How to Add Fonts to Photoshop

How to Add Fonts to Photoshop

Want to understand how to add fonts to Photoshop fast? Check out the easiest way of adding fonts to Photoshop in 3 clicks on Mac and Windows. Download BONUS free Photoshop fonts for your creative projects.

How to Add Fonts to Photoshop on Windows?

Sometimes Photoshop fonts are downloaded as archives. So, they need to be unzipped. You should also pay attention to the extension (you can work only with .ttf or .otf). Here are three simple methods to add font to Photoshop without Creative Cloud help.

Method №1

add fonts method 1

Download fonts you like using the browser. Open the folder with the downloaded fonts. Select one of them and click on it. After that, choose "Install".

Method №2

Open the folder which contains the downloaded fonts. Choose your favorite print type and click on it twice. You will see a window with an "Install" button.

Method №3

Firstly, you need to open the Control Panel. Then, go to the fonts folder. The next step is to transfer the needed print type from the downloaded folder to this folder with fonts. After transferring the font to the Control Panel, it will be installed.

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Some users are confused when they can’t find the "Fonts" in the Control Panel. To solve this problem, you need to go to “Design and Personalization”. There will be a “Fonts” folder. But you can also change the view in the "Large Icons" or "Small Icons" mode.

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How to Add Fonts to Photoshop on Mac?

Don’t worry if you had never installed fonts on MacOS. It is quite simple. Here are 2 easy ways to install fonts in Photoshop on MacOS.

Method №1

Having unpacked the zip-archive, the fonts should have .ttf-resolution, which means “True Type Fonts”. Click twice on the chosen font and choose “Install Font” in the open Font Book window. If you need the bold or italic font type, install necessary versions using the same method. If the fonts did not appear automatically, restart your personal computer.

Method №2

After you had downloaded the font, unzip it. The file resolution should be .otf or .ttf. Depending on your operating system, move the files to the necessary folder. If you have Mac OS 9.x or 8.x, move the files to the system folder. If your OS is Mac OS X, move the files to the Fonts folder in the Library. If you had done everything correctly, but the fonts did not appear, restart the computer.

How to Add Fonts to Photoshop in Creative Cloud?

The Adobe Fonts service is included in the subscription. It gives easy access to thousands of typefaces.

STEP 1. Go to the Creative Cloud app and choose “Fonts”. Click “Select Fonts”. Then, the browser opens and you enter


STEP 2. Find the design you like in the big collection of text fonts for Photoshop. You can also specify your search using classification or language filters.

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STEP 3. After choosing the best option, click “Activate All Fonts”. You can also click on the font name and activate certain types of saturation or styles. To look at activated fonts, select the “Fonts” tab in the Creative Cloud app.

How to Delete Fonts from Creative Cloud?

STEP 1. Look at the Fonts panel of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and select “Font Management”. The “My Adobe Fonts” page will be opened in a browser window. You can also go to and find there the “My Adobe Fonts” page.

STEP 2. Find the font that should be deleted and click the switch on the right side to remove it.

Using Adobe Fonts Offline

If you turn off the Internet while the Creative Cloud application is running, all activated fonts will remain. On the other hand, you won’t see any changes in If the Creative Cloud desktop application is launched offline, the new fonts will be unavailable and won’t appear in the print type lists.

How to Create your Own Font?

I will tell you how to create a font using the FontCreator application. This Windows program is a powerful tool for making and editing OpenType, TrueType and Web fonts.

STEP 1. Draw on a sheet of paper all the characters that you want to see in your font. Don’t forget to write all lowercase and uppercase letters.

STEP 2. Open the FontCreator program and select the command “New file”. Then, set the "Font group name" and choose the style.

fontcreator new project

STEP 3. You can use any graphics editor to select a character on the paper sheet that you previously scanned. Open the graphical part of the glyph and insert the sign there, adjust its size. Do this with all the characters.

STEP 4. After completing editing the font, you need to export it. So, go to “Export font” file, as “True Type / Open Type font” and save in .ttf format.

fontcreator export fonts

STEP 5. Open the saved font and select “Install font”.

FREE Fonts for Adobe Photoshop

I have prepared several qualitative free fonts, which are well perceived in any design sphere. You may use them creating your website’s design and also signing your personal images.


This beautiful classic font with serif is perfectly suitable both for creating a title and a plain text. It is easily read and has strict but a pleasant view.


Lomarin is suitable for various titles or slogans on your picture. I don’t recommend using this font while writing long texts.


This font belongs to the family of handwritten fonts. You may sign your summer vacation pics or use it whenever you wish.


Vinebarry font imitates the text written by hand. If you need to create booklets or menus, you may easily use it for titles.


Use this font for wedding invitations or your website’s design if you prefer minimalistic look and monochrome color scheme.

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