ExpressVPN vs PIA 2023

ExpressVPN vs PIA 2023: What to Choose?

ExpressVPN vs PIA (Private Internet Access) are 2 reputable VPN services providers which are especially popular among people who frequently use BitTorrent. They both perfectly cope with keeping your torrent IP address invisible to other users and providing the anonymous connection.

PIA is known to offer great connection speeds and the possibility to connect more devices.

ExpressVPN excels at providing better access to geo-blocked platforms.

What Is ExpressVPN

expressvpn logo ExpressVPN doesn’t belong to the list of the best VPN services but each cent you spend on it is absolutely justified.
It is compatible with many OS including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The indisputable advantage of this service is that it allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows in an ultra-fast HD regardless of the device.
People, who use BitTorrent on a regular basis, frequently look for ExpressVPN download links, because it allows them to enjoy even more content without declassifying their IP address.
  • expressvpn interface
  • expressvpn interface

    ExpressVPN: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon 160 VPN locations. This feature may be decisive for users comparing Private Internet Access vs ExpressVPN. The possibility to select between 160 VPN locations in 94 countries in different parts of the globe is truly mind-blowing.

    icon 256-bit encryption. Taking care of users’ privacy, ExpressVPN leverages different protocols, which means you can surf the net, using even public networks and be sure your sensitive info is reliable protected.

    icon Kill switch. This is another feature that is meant to protect users, while they are enjoying their time online. Kill switch comes to rescue if your Internet connection to the VPN server has dropped.

    It will instantly cut all the data traffic to and from your device. In such a way, the program eliminates the possibility of data or IP leakage, which happens when the VPN tunnel is compromised.

    icon Doesn’t keep logs. Many people opt for ExpressVPN lifetime subscription simply because this provider doesn’t store the logs of their activity. So your IP addresses, browsing history, etc., disappear right after you disconnect from the net.

    icon Split tunneling. A very cool option if you need to search the net and use another device on the network simultaneously. The management process is really convenient thanks to the ExpressVPN App, which can be additionally customized.

    icon 3 simultaneous connections. If you use ExpressVPN at home, you can set it up on your router and enjoy automatic operation. It is possible to connect up you 3 devices. This is also relevant if you use Internet being outside.

    icon Supports torrenting. The topic of peer-to-peer file sharing is being actively discussed by large corporations and average users. The former even demand that ISPs must track and penalize P2P users either they are caught supporting software privacy or performing DMCA violations.

    icon Access to Netflix geo-blocked content. ExpressVPN is called one of the best VPN for Netflix. This media-service provider has worked hard to develop the methods to detect VPN connections and block them, making it impossible for millions of viewers to access their movies and TV shows.

    However, ExpressVPN can bypass this protection system. Thanks to the impressive number of optimized servers and purpose-built tools, it can fool the company’s checks.

    icon Amazing privacy. Based on the British Virgin Islands, this VPN provider isn’t obliged to store users’ data. With such high privacy standards, you can even make payments through Bitcoins using this VPN.

    icon Rather expensive. Choosing this service you have to pay $12.95 each month, which is higher than in the case with most VPN services for Windows.

    What Is PIA

    pia logo Private Internet Access is a leading VPN service for Mac that offers secure, encrypted VPN tunnels, providing multi-layer protection for your data and secure use of the Internet.
    Private Internet Access doesn’t only protect the anonymity of your Internet connection but also allows you to bypass blocks or firewalls that restrict access to certain sites.
    PIA is available as a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as a mobile application for Android and Apple iOS.
    • pia interface
    • pia interface

      PIA: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon 10 simultaneous connections. Using this free VPN for iPhone you can connect from 10 sources at the same time. It can be both mobile devices and PCs.

      icon User-oriented interface. The UI is really straightforward but it lacks some customary options like interactive maps needed to choose a server location. The first time to log in, there appears a drop-down list with different regions, where you can choose the one that suits you most.

      icon Full compatibility. In addition to compatibility with laptops and PCs, PIA works on mobile devices run on iOS and Android operating systems.

      icon You can choose the connection protocol. Comparing ExpressVPN vs PIA, I’d like to point out that the latter allows you to choose among 3 connection protocols, namely, OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP, which may seem like an unimportant option, but in fact, very few similar products can boast this feature.

      Most VPNs automatically select the protocol based on the fastest connection, which often appears to be a questionable one in terms of security. You can fully control the choice using PIA.

      icon PIA MACE. This free Android VPN comes with an adblocker known as PIA MACE. It blocks domains for ads, trackers and malware. Unlike similar tools, PIA MACE can’t white list certain domains or adjust the filter settings. It is either enabled or disabled.

      icon Doesn’t keep logs. PIA is one of the verified no logs VPN services, which has passed real-world tests. However, there were 2 separate court cases where this VPN provider was subpoenaed for data logs, but the company’s fault hasn’t been proved.

      icon Affordable service with 7-day money-back. If you have rested Private Internet Access and understood that it doesn’t fully correspond to your expectations, you can get your money back if you request them within a week from the day you paid for the VPN. This doesn’t include updates, manual and auto-renewals.

      If you ask for year money after the refund period is over, your request will be denied.

      icon Bad privacy jurisdiction since the service is based in the US. The US government can force the company to keep the logs of clients’ activity and take the wraps off when they demand.

      icon Doesn’t provide access to Netflix content. The big disadvantage of this service is that it can’t bypass Netflix protection, so choosing it you will never be able to enjoy the production offered by this media provider.

      ExpressVPN vs PIA: Prices

      expressvpn vs pia prices

      ExpressVPN price ($8.32) is higher than what you have to pay to use PIA. That’s why many users are searching for ExpressVPN Crack which is actually a bad decision unless you want to get into trouble.

      Have a closer look at the price list:

      Private Internet Access belongs to the group of the cheapest VPN services currently available. Actually, the monthly fee doesn’t exceed the price of a small cup of coffee, which attracts many users.

      Here is how much you have to pay to use PIA:

      ExpressVPN vs PIA – Who Wins?

      ExpressVPN can fully satisfy those people, who value quick connections, a huge network of servers, and responsive customer support. It will also help regular BitTorrent users feel more secure being online.

      Of course, the fee you have to pay is several times higher than in the case with similar providers, but the benefits you get are worth shelling out.

      Private Internet Access (PIA) is a budget-friendly option with high connection speeds and top-tier privacy protection. It also caters to the needs of BitTorrent users, but can’t boast such extensive server coverage as ExpressVPN has.

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