Free Fabric Texture Pictures

The bundle of professional Free Fabric Textures for Photoshop created by the FixThePhoto team. They are absolutely easy to use and can be customized to fit your particular project. The collection comprises a nice variety of high-resolution fabric textures ranging from those imitating cotton, denim, linen to lycra, silk, and more. Download the entire set of Fabric Textures and bring some creativity and homey vibes to your works. If you hesitate what texture is best suited for your project, you can read the descriptions below and make a choice.  

Fabric Texture #1 "Cotton"

If you think that you design can benefit from a “textile” feel, but you want something unobtrusive – have a look at this gentle fabric texture.
fabric texture images

Cloth Fabric Texture #2 "Linen"

Such a beautiful cloth texture can be used as a background for a thematic blog or a website to get an emotional response from your followers.
cloth texture png

Old Fabric Textures #3 "Lycra"

Among all fabric textures available in this bundle, this one is perfect if you want to create a bit antique look in your photos.
fabric textures download

Fabric Textures #4 "Dark Green"

Most of the available free fabric textures in the web are of a rather poor quality. If you are determined to use only professional fabric textures, download this option.
free fabric textures

Free Fabric Texture #5 "Violet"

There is hardly a free fabric texture that can give your designs such an eye-catching look like the tool from this bundle can.
free fabric texture pictures

Cloth Textures #6 "Macro View"

Cloth textures are popular among many designers, as they can easily add a catchy and stylish look to a project. This one is great as a background for all kinds of designs.
cloth textures set

Free Fabric Textures #7 "Grey"

If you have tested free textures fabric filters and are disappointed by the result, you should give these tools a try. They are detailed and crisp, and can help you bring your creative design ideas to life with ease.
free textures fabric bundle

Textile Texture #8 "Textile"

Adding texture to the elements of your design can cause difficulties, especially if you use one and the same tool all the time. So why not extend your collection with a trendy textile texture right now?
textile texture images

Textile Fabric Textures #9 "Clear Pattern"

If you think of combining several textures fabrics to get a unique result, you can use this option as a basis for your experiments.
textures fabric png

Cloth Fabric Texture #10 "Beige Cloth"

A wonderful cloth texture without distracting elements to create an uncluttered background. You can also use it to give your presentations a more sophisticated look.
cloth texture download

Old Fabric Texture #11 "Blush"

If the old fabric texture is something you are searching for, don’t waste your time and download this effect straight away.
old fabric texture

Fabric Texture #12 "Berry Violet"

If you feel like experimenting with a colorful fabric texture in order to give your digital designs and art projects a recognizable look, you can hardly find a more suitable variant.
fabric texture pictures

Free Fabric Textures #13 "Denim"

While newbie artists are looking for free fabric textures, which in most cases appear to be of a low quality, you’d better rely on a reputable resource and download this well-balanced collection.
free fabric textures set

Fabrick Texture #14 "Electric Blue"

Those, willing to diversify their artworks with deep and vibrant colors, can make good use of this fabric texture.
fabrick texture bundle

Fabric Texture Hd #15 "Grape"

This is a cool fabric texture HD sample but since the color is too intense, it is of minor help if you need a background for a website unless you want readers’ eyes to get tired quickly. The best use is clothes design.
fabric texture hd images

Cloth Fabric Texture #16 "Dark Grey"

Such a classical cloth fabric texture can work well with the text. A bit of imagination and creativity and you are sure to achieve great results.
cloth fabric texture png

Textures of Fabric #17 "Emerald"

These textures of fabric can work well for most design scenarios, being absolutely irreplaceable if you want to please your relatives and friends with nice knick-knacks, memorable art pieces and even photo albums.
textures of fabric download

Seamless Textures #18 "Mustard"

Such seamless fabric textures can make your projects look more realistic and personalized in a matter of seconds.
seamless fabric textures free

Textures of Fabrics #19 "Aqua"

Having textures of fabrics of all sizes, patterns and colors, you can easily create unique designs to impress both current and potential clients.
textures of fabrics pictures

White Fabric Textures #20 "Royal Blue"

White fabric textures can be used for a narrow range of projects, but the feel they add to your images and designs can’t be imitated by any other tool. So, don’t miss your chance to extend your collection of textures with these effects.
white fabric textures set

Clothing Fabric Texture #21 "Rugged"

Finding a clothing fabric texture that can seamlessly blend into the composition is not an easy task. This sample can easily do it and even bring some freshness to your design.
clothing fabric texture bundle

White Fabric Texture #22 "In the Dark"

