Incify Digital Marketing Agency Review 2023

Incify Digital Marketing Agency

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  • Platforms: Web-based
  • Pricing: equivalent to hiring 1 – 2 marketing managers

Verdict: Incify is a global marketing agency based in Indonesia. It delivers effective short-term or long-term marketing solutions on the international level.

Their team can ensure income growth, as they focus on practical results in terms of sales and leads, ranking, and traffic. People recommend Incify because the company provides access to all information campaign materials and offers personalized services for each client.

The agency uses effective white tactics for small and medium-sized businesses to use inbound and outbound marketing practices. Although the agency doesn’t have a long track record, even an aspiring blogger or photographer will get superior service, affordable prices, and the latest tips on increasing their marketing revenue.

  • Free marketing plan upon registration
  • Transparent and clear reports
  • For any kind of business, even for a single photographer
  • Affordable pricing policy
  • Offices in the USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia
  • Negotiable prices
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The main focus of Incify is to help small and medium businesses that need assistance in creating websites and businesses from scratch. Regardless of the size of a company, Incify’s solutions are equally fair for everyone. The only difference is that, with a limited budget, the agency will use affordable tactics.

For example, Inсify uses ActiveCampaign instead of the more famous HubSpot, WordPress, and other page builders to create websites/landing pages faster and at an affordable price. They work with experts in all time zones instead of hiring full-time employees.

Complete Incify Review

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Incify is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Southeast Asia focused on making a significant impact on sales and revenue. It has two main teams. The first is a local team of talented designers and creative professionals located in Indonesia and Bali. It mainly helps local clients with planning and development.

There is also an international team from the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, and Australia that consists of talented freelancers, exceptional UX / UI designers, strategists, and world-class planners. With its unique style, Incify can serve customers in any time zone. If your target audience requires a complex approach or speedy solutions, make sure to contact the company as it outsources advanced tasks to professionals.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions for Any Business, Including Photography

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In our Incify review, we should mention that the agency offers comprehensive marketing solutions for any type of business. It uses multiple channels to achieve the best outcome for startups, private practices, photography marketing services. The international company develops complex marketing solutions. It conducts research, creates and implements a strategy to increase your profits and return on investment.

The agency can solve marketing tasks and provide you with long-term solutions focused on optimization, content, and website conversion optimization (CRO). They also offer short-term solutions focused on paid advertising and CRO to maximize return on investment. Besides, they offer influencer marketing and PR service, which allows them to raise local awareness and spread information. They also offer marketing automation services and sales support.

Incify will provide you with a free marketing plan so that you can get a clear idea of what to do next. It will be the first step towards achieving your goals. The company believes that this is the best approach to solving your problem. In the next part of our Incify review, we will discuss the agency’s digital marketing campaigns.

Provide Your Website with Qualified Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization allows you to reach out to your audience and get free organic traffic. It allows you to increase the visibility of important keywords / pages and generate sales. However, what’s the point of organic traffic if it doesn’t result in leads or sales? Instead of focusing on rankings, positions, and statistics, Incify aims to influence sales.

The agency increases the organic traffic to your website by focusing on revenue generation. It uses two types of campaigns: individual with retention options (covers optimization, content management, and CRO); and target campaigns that are offered to those who need additional help in link creation, web assessment, technical digital marketing, keyword research.

The company believes that it’s not enough to use SEO software. The main thing is to create excellent content for potential customers and promote it with the help of regular information campaigns. If you meet customer requirements, Incify will analyze your website and develop a new strategy, including content creation and CRO.

Link Your Products with The Right Influencers

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If there are any local influencers in your area offering interesting products or services, they can help you run effective social media campaigns. Incify offers two types of campaigns. In the first case, multiple influencers participate in the campaign for maximum coverage. In the second case, you can pay prices per post listed by influencers.

The company also offers impact marketing services, which are provided with paid advertising campaigns. What's the point of likes, and reposts if there are no sales? This strategy is designed to have an impact on sales. This way, you can save your time and money and get better results.

