12 Best Free Photo Mosaic Software

By Eva Williams 11 days ago, Software Reviews

12 Best Free Photo Mosaic Software in 2024

Photo mosaic software is a special program that allows generating a picture, which consists of numerous little particles referred to as tiles. Each element is a separate photo and when we combine it with other tiny pieces, there is a mosaic.

While looking at such composition from a distance, we will perceive it as a single picture, but if we get closer, it becomes obvious that there are thousands of small photos neatly knocked into one mosaic like photo pixels.

Top 12 Free Photo Mosaic Software

  1. Mosaically - Best online photo mosaic service
  2. EasyMoza - Without installation or registration
  3. Fotor - A collage maker & online photo editor
  4. PictoSaic - Quick mosaic creating
  5. WidsMob Montage - Photo mosaic software for Windows and Mac OS
  6. Aolej - Great for ASCII art
  7. Picture Mosaics - Offers 2 methods to create mosaics
  8. Mozaus - 4-steps mosaic creating process
  9. AndreaMosaic - Best desktop photo mosaic software
  10. TurboMosaic - Landscape and portrait mosaic
  11. Mosaikify - Many additional settings
  12. Imosaic - With database of images

You can print the photo mosaic on canvas, paper or photo paper, use it as a gift for any occasion or turn into an exclusive decoration for your interior.

Mosaic can also serve as the basis for photo wallpaper. Such a wall will look very beautiful and unusual.

1. Mosaically - Our Choice

Best online photo mosaic service
  • Completely free
  • Well-designed and clear UI
  • Compatible with all OS
  • You can share your mosaics
  • Requires a stable Internet connection

Verdict: Mosaically is a photo editing software, which you can use without spending a penny.

It is the best photo mosaic program for people, who want to create high-res scalable photo mosaics and share them with their followers and colleagues, without cluttering the internal memory of portable devices.

The thing is that the program doesn’t require downloading and installing and is compatible with numerous iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

When you are done creating a mosaic, the “Keep It Private” feature is automatically enabled. If you want other users to see your work, you can choose the corresponding option in the settings. Everyone, who is interested in your photo mosaics can zoom it in and examine the miniature components.

  • mosaically photo mosaic software interface

    2. EasyMoza

    Without installation or registration
    • Straightforward UI
    • Minimum 50 pictures for a mosaic
    • Photo library
    • Installation and registration-free
    • Long processing time

    Verdict: If you are curious about how to make photomosaic with ease, this service can be of great help. EasyMoza is a free mosaic picture program that works online and eliminates the need to download software and install it on your device.

    EasyMoza imposes a lower limit for the number of photos for your mosaics, which is 50 pieces. Clicking “Select Photo”, you can upload the centerpiece of your composition. It is called the main photo, which is actually the one constructed from multiple elements.

    Another way to choose the constituents is to look through the library, which contains 100 flower images and 100 animal shots.

    • easymoza free photo mosaic software interface

      3. Fotor

      Collage maker & editor
      • A collage maker & online photo editor
      • RAW photo editing
      • You can add effects to your mosaics
      • Customizable size and format
      • Long processing time

      Verdict: This free mosaic software offers more features than other purpose-built collage makers on this list, boasting online image editing capabilities. Some photographers employ it as a desktop photo editor to work with RAW files.

      Focusing on the mosaic making function, I can say that this software uses a bit different principle, intentionally distorting and pixelating your target image. If you want to embellish your mosaic, you can apply some interesting, abstract effects.

      Many people like this application because of a simple technique it uses to generate a beautiful mosaic. All you have to do it to select the target photo, open it and apply the mosaic effect. You image will be automatically pixelated.

      fotor free photo mosaic software interface

      4. PictoSaic

      Quick mosaic creating
      • Creating a mosaic takes little time
      • Absolutely free
      • Information about the quality of an image
      • Clear operation
      • The interface should be updated

      Verdict: If you are looking for free photo mosaic software, which doesn’t require any prior experience of creating mosaics and allows producing mesmerizing results in a couple of minutes – PictoSaic is an ideal option. Besides, this service is available online, meaning you don’t need to download a program and install it.

      This picture mosaic free software is somehow similar to EasyMoza, but unlike the latter, it provides more in-depth info about the picture quality and supports more image types. Besides, the “number” limit isn’t fixed.

      • pictosaic free photo mosaic software interface

        5. WidsMob Montage

        Photo mosaic software for Windows and Mac OS
        • Cross-platform
        • Supports JPEG and PNG
        • Image editing features
        • Tiles of different sizes
        • Not for beginners

        Verdict: WidsMob Montage is one of the best photo mosaic software that offers an intuitive interface and tiles of different sizes. The program allows you to create exciting mosaics on both Windows and Mac.