A white fabric texture is the best choice if you want to get rid of any distraction and solely focus on the main object. You can also combine it with other effects, but be very attentive not to clutter the space.
white fabric texture images

Seamless Fabric Textures #23 "Plaid Green"

Designers resort to free seamless fabric textures when they are almost satisfied with the image but need a slight boost to make it more memorable. Download these textures to see how it works.
free seamless fabric textures

Fabric Background #24 "Pale Yellow"

If you are working on a website dedicated to types of textile, and need a fabric texture background for each particular section, keep browsing the collection, as there are many interesting options that can serve the task.
fabric texture background

Black Fabric Texture #25 "Weaved"

A black fabric texture belongs to the classical group of textures, but you need to be mindful while using it for your projects, not to make them look too gloomy or distressed.
black fabric texture

Seamless Fabric Texture #26 "Neutral Beige"

Another seamless fabric texture that can become a wonderful background if you want to highlight the object placed against it.
seamless fabric texture pictures

Textured Fabric #27 "Sunshine"

Textured fabric backgrounds are often used for websites and blogs, as they add a stylish feel without being too intrusive.
textured fabric backgrounds set

Fabric Texture Pattern #28 "Orange & White"

If you are looking for a fabric texture pattern to bring a bit of motion to your designs, you can try this variant.
fabric texture pattern bundle

PS Fabric Texture #29 "Stitches"

A professional Photoshop fabric texture to give your design a soft and comfortable feel. The gentle color works well for most scenarios.
photoshop fabric texture images

Photoshop Textures #30 "Ivory"

If you are on the lookout for high-res Photoshop fabric textures that look realistic and neat in digital designs, this collection can perfectly satisfy your needs.
photoshop fabric textures png

Seamless Textures #31 "Dark"

It’s hard to find high-quality seamless fabric textures that look natural and professional, so you should definitely give this option a try.
seamless fabric textures download

Cloth Seamless Texture #32 "Antique"

This cloth seamless texture will be perfect for your graphic design and 3D-modeling projects if you’re looking for a vintage, antique look.
cloth seamless texture

Blue Fabric Texture #33 "Blue Grunge"

If you need an unusual blue fabric texture for an illustration or 3D model, then you should immediately download this grungy texture.
blue fabric texture pictures

Light Fabric Texture #34 "Vintage Book"

A light fabric texture can be useful for all sorts of fashion projects. Download this high-resolution texture and see how great it looks in your design.
light fabric texture set

White Fabric Texture #35 "Movie"

This seamless white fabric texture is highly-detailed, allowing you to achieve a clean, realistic look with minimum effort even when designing large-scale objects.
seamless white fabric texture bundle

Tileable Fabric Texture #36 "Grid"

You can use this tileable fabric texture for both 3D-modeling projects and as a neutral background for ads, blog headers, and still images.
tileable fabric texture images

Grey Fabric Texture #37 "Green Tints"

Apply this stylish grey fabric texture to add a classy, refined look to your pictures or 3D models. You’ll surely be happy with the result!
grey fabric texture png

Nylon Fabric Texture #38 "Traveler Magazine"

If you need a cool, modern look or simply looking for assets for fashion design, this seamless nylon fabric texture will be an invaluable addition to your toolset.
seamless nylon fabric texture

Leather Fabric Texture #39 "Black"

Leather looks good regardless of what it’s being used for, so don’t hesitate to apply this leather fabric texture to your illustrations and 3D models.
leather fabric texture

Cream Fabric Texture #40 "Pressed Effect"

This cream fabric texture looks stylish, comfy, and highly-detailed and can be used for either a particular object or as a simple, neutral background.
cream fabric texture pictures

Fabric Background #41 "Mossy"

This fabric background can be a terrific choice for a lot of graphic design projects including website headers, business cards, menus, and blog posts.
fabric background set

Fabric Pattern #42 "Chocolate Brown"

Are you searching for a stylish fabric pattern? Here is a beautiful texture that will give your designs the necessary feel.
fabric pattern bundle

Fabric Images #43 "Albino"

If you’re looking for high-resolution fabric images, this collection by FixThePhoto and this example in particular definitely deserve your attention.
fabric images images

Brown Fabric Texture #44 "Coal"

Use this brown fabric texture for designing clothing, furniture, or any other objects or illustrations that can benefit from such an elegant and warm color.
brown fabric texture png

Green Fabric Texture #45 "Red Velvet"

Try using this green fabric texture to make your designs more eye-catching and dynamic while also conveying a hint of eco-friendliness.
green fabric texture download

