5 Best Free Internet TV Software

5 Best Free Internet TV Software in 2021

If you want to extend the range of free channels you can watch without subscribing to cable or satellite TVs, you surely need to use the best free Internet TV software. The latter grants you access to a multitude of TV channels online right from your PC. You just need to install software without a TV card or any other hardware.

Top 5 Free Internet TV Software

  1. Digeus Online TV Player - Variety of genres available
  2. Free Tube - Family friendly
  3. Hulu TV - Easy to use
  4. JLC Internet TV - The biggest database of existing TV channels
  5. Steel Soft TV - Uses PIP functionality

Such software are very easy to use and offer you a list of working TV channels, as well as intuitive search and filters. But mind that you need to install a media player, e.g. Windows Media Player, to watch your favorite programs and movies.

1. Digeus Online TV Player - Our Choice

Variety of genres available
  • Over 1500 radio stations
  • 850+ television channels
  • No advertisements during channel loading
  • None

Verdict: If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to view free Internet TV software on your PC or laptop, then this one is a solution. It is a Windows based online TV player that allows you to watch hundreds of online TV channels including those from your favorite television networks. It is a simple to use, safe, and reliable player that gives you access to thousands of live online TV channels without having to purchase any extra licenses. Digeus is available at no cost in the Public License Program, so you have nothing to lose by giving this great program a try.

digeus online tv playerfree internet tv software interface

2. Free Tube

Family friendly
  • It removes all kinds of inappropriate content
  • You do not need to subscribe to any software or hardware
  • A lot of genres available
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: With Free Tube, you are able to watch numerous television channels from all over the world, all from the comfort of your home. Free Tube is not an ordinary television entertainment software application. It enables the user to choose from an enormous library of channels, as well as a multitude of programming genres, including comedy, movies, children's programming, reality shows, documentaries, late night, kids' programming, and more. I also recommend you using free DVD players to for viewing video files on your PC.

free tube free internet tv software interface

3. Hulu TV

Easy to use
  • Animated series, documentaries, movies and daily sitcoms
  • Great interface
  • High quality shows
  • Expensive add-ons

Verdict: This free Internet TV software and video streaming service is actually a media delivery network that sends you access to thousands of TV shows, movies and sporting events without any monthly subscription fee. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and you can instantly have access to live TV on your PC. This software works just like a regular VHS recorder, except that instead of recording your favorite television shows and movies, this software allows you to record internet videos at home, as well.

hulu tv free internet tv software interface

4. JLC Internet TV

The biggest database of existing TV channels
  • Easy to access interface
  • Options to choose TV content according to user rating, content, genre and country
  • Ability to create a favorite list of channels
  • Poor video quality

Verdict: For those who are in the know JLC Internet TV is a software program which enables the user to watch TV online for free as well as app to watch live sports free. It allows the user to easily search and watch TV channels from all over the world right from their computer. The reason why it is so popular is because it offers so many channels and programs which the regular cable or satellite services do not offer. You would never see such a large number of channels with any other service, so there is certainly something special about JLC Internet TV.

jlc internet tv free internet tv software interface

5. Steel Soft TV

Uses PIP functionality
  • Records the programs as .WMV files for user preview
  • Runs on a moderate-to-high amount of system resources
  • Great search function
  • Dated interface

Verdict: Steel Soft TV is an application that enables you to watch TV online free of charge. The main feature of the software is its ability to convert most popular video file formats into an even more versatile format, allowing you to watch TV on any Internet enabled computer. It's important to note that Steel Soft TV does not have any connection to or control over any sort of media players. This means that you can freely use the Steel Soft TV to watch TV as much as you want without worrying about whether the picture quality is poor or if it's up to date and compatible with your current system. What's more, Steel Soft TV does not require you to use any sort of download connection.

steel soft tv free internet tv software interface