Capture One vs ON1

Capture One vs ON1

Are you searching for the best photo processing software and thinking about using Capture One vs ON1? Then the reviews of these two programs are worth reading for you.

Capture One is ideal must-have digital photo editing tool for professional portrait and wedding photography. It enables to quickly edit huge batches of pictures in a short time without affecting quality.

ON1 is one of the most advanced and creative photo editing software on the market which offers extremely rich functionality. It is the successor of Adobe Photoshop and is being offered as a free download from the vendor's official website.

Final Verdict:

If to compare the two programs for photo editing, Capture One will be more powerful. This handy software allows photographers to make small adjustments to images with greater precision than was previously possible. And still its wide functionality allows to create really impressive visual projects.

Capture One is the winner >

Capture One Features:

  • Batch editing
  • Auto adjustments
  • Customizable Clone brush
  • Color correction
  • Lens correction

What is Capture One?

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With the help of these advanced tools of Capture One, photographers can easily trim unwanted elements, add effects and transitions, remove red eye, sharpen image, crop and rotate. Another benefit of this powerful program is that it allows to easily restore the original colors of an image.

For photographers who like to retouch images on the stage, this software is very handy. The developers made it possible to adjust shadows, midtones, highlights and coloring of captured images. It also comes with tons of picture editing too, which make photographers think twice while choosing between Capture One and Lightroom. . And if users want to refine their photos even more, they can also go for the "edge detection" tool that allows them to align photos automatically according to their angle of view.

What is ON1?

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ON1 has several unique and exciting features that photographers will really appreciate, such as customizable background colors, custom brush shapes, special effects, tons of photo editing tools and effects, built-in importing and exporting capabilities, and undo/redo support. The adjustable backgrounds can be easily changed according to the type of photos you're taking and the custom brush shapes give the photo's unique 3D appearance.

Many photographers love the built-in healing brush feature that allows them to paint over scars and marks. Users who are into the game of fine-tuning their images will appreciate the tools and functions on this versatile software package. As for the price, this photo-editing app is very affordable, and for this you get unlimited continuous updates so that you always get the latest features and upgrades. This is a great argument in favor of the program in Capture One vs ON1 battle.


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Capture One & ON1 Features:

  • Layered system
  • Masking tools
  • Noise reduction
  • Collection of presets
  • Printing options
  • Retouching features
  • Pack of filters
  • Organizing tools
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Multiple formats

Capture One and ON1 Price:

STARTING PRICE $9.99/month $7.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Capture One allows photographer to make quick and easy edits to any image, without needing to be technologically savvy or understand computer software. With ON1 you’ll get all the basic and advanced options for pro-level photo editing and still have them on software’s intuitive interface.