        Moreover, the program supports both JPEG and PNG as the main photo. When you use a PNG photo without a background, you can create a mosaic template with photos or other mosaic elements. The software comes with several image editing functions that allow you to easily get the files you need.

        • widsmob montage free photo mosaic software interface

          6. Aolej

          Great for ASCII art
          • Create bead mosaics
          • Calculate tile mosaic designs
          • 60+ patterns
          • Video mosaics
          • 20 MB limit in trial version
          • Pattern editor not in lite version

          Verdict: Whether it be classic photo mosaics and playful picture collages, dynamic pixel art, or even video animations— Aolej adapts to diverse creative projects. The platform provides extensive options for controlling image distribution, and its rendering templates simplify configuration for unique mosaics. The Mosaic Wizard guides you through creation effortlessly.

          Now, I'm not saying I turned into Michelangelo overnight, but Aolej upped my mosaic game. My creations went from fridge-worthy to gallery-worthy (at least in my opinion). The high-resolution output is crisp and clear, and the filling grid editor is like a magic eraser for any wonky tile placements.

          aolej photo mosaic software

          7. Picture Mosaics

          2 methods to create mosaics
          • Creating a mosaic using 2 different methods
          • Possibility to work with designers
          • Create mosaics in several clicks
          • Allows creating photo collages
          • The UI requires updating

          Verdict: Picture Mosaics is an online application for creating photo collages. There are two options for creating your custom photo mosaic. You can use the online mosaic tool or work with a designer. Choosing the first option, you can cope with the task quickly and easily.

          You can use photos from a computer, devices, or from a social network, choose the appropriate settings and voila. If you aren’t satisfied with the way this photographic mosaic software works, you can order a premium design mosaic service.

          • picture mosaics free photo mosaic software interface

            8. Mozaus

            4-step mosaic creation process
            • Quick results
            • Clear fragments
            • Top-quality photos
            • Free service
            • Confusing interface

            Verdict: Mozaus is another feature-rich mosaic program free, which allows creating eye-catching mosaics with minimum time spent. Actually, the entire process comes down to 4 steps and results in unique and creative art pieces consisting of hundreds or even thousands of tiny fragments.

            If you want to make a mosaic that stands out among a multitude of other works, you definitely should try this program.

            The sure benefit of this image mosaic software is that it doesn’t degrade the quality of constituent parts, so they are detailed and sharp even being small in size.

            • mozaus free photo mosaic software interface

              9. AndreaMosaic

              Desktop photo mosaic software
              • Freeware
              • Amazing functionality
              • Easy-to-use
              • Automatic adjustment
              • Available after installation

              Verdict: If you are on the lookout for pro-level free photo mosaic software with an abundance of functions, pay attention to AndreaMosaic. Here you can fully rely on auto adjustments, which involves color correction, photo resolution fixing as well as image resizing.

              In other words, you can easily create a beautiful photo mosaic with AndreMosaic being in charge of the entire procedure. However, there is a limitation you need to keep in mind. The software is available only after you install it on your device, which may be unsuitable for some users.

              • andreamosaic free photo mosaic software interface

                10. TurboMosaic

                Landscape and portrait mosaic
                • Additional cell coloring
                • Hexagonal and circular cells
                • You can increase and decrease the number of cells
                • Landscape and portrait mosaic
                • Resource-demanding

                Verdict: TurboMosaic is software developed by SilkenMermaid, using which, you can easily and quickly make stunning mosaics from selected images. You can share the created mosaic on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, via Email and AirDrop.

                Ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of this mosaic creator. Thanks to this application, you can create custom mosaics quickly and with minimal effort. TurboMosaic allows you to produce amazing masterpieces that will certainly impress your relatives and friends.

                • turbomosaic free photo mosaic software interface

                  11. Mosaikify

                  Lots of additional settings
                  • No post-shading like in most similar software
                  • Quick mosaic generating
                  • Scattered tile images and color background
                  • Jaw-dropping results
                  • Limited free version
                  • The full version is rather expensive

                  Verdict: Mosaikify is mosaic software that creates realistic photo mosaics without overlaying semi-transparent versions of images, which is the method used by other programs. Therefore, the results look more professional.

                  You can choose a free Mosaikify version or the paid one with more features. For example, it is possible to alter the tile variations, shape, layout, and contrast, change colors and the trajectory of the mosaic fade background.

                  • mosaikify free photo mosaic software interface

                    12. Imosaic

                    With database of images
                    • Cross-platform
                    • 3D photo mosaic screensaver
                    • ImosaicWebc available
                    • High-resolution mosaic
                    • Too rare updates
                    • Dated UI

                    Verdict: Imosaic is photo mosaic software, which can satisfy individuals using different OS. The first thing you have to do is to prepare a database of pictures and then enable mosaic creation. A unique feature of Imosaic that sets it apart from other software is the possibility to make 3D photo mosaic screensavers.

                    imosaic free photo mosaic software interface
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