5 Best Game Boosting Software in 2023

Many proficient gamers are searching for the best game boosting software since it can drastically improve the overall gaming process. Such software will free up memory and close the background apps in order to make the game run faster.

Besides, certain gaming boosters offer even more powerful capabilities, performing overclocking or altering the fan speed along with regular tasks.

Top 5 Game Boosting Software

  1. WTFAst - Offers a GPN
  2. Razer Cortex Boost - Highly convenient and easy to use
  3. GameBoost - Stable gaming experience
  4. Game Fire - Provides a real-time performance
  5. Mz Game Accelerator - Lightweight tool

Among the main benefits of the best game boosting software is that it can free up the already loaded system resources, as well as RAM necessary for running games on PCs. This type of software discontinues background running processes and the applications running of which makes no sense while you are playing.

Moreover, a gaming booster decreases CPU load and contributes to lower latency, or lower ping while you are in the middle of gaming. It speeds up and enhances the gaming process by means of optimizing the PC and boosting FPS automatically.

1. WTFAst - Our Choice

Offers a GPN
  • Simple user interface
  • Supports over 1000 different games
  • Can reduce latency and packet loss
  • Enhance and boost gaming performance
  • None

Verdict: WTFast is a game boosting software with which you can increase the connection speed of your online game. WTFast is a Gaming Private Network (GPN) specially designed for MMO gamers. WTFast GPN guarantees optimal data transfer speed between the computer and the game server.

In addition to the optimal connection in the game, WTFast gives you other advantages such as increased gameplay speed and server responsiveness and reduced risk of disconnection.

wtfast interface

2. Razer Cortex Boost

Highly convenient and easy to use
  • Free to download
  • Machine learning technology
  • Allows expert control for fine-tuning of boost settings
  • Faster game loading
  • No scheduled cleaning option

Verdict: Like most of the other game boosting software reviewed here, the main focus of Razer Cortex Boost is to allow you to fully optimize your gaming experience. This means that your system will load up games faster and smoother, with no harmful errors.

It will also allow you to customize which settings you want to see on screen, so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience. There are a number of customizable options available on this software, including controls for game speed, visual effects, and even the level of detail for objects and characters.

razer cortex boost interface

3. GameBoost

Stable gaming experience
  • CPU prioritization
  • Faster Internet speed
  • No patches to games
  • Faster gaming graphics
  • Interface is poor

Verdict: GameBoost optimizes your system settings so that you can play your favorite games and surf the Internet with maximum performance. GameBoost is based on the GameGain and Throttle utilities. Now you don't need to upgrade your computer.

The program will be able to optimize the settings of your PC, increasing the performance and stability of the system. But remember that in addition to using this software, you should use a gaming laptop to handle the latest games with ease.

gameboost game boosting software interface

4. Game Fire

Provides a real-time performance
  • Intuitive interface and options
  • Live Optimization feature
  • Forever-free version available
  • Possibility to run system diagnostics
  • The interface is a bit outdated

Verdict: Game Fire is a PC optimizer as well as popular game boosting software. The program's activities are primarily aimed at games, in particular, at increasing the FPS value. The latter is realized by optimizing or completing some unnecessary processes, postponing tasks "for later", as well as unloading applications from RAM in order to free it.

game fire game boosting software interface

5. Mz Game Accelerator

Lightweight tool
  • Easy to use
  • No registry access
  • No overclocking
  • Automated game launch recognition
  • May not support newer games

Verdict: The Mz Game Accelerator is a game boosting software that can be used to increase the speed and / or the effectiveness of almost any MZ online game. It is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge from the user.

In addition to its optimization capabilities, Game Accelerator includes a memory and hard drive defragmentation module, a PC health monitoring module, and a DirectX diagnostic module. By the way, you can also use driver update software that is developed to search for drivers’ updates.

mz game accelerator game boosting software interface