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If you want to save on a purchase or subscription on CorelDRAW and think about using CorelDRAW keygen instead, I’d like to enumerate several reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Choosing this method to get the program for free, you are likely to face system malfunction, fines and even detention by police. Below, you can learn in more detail about all the risks of using keygen CorelDRAW and select an alternative variant.

What Is CorelDRAW Keygen?

coreldraw keygen license

A keygen, also known as a key generator, is a special instrument, which creates product keys (unique alpha-numeric sequences), which deceive an installer program by “telling it” that a person, who launched the install has a license to the software. This is a go-to tool for software pirates, who make a living by hacking and distributing all kinds of expensive programs.

Modern software developers decided to switch to other methods of validation the license of their products rather than using a product key. Keygen CorelDRAW allows installing the software, but you can’t enjoy all its benefits simply because validation over the Internet will prohibit the work. These developers’ precautions motivated cybercriminals to resort to other ways of hacking official programs.

CorelDRAW Keygen: Disadvantages

coreldraw keygen disadvantages

If you decide to download CorelDRAW Keygen, you are likely to face problems both with computer functioning and the law. To give you a clearer understanding of what can happen, I have listed all possible problems below.

1. You Break the Law

There is hardly a person, who doesn’t know that using pirated software, e.g. keygen CorelDRAW, is against the law. But very few people really think that they may suffer from negative consequences. However, the situation has changed and more and more illegal users in the US and UK stand trial because of their criminal actions. Every file you download from the net can be instantly tracked and software developers have gone even further embedding special flags inside their products, which indicate whether the program is official or nor.

2. No Upgrading

It is a common practice among software developers to fix bugs in their products and supply them with handy updates via connection to the host server. If you choose Corel DRAW keygen download, you will never receive any updates, since the program is disconnected from the server. This means worse performance and capabilities if compared with analog official software. The latter come with a license, which implies automatic future updates.

3. No Professional Support

Even the most optimized and well-crafted software can sometimes refuse to work the way it should. In this case, people owning a licensed program just address the tech support and get everything fixed by a professional. The situation is absolutely opposite for illegal users, who need to deal with the problem on their own. This doesn’t sound nice, does it?

4. Hidden Dangers

CorelDRAW keygen often looks like a regular program, but actually is malware designed to infect your computer. You may feel pleased as you have found a way to install powerful software free of charge, but the truth is that such program doesn’t work. Besides, you may infect your PC with malware and even lose your personal data without knowing about it.

How Can I Use CorelDRAW Legally?

If you don’t want to use CorelDRAW keygen, there are some simple ways to get this software without violating the law. Go on reading and choose the most suitable variant.

Graphics Suite

  • Platforms: Mac/Win
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Frankly speaking, this is the most advantageous alternative to keygen CorelDRAW. Though it isn’t as prolific as Adobe, many professional users choose it for their work. The updated version pleased with a number of long-anticipated features, while its return to Mac has become a real present for all designers regardless of their favorite platform.

Home & Student Suite

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Trial, money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite offers convenient tools for drawing, composition, tracing, as well as powerful instruments for photo post-production. The kit is widely known for its convenient and easy-to-learn graphics creation tools that distinguish it from other professional programs.

CorelDRAW Keygen Alternatives

If you’ve given up the idea of using CorelDRAW keygen only, but need an efficient program for drawing, here is the rundown of decent replacements.


  • Amazing brush engine
  • Strong accent on digital painting
  • PSD export
  • Lacks some tools for image editing
  • Text issues (exported as bitmap)

This is a free and legal alternative to CorelDRAW keygen with all the necessary tools for artistic painting for anime, cartoons and canvas art. The biggest advantage of this software is its brush engine. You can easily customize the brush for your specific task, which means unlimited variations of tools and amazing flexibility. Another feature popular among users is the layer mechanism. It is similar to Photoshop and supports all regular processes – merging, grouping and blending.


  • Simple UI
  • You can add and edit layers
  • Large workspace
  • Standard brushes are missing

This is a small, thought efficient program with lots of handy features to satisfy the pickiest artists. Here you can take advantage of infinite canvas that works smoothly with scalable brushes and unlimited zooming. This allows creating ultra-detailed and broadly sketched pictures. To feel the potential of this program and see whether it can satisfy your needs, test a free version.

Autodesk SketchBook

  • Amazing UI
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent brushes
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Weak operation on old Mac devices

People, who are professionally engaged in architecture and design, will definitely appreciate the toolkit of Autodesk SketchBook. They can use it to create eye-catching illustrations in a quick way and independently of the operating system they prefer. The interface looks very stylish and helps to focus solely on the task. All the tools are logically arranged and appear only when you need them. Thanks to the amazing drawing engine, you can work with canvas up to 100mpx without compromising the speed and quality of your work.


Working in a legal alternative to CorelDRAW keygen or using the official CorelDRAW version, you can create cool designs. If you want to add a photorealistic effect to your drawings, you can apply our overlays and textures.

Old Paper

old paper freebie for coreldraw

Use this texture to diversify the background of your illustration and make similar to real paper. It will look more interesting than a standard one-color fill.


smoke freebie for coreldraw smoke freebie for coreldraw

To make your design more creative and dramatic, you can add smoke to it. I would use it for images of fire or forest, where smoke will realistically blend into the scene.


star freebie for coreldraw star freebie for coreldraw

I think many of you have drawn stars or the night sky and you know how long it can take. However, now you can do it faster with this high-resolution star overlay.

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