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Trying to find a reliable CorelDRAW X5 free download link? Since the number of people doing the same is growing rapidly, I decided to study the topic better and explain how and where you can get a legal and full version of this program.

In addition, you will learn what happens if you download crack, what benefits are waiting for legal users and how can you replace the software in case your budget is limited.

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CorelDRAW X5 Benefits

  • Quick and smooth operation
  • Amazing features
  • Highly customizable UI
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Color management based on profile
  • Excellent interactive sliders


  • Is there a trial version of CorelDRAW X5 on the official site?

No. The company no longer supports this edition of the program. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 is the latest version currently available.

  • How much does CorelDRAW X5 full version cost?

The company doesn’t support CorelDRAW X5. If you still need this software, you can find all the regular tools and even more in the latest edition (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020). You can either make an annual payment ($399) or spend money one time ($689). When the financial part is covered, you get access to all functions and will receive all updates.

  • Is a trial version compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, it works on both OS.

  • What is the duration of the trial period?

The trial period begins when you first launch the program. You can test all the tools and features for 15 days. When the free trial ends, you are automatically switched to a paid subscription unless you cancel before that.

  • Is a free trial a complete version of CorelDRAW?

Yes. Here you can find all the features and updates available in Graphics Suite 2020.

CorelDRAW X5: Pirated Version

CorelDRAW X5 is called the dated version of the software, so the developer is no longer offering it on the website. However, many people still manage to download Corel DRAW X5 free from pirated resources.

Such a possibility is really tempting since you receive a professional program at no cost. But have you ever thought about what problems may arise a bit later, when you install and start using this software on your PC? You should!

Criminal Penalty

People who decide on full version with crack full download often regret doing so, just because the expenses awaiting them as criminals are several times higher than the price of the licensed software. Why criminals? Because anyone using, sharing and copying a hacked program, becomes a criminal.

So, you are subject to criminal liability, which results in a considerable fine from $150,000 to $250,000 depending on the severity and scope of your activity. The state and federal laws also affect the total sum. Another penalty you have to pay is even more terrifying – up to 5 years in jail with a permanent felony on the record.


Soon you will notice an ad window constantly appearing while you are working or personal data leakage, though the latter becomes evident when the irreparable damage is already caused. You can try to protect your system, using antivirus software, but some viruses are so cunning that it may not help.

No Official Updates

When you download CorelDraw Torrent, Corel Portable, Corel Keygen or CorelDRAW X5 Crack, you deliberately abandon future updates, though which developers fix problems with the software and make it more profound. You will have to use the initial tools and features you get in a hacked version, and in most cases that show poor performance.

No Customer Support

Manufacturers of licensed software provide customer support for free. For working with new programs or for beginners, this can be very important, since setting up some software can be quite a difficult process. Besides, most software aren’t perfect and may have malfunctions, and you need technical support to fix them.

Free CorelDRAW X5 Alternatives

You may be surprised, but there is a way that allows you to use the functions of CorelDraw X5 absolutely free and without problems for your computer and you. How? Thanks to free alternatives with similar features. Below you will find the 5 most popular alternatives to CorelDRAW X5 that are in no way inferior to this program!

1. Inkscape

coreldraw alternative inkscape logo
  • You can customize UI
  • Lots of tools
  • Supports many formats
  • Multi-platform
  • Mac version issues
  • Requires time for learning

Inkscape is a graphics editor with open source. You can get it absolutely for free. The UI is straightforward and well-designed. Thanks to the cross-platform nature, you can use the program on Windows, Linux and macOS X.

The toolset is impressive and each instrument is supplied with tips so that novice users can master the program quickly. The most interesting features are text support, rendering, object creation and manipulation, paths operations, fill and stroke tools, and rich format support.

2. Karbon

coreldraw alternative karbon logo
  • Customizable UI
  • Top-level path editing tool
  • Comes with a plethora of predefined shapes
  • Writing plugins boost the capabilities
  • Lacks image tracing feature

Karbon is a handy vector drawing app, which you can use without the risks that appear in the case of CorelDRAW X5 free download. The interface of the application is user-friendly and easily customizable.

This is ideal for both newbie artists just exploring the world of vector graphics and their more experienced colleagues looking for a simple tool to create eye-catching vector drawings. This application can be used when you need to make photorealistic vector images, clipart, logos and illustrations.

3. SVG-Edit

coreldraw alternative svg-edit logo
  • SVG conversion tool
  • Open source
  • Clear UI and simple operation
  • Regularly updated
  • Ads

Another absolutely free and legal alternative to CorelDRAW X5. SVG-edit is an open-source SVG graphics editor, which can be quickly adapted to your specific needs by making changes to its source code. The straightforward tools layout makes this program perfect for beginner artists.

All the work is carried out in the main window of the program, where you can drag-and-drop your image or load it through the system. Browsing through the toolset, you will find lots of useful editing tools, which allow creating professional scalable vector graphics.

4. Vectornator X

coreldraw alternative vectornator logo
  • Clear interface
  • Auto-tracing
  • Unlimited layers
  • Live blend modes
  • For Mac and iOS only

Designers like this software for its clear UI and the variety of tools necessary for convenient work with illustrations, layouts and web design.

It is a truly user-oriented program powered by machine-learning-based auto trace technology, which ensures the most pleasant design experience if you work on iPad. Here you can create different artboards, elaborate layouts, amazing web pages with ease. The whole process is fast and intuitive.

5. Apache OpenOffice Draw

coreldraw alternative apache openoffice draw logo
  • Understandable
  • Multi-platform
  • Quick operation
  • Cool functions
  • UI calls for upgrading

Both experts and amateurs like using this open-source program. It can fully replace CorelDRAW X5 free download offering users a ton of interesting features – 3D controllers, advanced rendering, text styles, dimension lines and more. Here you can create sophisticated sketches and perform rendering simultaneously.

However, the most helpful function is the one allowing you to group the tools, which you use on a regular basis and quickly access them whenever needed.

This program runs on Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.


Use the free textures and overlays to create unique artworks in CorelDRAW with minimum time and effort spent.

Fairy Pixie Dust

free glitter overlay for coreldraw free glitter overlay for coreldraw

Make people say “Wow” when they see your image with the help of this overlay. It embellishes the picture with beautiful yellow gleams bringing it to the warmer side.


free marble texture for coreldraw

Accentuate the elegance of your designs using this pinkish texture. It can work well with projects in light tones.


free leather texture for coreldraw

If you think that your design can benefit from luxury details, this free leather texture can bring the proper mood.

Download CorelDRAW X5 Free

coreldraw x5 free download

I hope you’ve given up the idea to download Corel DRAW X5 free full version, since the consequences this decision brings aren’t worth risking. Use only the latest licensed version of the software available on the official website.

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