iTubeGo Software Review 2023

iTubeGo Software

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  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android
  • Price: Free or from $ 9.95

Verdict: For several years, the iTubeGo team has been developing cross-platform software that are useful for audiovisual communication. It has earned worldwide fame thanks to the application with the same name. The brandu2019s applications donu2019t skimp on additional, sometimes even optional features. Still, the apps are aimed at non-professional users, offering you to try them at an affordable cost.

  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Supports batch processing
  • Simplified UI
  • Standalone apps for online security
  • Affordable cost, 30-day refund policy
  • Linux isnu2019t supported
  • iOS apps require a tethered connection
itubego software review

The primary goal of iTubeGo software is to provide qualitative and cost-effective desktop solutions, including audio and video download, conversion, recording, editing and more for a growing number of media content and social platform users.

iTubeGo is a downloader of HD videos, audios or playlists from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram.

Musify excels at downloading and converting music from Spotify and numerous online media streaming websites.

TidyTag adds or modifies ID3 tags to music collections and can get rid of duplicates from libraries.

FixGo deals with over 200 iOS and Apple TV stuck issues while preserving data.

UnlockGo eliminates all sorts of locks on iPhone / iPad in no time.

AnyGo is capable of simulating the GPS location on the iPhone / iPad.

iTubeGo u2013 Download up to 8K Videos from More Than 10,000 + Websites

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

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  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 9.95 / month
youtube downloader itubego software review interface

iTubeGo is one of the most complete downloader programs for YouTube and 10,000 websites with HD video streaming. It lets you download all kinds of content, including videos up to 8K, high-bitrate MP3 audio, channels, playlists, podcasts, subtitles as SRT files, even offline.

iTubeGo uses multi-core processors, providing a two-hour video download speed in a couple of minutes or a mass download thanks to the Turbo Fast Mode and Multithread Technology capabilities. The program boasts a private video space and a hidden mode to protect downloads in a folder secured by password and SSL encryption.

Musify u2013 All-In-One Music and Playlist Downloader and Converter

Musify Music Downloader

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  • Platforms: Windows / MacOS
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 9.95 / month
musify itubego software review interface

To listen to an Apple Music or Spotify playlist offline, you need a Premium subscription or an encryption downloader program that decodes downloads for offline mode. Musify doesnu2019t encode but captures the full URL of a track for direct download as a universal music downloader that supports 10,000 + websites. You can download the entire playlist from YouTube with one click, preserving the original audio quality.

Musify helps you capture your favorite media content from online platforms and convert it into audio tracks for your favorite music player on the PC or portable devices. In the settings, you can enable the proxy by putting the corresponding data in the HTTP Proxy and Port fields. This is very convenient if you wish to download tracks that are unavailable in your region.

TidyTag u2013 A Powerful and Versatile Music Tagger and Metadata Editor

TidyTag Music Tag Editor

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  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 9.95 / 3 months
tidytag itubego software review interface

Audio tracks can contain metadata, not only the recording. To change this data type, you need to use the TidyTag utility, easily organizing tracks by artist, genre and other audio file attributes. As an ID3 tag editor, TidyTag will help you modify all the information in your music files. After that, you can search for music using various filters.

It is possible not only to clear all tag information from an audio file but also to add or edit incorrect data: song name, album, artist, release year, genre, track number. In addition to entering information about the file in the tag panel, you can upload a cover to your taste and add lyrics.

TidyTag incorporates a batch processing function, as well as an integrated media player letting you listen to music while editing. Scan and delete duplicates using different audio file attributes.

FixGo u2013 Fix iPhone and Apple TV Issues at Home Like a Pro

FixGo iOS System Repair

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  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 29.99 / month
fixgo itubego software review interface

There may be more than 200 different errors, such as iPhone lagging, getting stuck or looping. After that, it may not even turn on. FixGo can fix almost all of them, including updating and rolling back the firmware while preserving the data. More often, problems can be solved in standard mode by following simple on-screen instructions. However, if the iPhone still doesnu2019t turn on, you need to use expert mode.

It is designed to deal with serious errors that canu2019t be fixed except by completely erasing the data from the device. However, you may be happy to return at least the device itself. However, if you use even free backup software, then it wonu2019t be difficult to transfer the data later.

You will be able to restart your iPhone / iPad in recovery mode or DFU with a single click. There is a function to roll back iOS without iTunes to your device. In this case, you will preserve data.

UnlockGo u2013 Instantly Unlock iPhone/iPadu2019s Passcode

UnlockGo iPhone Passcode Unlocker

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  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 29.95 / month
unlockgo itubego software review interface

There are multiple scenarios for locking the screen and activating iCloud. UnlockGo eliminates all types of iOS screen locks, including 4-digit, 6-digit, alphanumeric or custom pins and passwords, Touch ID and Face ID. Even if you purchased a used device and the owner forgot to provide you with the device password, or you forgot your current password, UnlockGo can help.

The iCloud activation lock appears when you reset your iOS device, when you are logged in with your Apple ID and the Find iPhone feature is still enabled. UnlockGo can also help in unlocking activation after recovery, unlocking activation of a lost iPhone, when activation screens canu2019t be activated due to an update or server unavailability.

Besides, UnlockGo will prove useful when you wish to sell an iOS device as it can be used to delete all data containing personal information and passwords. The program deletes all data by resetting the device to factory settings, which eliminates the possibility of data recovery.

AnyGo u2013 Change the GPS Location of iPhone/iPad to Anywhere with 1 Click

AnyGo iPhone Location Spoofer

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  • Platforms: Windows / MacOS
  • Price: Free limited version or from $ 9.95 / month
anygo itubego software review interface

If a VPN service changes your IP address, then spoofing apps like AnyGo will alter your GPS coordinates. This can come in handy in LBS (Location Based Service) games to avoid making movements.

AnyGo opens access to content and services that may be restricted depending on your location, conceal your location from persistent apps and services. If you want to, you can even simulate the movement along the route at a certain speed.

There are numerous sources of GPX files that contain such information as routes, tracks and waypoints. You can view and use these GPX files on your PC by importing them into AnyGo. Interestingly, you can use AnyGo to set your real location if the GPS canu2019t find it, or discover the coordinates of the desired location by selecting it on the map.

iTubeGo Software Prices

Some of the mobile products from iTubeGo are distributed for free. The majority of them offer free trials or restricted free versions for non-commercial use. Among the benefits, which I should mention in this iTubeGo Software review, are a 30-day money-back guarantee, total security of applications, as well as helpful customer support. Just like with any subscription model, it is more beneficial to make a one-time purchase (the difference is only a few dollars) for 1 PC with lifetime updates, which is mildly hinted at by the phrase u201cpopular dealu201d.

  • iTubeGo - $9,95/month per device
  • Musify - $9,95/month per PC
  • TidyTag - $9,95/3 months per PC
  • FixGo - $29,95/month per 1 PC and 5 devices
  • UnlockGo - $29,95/month per 1 PC and 5 devices
  • AnyGo - $9,95/month per 1 PC and 5 devices

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