Complete Icons8 Apps Review 2022

By Eva Williams 14 days ago, Software Reviews

Icons8 apps are 6 products distributed in the form of web applications and online services, two of which can work as standalone programs.

Pichon Icons is used as a library and icon editor.

Lunacy is a vector design tool.

Ouch! Vector Illustrations is available as a free archive of stock vector illustrations.

Moose Photo Creator is a photo editing tool.

Vector Creator is a vector image editing tool.

With Smart Upscaler you can enlarge the picture without sacrificing quality.

  • Huge library of icons, vector graphics, photos, illustrations, music
  • All formats and sizes
  • AI-based apps
  • The content downloaded during the subscription remains in personal use
  • Access to assets programmatically
  • API integration
  • Strong technical support, bug fixes
  • Free use involves inserting links and reviews
  • Some content and apps are available only with a subscription

All apps, content and user tools are developed by a creative team of more than 40 designers, illustrators, artists, and other specialists in the digital design world. The apps will come in handy primarily for those who are looking for new creative ideas, even if they don’t have picture editing or drawing skills.

Icons8 apps are equally suitable for professionals. Thanks to powerful customization tools, users will be able to pick up content faster.

Aside from the library of stock resources, web applications for creating illustrations, composing scenes, and improving pictures, users can download free desktop applications and work offline.

1. Pichon Icons – for Editing and Dragging Stock Icons

Platforms: Win, Mac
Price: Free
pichon icons8 apps interface
  • Cross-platform desktop app
  • Compatible with Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Studio
  • Over 33 styles
  • Some collections are available by subscription
  • Not specified: external or internal borders

The convenient app lets users take advantage of the “drag'n'drop” method for icons in any application: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Studio, and many others.

All icons have approximately 20 tags for effective search within around 50 categories, with 50-200 icons each. Free software grants access to more than 5000 icons of 22 different styles in the PNG, SVG, PDF formats ranging from 25 px to 512 px.

Among the capabilities that I would like to mention are choosing a color, adding an overlay, and recoloring modified versions of the users’ PNG or SVG. Vector icon files are supplied with editable outlines and strokes.

Users may choose icons from 33+ styles and easily mix them in one design. Besides, it is possible to stick only to the most necessery icons and create a personalized font, as well as receive a code for pasting an icon straight into the HTML.

2. Lunacy – for Vector Designs Producing

Platforms: Win
Price: Free
lunacy icons8 apps interface
  • Multilingual
  • Supports .sketch files
  • GPU acceleration for better performance
  • Smart content uses AI and cloud sharing
  • For Windows only

Lunacy is graphic design software with integrated assets and a robust vector design tool. It enables designers who prefer Windows to access and create sketches in the Sketch style without any restrictions and expenses, privately. Lunacy provides full support for Sketch files, old and new versions.

This is a native Windows application, which means taking advantage of all the benefits of hardware and working offline with GPU acceleration. Lunacy is a modern multi-language lightweight application. Its smart content uses AI and cloud sharing, component libraries, smart shapes, and code export.

3. Ouch! Vector Illustrations – for Getting Vector Source Files

Platforms: Win, Mac
Price: Free
ouch icons8 apps interface
  • Many vector themes and styles
  • Vectors correspond to the requirements and design features of the UI
  • Compatible with all PCs and UX screens
  • Not a standalone app

This free vector website will come in handy for creators who can’t draw when faced with the problem of the boring content for app screens, articles, landing pages, interfaces, and emails.

The design team helped overcome the lack of qualitative graphics: download free illustrations in the form of vector styles, themes, and collages from leading Dribbble artists in order to enhance your product.

You will receive a bundle of illustrations in 34 styles for 23 typical UX screens for modern design.

4. Moose Photo Creator – for Creating Realistic Stock Photos

Platforms: Win, Mac
Price: Free
moose photo creator icons8 apps interface
  • Free, multilingual
  • Many models, objects, backgrounds
  • AI-powered content editing
  • Not a standalone application

Photo Creator is a free stock photography service that also lets users create collages and personalized pictures. Based on AI, it boasts an extensive library with numerous masked elements.

Besides, it is possible to perform face swapping and import your own content. Combine free pictures with different backgrounds and scenes in 3D rendering and export them to JPEG.

5. Vector Creator – for Creating Custom Illustrations

Platforms: Win, Mac
Price: Free
vector creator icons8 apps interface
  • Export = in PNG with attribution
  • Categorized and searchable styles
  • Upload files in SVG, PNG, or JPG
  • Some content and apps are available only with a subscription

Vector Creator is a tool within the browser that is meant for creating advanced illustrations. Find a style by category or search, pick it, and drag elements to the canvas, moving them around to your liking.

Once you are satisfied with the result, export it to PNG with attribution. Even if you are an inexperienced designer, you will quickly figure out how to create custom vectors.

The extensive library unites more than 9000 illustrations in 20 diverse styles (with constant updates) and will surely satisfy the needs of designers. In case it doesn’t, users will have the ability to import their own media in the near future.

With Vector Creator, landing pages, social network content, presentations and on-boarding flow will be improved without any difficulties.

6. Smart Upscaler – for Eliminating Digital Noise

Platforms: Win, Mac
Price: Free
smart upscaler icons8 apps interface
  • Automated sharpening, noise reduction, upscaling
  • Machine learning for pattern recognition
  • API integration for large batches
  • Limit on file size and volume

This AI-based program is aimed at enlarging pictures while preserving their quality. The integrated AI technology helps users enlarge and improve pictures of small size or with much grain.

Simply drag a picture to the program and select between 2× or 4× enlarging options. As a result, the picture will be enlarged and sharper.

The sharpening, enlarging and noise reduction procedures are carried out automatically. Thanks to the AI mechanism, they recognize patterns and determine the way shapes and edges are supposed to look like in the picture, making its overall size larger.

The program was tested on big data chunks, letting users clear up pictures more precisely. Moreover, it is possible to integrate Smart Upscaler into an application via API.


On the official Icons8 apps website, you will have an opportunity to get a subscription with access to all content, apps, picture editing, and premium features. In case you are interested in purchasing a collection of creative bundles and services, the developer offers two money-saving packages.

  • License for single user - includes Pichon Icons, Lunacy, Ouch!, Moose Photo Creator, Vector Creator, Smart Upscaler - $19.90/month or $199/year
  • License for team - includes Pichon Icons, Lunacy, Ouch!, Moose Photo Creator, Vector Creator, Smart Upscaler - $17.00/month or $169/year

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. .

Since the Icons8 apps collection features a program for creating photos and pictures, a tool for enlarging, a photo collage app, as well as bundles of icons and vectors, I suggest you considering the products above. They will perfectly replace the Icons8 software.