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Verdict: Instead of keeping payment receipts and insurance policies in boxes, you can take advantage of HomeZada that helps manage household chores and data in one centralized location. The website allows you to organize everything related to your home from construction to sale: insurance, service, repair, and finance.

This web-based home management software provides access to the inventory of property for insurance cases, allows uploading important documents and contracts, generating case lists and project budgeting, tracking planned maintenance, etc. HomeZada can help improve your home and increase the property price by eliminating unnecessary costs related to undone renovations or late payments.

  • Smart engine generates individual tasks
  • u201cHow-to-dou201d guide in the checklist library
  • Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook integration
  • Full house description in Zada ad
  • Free version, referral programs
  • Initial setup is obligatory
  • You need to purchase a yearly package to use premium features
homezada digital home management review

Moreover, HomeZada offers a professional platform, branding, and working tools for specialties related to residential real estate: there are instruments for experts involved in real estate insurance, mortgage, purchase and sale, construction contractors, homeowners, repair, and service providers.

HomeZada Review

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The real problems start when a homeowner needs to provide an insurance company with a list of damaged assets, or when compiling a u201cmovingu201d list. There are many web platforms and home maintenance apps that help homeowners create and maintain an inventory listing, so that in the event of a serious loss, they can provide the proven info about the assets they had in the house.

In this case, the main issue is time and convenience in property management. HomeZada has been improving this process for a decade using machine learning methods to auto-create a list of content from photos and videos. In addition to detailed inventory, there are several other premium features that make this platform very popular. Besides, HomeZada cooperates with a major commercial insurance company called Chubb.

Easy Spaces Creation with Auto-Complete Capabilities

inventory homezada digital home management review

Based on the shared information entered, HomeZada generates an approximate list of spaces (rooms) that you can view and edit, filling them easily. Once the spaces are confirmed, HomeZada automatically fills them by creating a list of items from fixed assets and possessions. It also allows confirming external fixed assets, such as a rooftop pool.

In addition to a promptly organized list of rooms, HomeZada launched the process of recognizing home inventory video, operating machine learning capabilities of matching patterns to a set of features within its platform, which allows homeowners to use a management app on their mobile devices to record and save videos of each room and external spaces.

Videos are processed with video recognition AI tools to identify inventory items and deliver the results automatically. A new function can identify both articles of personal property like furniture, electronics, collectibles, and du00e9cor, and fixed assets like household appliances, equipment, and construction materials. Confirmation of the space filling notifies about the competition of the basic account setup.

Digital Portfolio of Property u2013 Best Advertising

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HomeZada provides a good visual marker for each space with unlimited download of photos or videos (video u2013 within a premium package). Besides, it offers a fast and efficient bulk downloading feature. You can select each of these spaces and add some info about the room like the area in ftu00b2 square and paint color.

After uploading, you can mark the photo in the appropriate space, and tag items on the image using tags. Unlike many real estate CRM software, HomeZada has a feature of photo recognition that can automatically mark an item based on photos.

The property profile contains basic information and statistics about your home. Creating a digital profile of a home is a great idea when you want to sell the estate, as it allows you to publish a Zada file in a format of an online brochure, providing your potential customers with additional data and information about the house.

Manage All Home Finance Using Dashboards

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HomeZada is a unique platform that contains all the info about your home's financial assets and various categories of expenses, presenting it as visual charts. It allows using multiple dashboards and payment reminder reports to monitor your home budget. Now you can easily manage all household expenses with a monthly budget, such as electricity, water, trash, Internet, and seasonal pool cleaning costs.

Except for numerous advanced features mentioned in this HomeZada digital home management review, this property maintenance tool can calculate your initial or any other mortgage loan, mortgage loan schedule, interest, balance and final repayment date, interest savings on mortgage with additional monthly payments. Besides, it also allows tracking the coverage and cost of your home insurance policy, as well as property taxes.

Calculate the approximate estimated cost of a home or get accurate estimates of price using real estate analytics. HomeZada automatically updates the value of the home and the size of your capital in real-time. It uses current property market data for generating a three-year estimate of approximate value. The loan-to-value ratio is also calculated to let you know the amount of the loan secured by equity.

Automated Home Maintenance Schedule

maintenance homezada digital home management review

The roof needs to be cleaned, the paint should be updated, and the bushes need to be trimmed u2014 it always seems like we're missing something, and homeownership is starting to seem a little overwhelming.

To organize your work effectively, HomeZada can compile your home maintenance schedule automatically. A well-structured schedule of regular chores helps to reduce the cost of home repairs and avoid costly replacement of equipment and interior decoration.

Besides, HomeZada maintenance schedule app can create an automated personalized calendar allowing you to track all tasks from your phone. Online email reminders and integration tools ensure you are always in touch with your individual automatic service schedule and people who are responsible for fulfilling the necessary work.

Curated and personalized checklists help you cope with the most serious seasonal challenges. Here you can track all your documents, expenses, and checks to optimize the maintenance process.

HomeZada Pro Improves Your Business

branding homezada digital home management review

HomeZada has a branding program in which an agency or insurance company can label an app with personal information and a logo to make homeowners absolutely confident about the operations. With HomeZada PRO, it's easy to create an ad with a personal photo, broker logo, and contact information. From here, you can email a gift annual Premium subscription to your favorite customers.

When insurance agents and brokers can provide their clients with all kinds of extras, clients perceive them as knowledgeable insurance providers. Chubb, a global provider of insurance products, also introduced HomeZada's loyalty program, and reduced the cost of its premium annual plan to $ 45 a year for its policyholders.

HomeZada Prices

Creating an account on the HomeZada online platform, you get access to the basic features of contacts integration, creating spaces, and filling them with items for free. To manage all aspects of your home and finances, you should get a $ 59 annual Premium subscription with all control panels and reports.

Once youu2019re done creating an account, you can invite other family members to join for free with their own logins and email passwords. If you own multiple homes or plan to sell your property, the Deluxe annual plan for $ 99 will open up access to current real estate market data.

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