6 Best Free MP3 to Text Converters in 2023

Use the best free MP3 to text converter to turn any audio into text! It is a perfect way to transcribe conferences or lectures without a hitch. A program that converts audio to text may be useful for almost any company or institution as well as specialists like healthcare administrators, conference organizers, insurance agents, etc.

Moreover, modern speech converters offer really advanced features and broad capabilities. However, they may cost a lot. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best audio to text converters that are completely free to use.

Top 6 Free MP3 to Text Converters

  1. Watson STT - The best option for business
  2. Sonix - Multi-language support
  3. AmberScript - Rich format support
  4. Happy Scribe - The most stylish interface
  5. Dragon Speech - The most advanced vocabulary
  6. InqScribe - Unicode compliant software

If you are looking for converting audio to text free software, you should consider how good it works and what the quality of converted audio is. In other words, opt for the program that provides accurate and easy-editable transcriptions in a quick way. Many free converters you come across on the net can offer such features but which one should you choose?

1. Watson STT - Our Choice

The best option for business
  • Works with unstructured data
  • Improves user experience
  • Allows uploading a prerecorded audio
  • Flag specific keywords
  • Limited options in a free version

Verdict: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, and Mandarin. If you work with one of these languages, the IBM Watson STT is exactly what you need. It is one of the best audio to text converters available for free.

This transcription software allows turning audio into text in real time or upload prerecorded files. It brags about innovative language models, audio frequency options and transcription output features.

Thanks to such functions as speaker labels, smart formatting, keyword spotting, numeric redaction, word timestamps, confidence and alternatives, you may conveniently organize and format your transcripts.

watson stt interface free mp3 to text converter

2. Sonix

Multi-language support
  • Wide array of online tools
  • SEO-friendly media embeds
  • Fast turnaround
  • Human-based transcription
  • Isn’t optimized for mobile devices

Verdict: The first thing you should know about Sonix MP3 to text converter is that it supports more than 40 languages. The software automatically transcribes and translates MP3 files. Plus, it is a convenient file organization tool. Developers have created a user-friendly my.sonix.ai site. Sonix is a fast converter providing accurate results.

It is a cloud-based converter so you can’t predict how long the processing will take. However, judging from our experience, it is rather quick. It uses the technology from popular players and combines it with its own algorithms and artificial intelligence.

It provides you with an accurate, polished transcript you may export in Microsoft Word, TXT, PDF and other formats.

sonix interface free mp3 to text converter

3. AmberScript

Rich format support
  • Adjustable work structuring
  • Rich audio format support
  • Offers an online editor
  • Various transcription options
  • Technical problems

Verdict: AmberScript MP3 to text converter uses the ASR technology to provide the most accurate transcripts. This web portal easily turns your audio files into text.

The speech recognition engine creates a text from your audio and then you improve it in an online editor. The process is really fast. When the conversion is over, you can export a transcript as a Word or JSON file.

Plus, an audio file is connected to the created text in the online editor. Thus, you can easily correct it or highlight its parts. AmberScript editor offers customizable speaker distinction and adjustable timestamps.

amberscript interface free mp3 to text converter

4. Happy Scribe

The most stylish interface
  • Synchronizes with Google Drive
  • Great UI design
  • Intuitive editor
  • Fast text generation
  • A bit slow sometimes

Verdict: Happy Scribe is a company providing tools for auto transcription and subtitle generation. Its main office is located in Dublin, Ireland. All you have to do is to upload a video or audio file to the software and it will quickly generate the transcription.

This program that converts audio to text has a wide range of helpful features. First, the tool analyzes the material and then converts it to text. You just have to define whether you need a transcript or subtitles. You may upload the file or paste the URL if it is already on a web platform.

Apart from the most popular languages, Happy Scribe supports some rare ones and even dialects. For instance, you have English and its main dialects such as United Kingdom, United States, India, and Ghana. When it comes to French, you can choose France, Canada, or Belgium. Developers guarantee you always get accurate transcriptions.

happy scribe interface free mp3 to text converter

5. Dragon Speech

The most advanced vocabulary
  • Integrates with many apps
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Fast mistake correction
  • Strong range of use cases
  • Dated UI

Verdict: Dragon is super accurate speech-to-text software that allows creating transcripts from the audio in real time as well as uploading pre-recorded files.

Dragon is one of the best audio to text generators to use in live dictation mode. You can create docs and email hands-free; plus, it offers a wide range of navigation, correction, formatting, and punctuation commands.

It is a helpful tool to transcribe prerecorded audio files, like interviews and conferences. This feature will save you a lot of time.

dragon speech interface free mp3 to text converter

6. InqScribe

Unicode compliant software
  • Intuitive UI
  • Subtitling feature
  • Helpful online manual
  • Superfast
  • Without loop functions

Verdict: If you need a program that converts audio to text, InqScribe is a great option for you. Moreover, it processes video files and offers light analysis options. However, if you need complex analysis services, opt for other services (Excel, NVivo, or custom database applications).

Using InqScribe, you can transcribe videos of any length, including full-length movies. But mind that if you work in a free version, you can’t save and download transcripts. You may still copy the text to the clipboard.

InqScribe functions just like all programs on this list. You have to add a multimedia file, choose a language and start conversion. Thanks to embedded timecodes, you may access arbitrary times within the media file.

inqscribe interface free mp3 to text converter