The agency will find influencers that can help you boost your sales. Incify selects only products that match its values. If the company approves what you offer, influencers will like it too, and everyone will promote your product better sincerely believing that it will benefit their followers.

Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

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The company believes that a website is a strategic sales platform. A functional webpage with a good design can revitalize your business. Incify can review your website or create a new optimized and functional page designed for converting traffic into potential customers or sales.

The agency delivers results in form of leads and sales rather than BS-sites with a beautiful design but zero functionality. The company offers two types of sites: lead generation sites to attract potential customers, and e-commerce sites to sell goods / services on the Internet.

Incify is a full-fledged digital marketing agency, and this is the key to the success of their customers. You can count on the years of experience in ranking sites at no extra cost. All the websites built by the company are designed for self-ranking as well. You will get not only the site but also new content, search optimization, CRO, data tracking services, forms for potential customers, and more.

Speed Up Your Ranking with Powerful Link Building and Blogger Outreach

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Links are the basis of digital marketing, as it is impossible to rank a site without them. Incify promotes your content using white link-building tactics. It posts your links on reputable and relevant sites. Besides, it uses PR strategies to boost the visibility and credibility of your Google search ranking.

The company offers two types of link building: guest publishing from Incify’s verified database sites (the prices depend on the performance of the site); and cooperation with bloggers that involves searching, advertising, and negotiating with editors.

Besides creating links, this approach focuses on content quality, personalization, meaningful connections and relationships with bloggers just as if the agency were doing sales-driven influencer marketing, which is one of the ways for getting the additional value.

Besides, the company has a flexible pricing policy. You will pay for the result, as the prices are based on the pay-per-link model. It means that you pay only for the authoritative links that you get.

Unlock the True Potential of Facebook and Instagram Advertisement

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In this part of our Incify review, we will tell you about the importance of advertisement in social media networks. You can use Facebook to increase the number of potential clients. The agency uses smart tactics, focusing on targeting, creatives, and sales funnels, linking your offer to the right audience at the right time with accurate targeting and value proposition.

Incify offers two types of FB campaigns. For instance, you can pay for a campaign to attract leads (two-step conversion). This package includes value offering, sales copy, landing page, retargeting ads, and smart automation. Direct selling campaigns mean that a customer can add a product to the cart right after clicking on an ad.

CPC and CPL metrics are taken into account, but they are not the main goal. Incify focuses on the result by attracting potential customers and selling your products with the help of advertising. Quality advertising attracts traffic, but what happens when a customer clicks on an ad? Funnel capturing becomes part of a larger strategy.

The agency has an original tactic that prioritizes targeting and value proposition, which results in a lower price per conversion. Its team constantly tests new ways and analyzes the effectiveness of campaigns to reduce the price per acquisition (CPA) and increase ROAS.

Get Startup's Ultimate Resources to Digital Marketing

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By updating your blog, you can turn your business into a sales machine. Here, you will find information about real success stories that work for small businesses. Checklists, guides, templates, and YouTube videos will be added soon.

Right now, you can use a patented formula to turn any business into a money-making machine and lower your conversion price to below $ 1. This formula can turn any dollar into three easily: you just need to order a digital brochure on lead generating via email and get cold emailing templates as a gift. Keep reading our Incify review to learn more about the company’s pricing policy.

Inсify Prices

Incify can identify all the drawbacks of your current strategy. Its professionals understand that you need to act in several directions, which will affect the cost. For example, an online store owner might be convinced that it is unprofitable because of an unattractive design, but the problem may lay much deeper.

In most cases, the prices for services are set based on the complexity of a project. Customers can choose standard small business packages that are based on the hourly rate. Sometimes it is reasonable to opt for a flat fee, but you can be sure the price is fair. To get an idea of what tools Incify will use, we advise you to order a free marketing plan. Set your goals, and you will get successful results.

If you are interested in link-building services, the starter package starts from $ 1500/mo. Every time a link becomes active, the agency deducts a fixed amount from that budget depending on how much your site is worth.

If not all the money is spent, the remaining funds are transferred to the next month's budget. This is a fair offer, and you won’t need to overpay for the services offered by link-building specialists by paying them an hourly rate.

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