Policy in order to stay away from unpleasant surprises in the future.

model mayhem privacy rules

3. Wait for verification. Remember that it may take a couple of days to get your account checked. Every account is checked separately by a few website workers before you receive approval.

Sometimes, there can be thousands of accounts that need to be checked. In order to get to the list of Model Mayhem, you have to upload a minimum of 4 pictures of adult models taken by you. Other types of photos will not do.

Make sure you provide pictures with a minimum of 2 different models or 2 different locations.

model mayhem description

4. Creating your Description. In addition to everything mentioned before, you will have to write at least a 100-word description of your account. In the beginning, it’s possible to write something fast and basic. This is how the majority of people start their Model Mayhem photographers accounts.

When you get more professional and popular, your account will become larger and display your professional skills. Now, since you are just making the first steps in your photography career path, you can have a simple account.

Just write about your experience and type of photography you work with. Just do this and you will be all set.

model mayhem member safety

5. Information about safety. Model Mayhem is widely known and used because users trust this website. Even though a lot of people have never faced anyone willing to hurt or rip them off, you still should protect yourself. You can find the Member Safety section on the website. There you can ask for help in order to protect yourself from frauds and mean users.

Also, based on this page, you should tell somebody if you are going to have any photo session. This will allow them to know your location in case something happens. In addition, Model Mayhem will never make your personal and financial info public.

Don’t open texts with random links in order to avoid scams. If you get such a message, inform about it to the moderators of the website.

Working with Models

If you want to work with Model Mayhem models, now I will tell you how to do it.

Searching for the Models

models mayhem search

When you have signed up and got approved on Model Mayhem, you can start searching. It’s very important to fill in the Browse section to use the website.

This is the section where you write your requirements for the photo session. Select the type of the artist and the talent you need in the drop-down menu.

model mayhem advanced search

However, the most necessary section is your location, so make sure you don’t forget to indicate it. Hundreds of thousands of Model Mayhem models are found on this website, so you should choose your country, state, city and zip code. There is also an option to pick a radius where you will search for talents.

If you click on “Advanced Search” you will be able to select age, nationality, the color of hair, skin, eye and specify if you want a model to have tattoos or piercings or not.

Selecting the Models

models mayhem verified credits

In order to find a good model, it’s better to read reviews first. Model Mayhem reviews are feedbacks of people who cooperated. Such reviews will help you understand which people are better to work with, whether they are punctual, good at posing and behave appropriately.

These reviews will give you information on the number of times website users cooperated, when it happened and how it went.

Also, in case you wish to check a model’s identity, you need to find if they have a Verified Credit badge. These are similar to reviews but also contain pictures showing that particular people really worked together.

Contacting Models

It’s very important to give a detailed explanation of the upcoming photo session to a model. Describe yourself and your work so that Model Mayhem models trust you.

Suggest them to check your portfolio, which will tell models what type and style of photography you deal with. I recommend carefully reading the “About Me” and “Details” section to get an idea on what the model is looking for in a shoot.

model mayhem contacting models

After that, explain to models what kind of photo session you are planning to have and why they should work with you. Share your ideas with them and ask if they have any.

Don’t hesitate to give models your phone number so that you can contact them when they aren’t using a website.

Behave like a professional while you are communicating with them.

In addition, make a confirmation of a photo session so that the models won’t bail on it. Confirm the photo session several days before the date to make sure a model will be present.

Text Model Mayhem models the night before the photo session and a couple of hours before you go to the place of shooting.

Paying Models

Before talking to models, check their profiles and look for what they expect to get after completing the shoot.

models mayhem payment

With the “any” or “depends on assignment” signs, they might agree on a TFP photoshoot. The “paid assignments only” means you have to check their prices.

It depends on a model but the majority of them get paid by the hour and they work at least 2-4 hours. Discuss your offer with the models and be sure that you both agree on the conditions.

Model Mayhem Membership Pricing

There are three variants of Models Mayhem subscription. "Basic" is free, "Premium" is $6.00 per month. For the "VIP" membership, you have to pay $10.00 per month.

mayhem model membership

“Basic” is very limited: just 1 casting call a week, 50 portfolio photos, and 10 friend requests casting texts a day. To use all the possibilities of this website, you will have to pay for another level of subscription.

“Premium” account that costs $6 a month if you think you may have 1-2 photo sessions a month. You will be able to send 100 messages to non-friends per month. In addition, you have an opportunity to make 25 casting calls every day. On contrary to the Basic account, here you can upload not 50 but 100 photos to your portfolio.

“VIP” account will be the best solution for you. It offers an unlimited number of casting calls and texts to non-friends. Also, you will be able to have not 100, like in the Premium account, but 500 photos in your portfolio. This level is for professionals who can manage a few projects every month. You can get this option if you start receiving more work offers.

Also, don’t forget that you can return to a free subscription any time.

Model Mayhem Alternatives

Model Mayhem isn’t an only online platform that gives you a possibility to gather a team for photo sessions. Here, I’ve collected 3 most well-known alternatives with similar functions.

1. One Model Place

one model place USE ONE MODEL PLACE FREE
  • Search by type of photography
  • Quick
  • Difficult to use is a website uniting more than 200,000 beginning and professional models with each other, different casting agents, stylists and photographers from all parts of the world.

Customers can look at your online portfolio or Instagram account and book your services right there. This website is not like any other because it also provides photography contests, picture editing tools, workshops, banner advertising and a featured magazine.

  • Check out the list of the most successful model poses.

2. Model Management

model mayhem alternatives model management USE MODEL MANAGEMENT FREE
  • Fast search
  • Up-to-date and user-friendly
  • Poor customer support

This is one of the best Model Mayhem alternatives and websites for beginning and professional models. It provides a connection between photographers, agencies and talented people around the globe. People on this website are experienced and reliable.

You have a possibility to filter your inquiries by age, location, height and area where you are. Model Management has more than 100 thousand people and you will definitely be able to find whoever you need.

3. Swipecast

model mayhem alternatives swipecast USE SWIPECAST FREE
  • Easy to use
  • Provides an app
  • Great review system
  • You have to receive approval before using it
  • You need to pay a 15% fee on deals

Using this website, professional photographers, designers and advertising agencies create different projects. To start working, you need to register your account and receive an authorization first.

When you get it, you can look for clients on the specific page and send them requests for cooperation.

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