Express VPN vs TunnelBear 2024

Express VPN vs TunnelBear 2024: What Program to Choose?

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear are essential for maintaining your privacy on the Internet and getting access to restricted webpages.

TunnelBear is an affordable program that does not go beyond rendering this particular service. All its servers are available for free.

Its opponent, Express VPN, went far beyond and included many additional and even unique services into its package, such as the Network Lock function with unlimited bandwidth and apps for any kind of OS, routers, game consoles and Smart TVs.

What Is Express VPN?

express vpn logo Express VPN is a program ensuring the security of your privacy and data. It can be installed on any computer, phone or tablet. Being of a high level it can guarantee a stable connection without disruptions and at a high speed while your data will remain anonymous and secure.
This is one of VPN services for going around the restrictions that certain resources put on their media. So, you will be able to enjoy music or movies and spend time on social media that are out of your reach.
  • express vpn interface
  • express vpn interface

    ExpressVPN: Advantages and Disadvantages

    icon Instant VPN Access. It only takes one click to shift your connection into one of the 94 different countries where the company has placed its servers. Afterward, you will be exploring anonymously and safely.

    icon Hide location. If you don’t want the HTML5 geolocation service to pry into your matters and discover where you’re browsing from, you can just click a button and remain undiscoverable for as long as you want.

    icon High Speed VPN. The network at your service counts as many as 3,000+ separate servers. Thus, whichever country you want to browse through, your connection will remain not only stable but also fast.

    The speed and bandwidth are unlimited for the users. Upon connection to the selected virtual location your traffic will only be visible as coming from there.

    icon Access to any content. You are enabled to reach any content in any place of the planet. Any restrictions posed by the government or some organization like a school or office will no longer be a concern. You can also protect yourself from unreliable public Wi-Fi points and remain connected without risk to your data.

    icon 24-hour customer service. If you can’t figure some feature out or have the need for precise information, you can contact the technical support on the website or through e-mail and receive an answer in just a few minutes and any time of day or night.

    icon Applications for all devices. This is one of the few programs to be supported by every device running on any OS. This includes the Linux computers, routers, smart TVs, and more.

    icon Network Lock function (emergency disconnect from the Internet). This feature is crucial for unpredicted connectivity failures. It cuts off the traffic until the connection is restored, making sure that no data leaks in this moment of vulnerability.

    icon Price. Naturally, all the important and helpful features will be resulting in an increased charge. You can’t try this service for free, unfortunately. The subscription will cost slightly above the average.

    What Is TunnelBear?

    tunnelbear logo TunnelBear VPN also has a wide network of servers and delivers a speedy and stable connection through them.
    Your location will be hidden, and the data will be protected. The whole internet will be at your disposal regardless of the censorship of certain resources.
    • tunnelbear interface
    • tunnelbear interface

      TunnelBear: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Stop password and data theft. Insecure WiFi points in public places expose you to the danger of having your password stolen. By turning on the GhostBear technology, you eliminate such risk while the fact of you using a VPN remains disguised.

      icon Access global content. There is an amount of content particular to a country and not accessible except from within it. Using this service, you cheat the system into showing you such content.

      icon Bypass local censorship. The policies of certain governments or companies make particular resources blocked. With this program, you can reverse that and enjoy their content.

      icon Protect your online privacy. Whoever provides you with an Internet connection can see your every action through it. Browsing through the TunnelBear servers will protect you from the prying eyes, making it impossible for anyone to trace your activity.

      icon Prevent IP-based tracking. All the advertising you see has been tailored in accordance with your previous activity tracked through the IP address. Engaging the AES 256 encryption algorithm of TunnelBear will prevent this from happening.

      icon Terms of Service. There is a free mode that is intended to ensure you of the high quality of service. For that reason, it is too limited for proper use that includes streaming videos, covering only 500 MB of monthly traffic.

      If, instead, your only interest is occasional browsing for news in restricted locations, you could even benefit from the service without payment.

      icon Limited selection of countries. The selection only provides you with 23 countries.

      Express VPN vs TunnelBear: Price

      express vpn vs tunnelbear price

      ExpressVPN cannot be used for free even in terms of a trial but this is no reason to search for an Express VPN crack. You do get your money back in full if within a month you realize that the program is not for you. Here are the current offers:

      TunnelBear, on the other hand, can be tested before any payments. If you fit your anonymous browsing into the 500 MB monthly allowance, you can simply never pay. It is safer to try to limit your use or pay the affordable price then risk with a TunnelBear torrent. The fees are the following:

      Express VPN vs TunnelBear – Who Wins?

      ExpressVPN offers the highest speed and stability at all times.

      TunnelBear is simplistic and intuitive but at the same time equipped with top-notch security features. Its strongest point is the granted free access.

      Make the TunnelBear vs ExpressVPN decision regarding your needs. The former has no P2P support, so if your main interest is torrenting, this is a no go. Some claim that the company being based in Canada is not great since their online privacy record is somewhat tainted.

      TunnelBear has a more limited network and a smaller number of incorporated features. That’s why since its competitor offers more in those respects and also takes care to provide great speeds at any time and hardly ever allows connectivity issues to disturb you, ExpressVPN is an undoubted winner.