Icons8 Photo Stock 2022 Review

Platforms: Online
Price: FREE or $19.90

Verdict: Icons8 Photo Stock is a professional service for searching and using studio shots for personal or commercial purposes. If you’re a clothing or fashion designer – that’s a find!

Its fast search is amazing - the stock offers to perform deep adjustments including a selection of 40+ categories, type of activity, gender, age, body type, race, and more.

Despite the restricted quality of free picture downloads, Icons8 Photo Stock gives you inexhaustible rights to pictures uploaded with a premium plan. After uploading a picture once, you can use it in your project for an unlimited period of time without violating copyright.

  • 20,000,000+ shots
  • Smart search
  • Collaboration with the team
  • Integrated Photo Creator
  • Ability to request the desired picture
  • Free use with the author’s name
  • The restricted export size without a subscription
icons8 photo stock interface

One of the unique capabilities of Icons8 Photo Stock is the integrated Photo Creator. It enables users to create a picture from scratch or edit existing ones in the database.

Users can work alone or together with their team of 5 people. This opens up additional capabilities, such as a shared personal account and cloud.

Icons8 Photo Stock Review

icons8 photo stock logo

Icons8 Photo Stock is a fairly young project that offers a huge library of qualitative shots for personal and commercial use for fashion designers. There you will find studio photographs in different poses, taken under different lighting conditions, with a variety of emotions and more.

Smart Search Filters

icons8 photo stock smart search filters

The Icons8 Photo Stock catalog features 20,000,000+ studio shots. To narrow down the search for the shots you need, it is possible to configure search filters.

One of the main filters is “Categories”, among which users can pick a section of fashion, food, education, fine art, wedding, travel, office, technology and 40+ more sections.

For a narrower search, users can go a little higher and set up other filters. Specify the age, gender, race, body type, occupation, features that you wish to see in the model, and even emotions that you want to convey.

AI Photo Creator

icons8 photo stock ai photo creator

A unique capability is the integrated Icons8 photo editor, using which you won’t be violating the copyright.

Photo Creator offers users to create or edit ready-made pictures from the database. It boasts a collection of thousands of elements – models, background stock photos, as well as the ability to add text, layers, and objects, add shadows and depth. Users can scale each object by means of drag and drop tools. Moreover, Photo Creator provides elements – models and objects related to the scene you are creating.

This picture editor may be used to showcase a product, clothing, service, or in order to get inspired to create new projects.

The finished project may be exported as a flat PNG image, 1200x800 or 3400x2267.

Request the Necessary Studio Photos

If the photo you require was not found in the Icons8 database, there is a possibility to request the desired photo.

As a registered user, you can create a message and ask to add shots of the desired laptop model, or tools, show certain portrait photography poses and more.

I tested this feature by requesting a photo of a girl in the library who takes a book from a bookshelf and received a positive response within 5 days. This is a fairly good result, given that there are more than 100 requests per day.


Icons8 Photo Stock makes it possible for photographers and designers to work in a team of 5+ people. To do this, you will need to buy a special subscription. A shared profile and storage will be created for you. So, everyone can work simultaneously on the same project together and combine actions.

Questionable Integration with Photoshop

The premium Icon8 account opens up a hidden option to save photos and individual projects created in Photo Creator in PSD format for further editing in Photoshop.

Although most users are fond of this feature, I didn’t see the direct integration like in ShutterStock. Moreover, after examining the forums, I didn’t find any information from developers about the possibility of further introduction of cooperation. We can only wait in this case.


Although Icons8 Photo Stock offers a free download of any picture, you have the option to upload only in JPEG format in low quality and with the obligatory indication of the author.

To upload shots in high quality and PSD/PNG format, you will need to subscribe for $19.90 per month or $199 per year. For the team of photographers/designers, a separate plan has been developed. Its price will be $17 per person monthly or $170 per year.

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