Purple Fabric Texture #46 "Indigo"

A purple fabric texture is the best choice if you want to add class, glamour, luxury, and a bit of extravagance to your designs.
purple fabric texture

Shirt Fabric Texture #47 "Tanned Beige"

When browsing through textures, you can never go wrong with a shirt fabric texture. It looks classy and professional while adding charm to the overall design.
shirt fabric texture pictures

White Textured Fabric #48 "Pinkish"

If you need a white textured fabric for clothing design or 3D modeling, then downloading and trying out this option should be a no-brainer.
white textured fabric set

Textured White Fabric #49 "Rosewood"

This textured white fabric is super versatile as it can be used for anything from fashion design to simple backgrounds for social media posts.
textured white fabric bundle

Suit Fabric Texture #50 "Gingerbread"

Are you designing a suit or creating a mock-up but don’t have all the necessary materials? This high-res suit fabric texture is here to save the day.
suit fabric texture images

Cotton Fabric Textures #51 "Iron"

If you need a natural, fashion-themed background or are designing 3D models with cotton clothes, you’re going to need cotton fabric textures like this one.
cotton fabric textures png

Fabric Texture #52 "Navy Blue"

This cotton fabric texture has an undeniable appeal thanks to its natural look and pleasant color, which makes it suitable for a broad range of projects.
cotton fabric texture download

Textured Fabric #53 "Army Green"

If you need highly-detailed textured fabric assets for your commercial images, illustrations, or 3D models, you can’t miss out on this one.
textured fabric

Ripped Fabric Texture #54 "Cinnamon"

If you want to add a bit of grunge, chaos, or convey a devil-may-care attitude, this quality ripped fabric texture will allow you to achieve just that.
ripped fabric texture pictures

Pillow Fabric Texture #55 "Olive Green"

If you’re creating a design that includes pillows, you can’t really complete your project without a pillow fabric texture that you can get here.
pillow fabric texture set

T-Shirt Fabric Texture #56 "Shadow"

This highly-dense t-shirt fabric texture is a mandatory addition to your graphic design toolset if you don’t already own a similar texture.
t-shirt fabric texture

Chair Fabric Texture #57 "Cocoa"

Whether you’re designing a chair or simply looking for a stylish, fashion-themed background, you won’t be disappointed with this chair fabric texture.
chair fabric texture images

Linen Fabric Textures #58 "Burgundy"

This is one of the best linen fabric textures if you’re looking for a realistic, rustic feel. It’s highly-detailed and looks great even in close-up.
linen fabric textures png

Distressed Fabric Texture #59 "Copper"

Try this distressed fabric texture to add a worn-out, weathered look to your pictures and designs and establish a cool, grungy atmosphere.
distressed fabric texture

Photoshop Textures #60 "Coffee"

Similar to other Photoshop fabric textures from this collection, this one can become a terrific, eye-catching background for your designs.
photoshop fabric textures

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Black Textures #61

By downloading this cool black texture, you get access to a fantastic asset for all projects that require a modern, stylish, edgy atmosphere.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

With the help of scratch overlay textures, you can add a sense of grunge, danger, or excitement to your project without overshadowing the main subject.
scratchy textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

This simple, highly-detailed rain texture allows you to easily enhance the atmosphere of your images, make them moodier, and hide their minor flaws.
rain texture

Free Grass Textures #64

Expand your designer’s toolkit with this grass texture that can effortlessly blend into most landscape images or can be used as an effective background.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

A gold texture can prove to be useful for a lot of design projects. After all, nothing conveys the sense of luxury and wealth better than gold.
gold overlay images

Stone Marble Textures #66

This marble texture is a great asset for interior and exterior design, still life photos, and it can also be used as a background for social media ads.
marble texture

Free Concrete Textures #67

Regardless if you want a grungy dark background or need a concrete texture for 3D modeling, you can rely on this option to provide great results.
concrete textures

Free Cool Textures #68

This option is a must-have if you’re looking for cool textures that can enhance your designs and make them unique and more creative.
cool textures

Water Texture #69

Use this water texture if you want to add a calm, meditative feel to your image thanks to the relaxing ripples that appear on the water’s surface.
water texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

Ensure your images feel like a never-ending, fun party with this colorful glitter texture that will make your work infinitely more attention-grabbing.
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

Enhance the mood and feel of your designs, and make them more dramatic and moody with this high-res grunge texture created by FixThePhoto.
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Are you designing an ad, website header or invitation and want it to have a vintage feel? You won’t find a better option than this paper texture.
old paper texture
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