EasyHDR Review 2021

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: Demo version with restrictions, $33 or $55 according to versions

Verdict: EasyHDR is an HDR software for Windows and Mac OS. The main feature of EasyHDR is its simplicity. You just need to open the photos that were taken with different exposures and the application will do the rest.

Firstly, it generates an HDR image by mixing photos. Then the program calibrates these images using a tone display or Tone Map which is necessary for displaying photos on a screen or a printer.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple HDR process
  • High-end HDR pictures
  • Impact on all image areas
  • Support for popular image formats
  • No photo post-production options
easyhdr interface

To get a well-exposed photo, you don’t need to use a series of various exposed pictures. In some cases, a single photo is enough, especially RAW one. EasyHDR requires a single picture to get the desired result thanks to the LDR (Low Dynamic Range) improvement option.

Complete EasyHDR Review

easyhdr logo

With EasyHDR you can get properly exposed images when taking photos in very poor lighting conditions. If the pictures are taken with hands (without a tripod), photo alignment tools available in easyHDR (automatic and manual) comes to rescue.

Clear Interface

easyhdr clear interface

The preview panel is located in the center of the program. Here your pictures are displayed in a live preview mode.

On the right is the primary HDR processing bar. This is the key part of the program – where you produce new creations and adjust HDR merging processes.

There is the preset panel to the left of the preview bar. It is logically located and easy to use. It just offers thumbnails of various preset image editing tools. Besides, you can make your own presets and download them from other sources.

At the top of the software is the primary panel with tools. It includes all you need. For instance, you can save creations here and modify the preview settings.

Tonal Compression Function

easyhdr tonal compression

The range of settings for tonal compression is quite wide: the compression and gamma of the image, its saturation, brightness, smoothing level, etc. Besides, you can adjust the tonal curve.

Direct tonal compression is carried out only after pressing the preview button (not immediately after changing a parameter) and to speed up the process of selecting settings, you can choose only a part of the image where the tonal compression result should be shown.

Before and After Split View Function

easyhdr before and after split view

To view a composite HDR image, use “to display before and after splitting” feature. Access to this option is available through the top menu of the toolbar. I tested this option a lot while working on this EasyHDR review to find out if the HDR process enhances the picture.

Batch Processing Feature

easyhdr batch editing feature

A batch processing allows generating HDR images based on the series of shots. Besides, the program has a built-in RAW converter, though it comes without any settings.

Great HDR Photos Quality

easyhdr photo quality easyhdr photo quality

The final quality is rather satisfying. I found that the finished HDR pictures look realistic and professional. Besides, the automatic options as lens correction and auto-alignment were really helpful.

Support of Popular Image Formats

EasyHDR lets you import files in the highest quality image formats, as JPEG, TIFF and RAW. Besides, you can save the ready-made images in JPEG or TIFF formats.

Built-In Presets

easyhdr presets

EasyHDR offers a standard set of presets that helps you achieve great HDR photography results. These tools vary from basic picture enhancements to artistic effects like retro color grading. In our opinion, the effects are easy to use and apply, besides, they give an amazing outcome.

Low System Requirements

The lowest system requirements can appeal to many users. 4GB of RAM and 2GB of memory is a usual standard for any up-to-date PC for the past 5 years. Besides, you don’t need a well-developed graphics processor. Even if you don’t have the latest PC model, this best HDR software 2019 can serve ideally for you.

Lacks in Post-Processing Tools

The only drawback is the limited number of photo editing tools described below. You can use the program as a plug-in for Lightroom. It works better when paired with full-featured image processing software. You can then use the powerful HDR merging processing of EasyHDR along with high-end image post-production offered by other software.

EasyHDR Price

Distributors provide two kinds of packages:

Both packages provide the same functions. Still, you need to buy the package that is suitable for what you intend to do.

The license is unlimited and you don’t need to buy updates. The developers also provide a demo version. There are two limitations compared to the full product: watermarks are applied to the ready-made pictures as well as a restricted importing in TIFF and JP2 formats.

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Although creating HDR images with EasyHDR is very simple, people are still looking for different alternatives to this program. As there is no easyHDR discount offered, we’ve prepared the best free analogs of easyHDR that are not inferior in functionality and make it possible to create cool HDR photos.

EasyHDR Freebies

As I have mentioned, the program can work as a Lightroom plug-in. Thus you have the opportunity to use HDR presets. You will find free tools and options for your image editing below.

easyhdr freebies

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