4 Best Guitar Recording Software for PC in 2022

Many musicians are looking for the best guitar recording software for PC to capture accurate guitar tones. By recording your guitar solo, you can entrance listeners with your music, as well as evaluate your skills.

Also known as Digital Audio Workstations, or simply DAWs, these programs offer a great variety of features and music recording options that will help you become a professional musician with minimal effort.

Top 4 Guitar Recording Software for PC

  1. Magix Music Maker - Innovative guitar amplifier
  2. Pro Tools - Premium guitar recording software
  3. Cakewalk By Bandlab - Music production package
  4. Cubase - Robust plug-in bundle

The market offers a great variety of guitar recording programs for PC that are easy-to-use. Developers are constantly improving such software making them suitable for both amateur and professional use.

1. Magix Music Maker - Our Choice

Innovative guitar amplifier
  • Easy to learn and master
  • Free version offers plenty of content
  • Plays virtual instruments via MIDI
  • Only an entry-level DAW

Verdict: For beginners, it may seem hard to believe that Magix Music Maker could be a great guitar and vocal training tool, but the fact of the matter is that this software can be a valuable tool in teaching guitar players how to play and create music. While many guitar instructional products are designed with an outdated approach towards teaching guitar players, this guitar recording software for PC is different.

Although it does utilize the traditional techniques, it also utilizes modern technology to help you learn what you need to know. If you want to play lead or guitar, and you do not have time to spend in a private guitar class, this guitar learning software for PC will give you everything that you need. You can even find lessons that you can watch on your computer, without having to worry about traveling to a school or store.

magix music maker interface

2. Pro Tools

Premium guitar recording software
  • Integration with UAD
  • Multitrack recording and arrangement
  • Transfer between other users
  • Pricey Add-ons

Verdict: If you're looking for a guitar recording software for PC that will allow you to quickly and easily create, manage and record your guitar leads, then Pro Tools is definitely the best tool for you. This popular guitar effects software has all the features you need to create great sounding guitar tracks right on your computer.

There are many different functions in this powerful guitar recording software for PC, but two of the most useful are the virtual rack system and the edit feature. These two features can be very useful when it comes to writing and editing your guitar tracks. One great feature with Pro Tools is that you can quickly find and open up a project that you may be working on, all you have to do is drag and drop the file onto the track open in Pro Tools.

pro tools interface

3. Cakewalk By Bandlab

Music production package
  • Advanced mixing and mastering tools
  • Unlimited audio and MIDI
  • Best plugins
  • Basic set of instruments
  • Windows only

Verdict: Cakewalk By Bandlab open source music software is very popular. This guitar software for PC is a powerful tool that can give you incredible results with the guitar and sound systems you use. It can make amplifiers sound cleaner, provide a warmer sound, and offer a wider range of tones. The way Cakewalk Bypass Transverters handle signal processing means that they have high signal integrity and low distortion.

This guitar recording software for PC is easy to use and it comes with a comprehensive manual. You will also find several examples of demos on the Cakewalk website that you can hear what it can do for your guitar sound system.

cakewalk by bandlab guitar recording software for pc interface

4. Cubase

Robust plug-in bundle
  • Powerful mixer
  • Welcome UI refresh
  • Comprehensive editing
  • Shortcuts aren't easy to learn

Verdict: Cubase is a leading guitar sound editing and recording software that provide numerous features and benefits. Cubase offers an interface with traditional hardware models, as well as an option for going completely hands-free. It includes popular guitar plug-ins and effects, a number of popular virtual instruments, audio editing options, and a vast amount of sound effects and plugins that you can find a good amount of information on the Cubase website at your convenience.

One of the most important features of Cubase is the fact that it allows you to create virtual guitar amps. If you've used a digital audio workstation before like Pro Tools or Cubase 6, then you'll be able to understand what it means to "amp" a guitar.

cubase guitar recording software for pc interface