8 Best Free Envelope Printing Software in 2023

8 Best Free Envelope Printing Software in 2023

With the help of the best free envelope printing software you can print and create exclusive envelopes, develop business card designs by editing or using dozens of ready-made templates. You can also set the necessary configurations for a printer, choose different sizes of envelopes and more.

Top 8 Free Envelope Printing Software

  1. Tweaking Envelope Printer - Prints volumetric envelopes
  2. Dataware Envelope Printer - Prints an envelope in 2 steps
  3. Print Envelopes - Automated printing process
  4. Microsoft Office - Uses online templates
  5. Envelope Printer - Fast envelope printing
  6. Easy Envelopes - Exclusive envelope designs
  7. OpenOffice Writer - Huge collection of templates
  8. goInvelope - Prints envelopes online

The envelope printing software will help you print and create envelopes and business cards that you can then send to friends and relatives, or earn money by fulfilling various orders for clients.

To use such software, you just need to select ready-made templates, enter the necessary information such as an address, initials, recipient address, press the print button and you will get your envelope ready in few minutes.

1. Tweaking Envelope Printer - Our Choice

Prints volumetric envelopes
  • User interface with four sections
  • Bulk printing option
  • You can preview an envelope before printing
  • Allows you to insert images and text
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Verdict: Tweaking Envelope Printer is a multi-functional envelop printing software. With its help, you can not only print but also create envelopes, modify the size and font. The user interface consists of four main sections where you need to fill in such data as return address, delivery address, text (image), and printer settings.

Besides, you can use the bulk printing option, which is very convenient when you need to make a large number of similar envelopes or business cards. Preview the envelope before printing and make some adjustments, if necessary. This envelope printer software also lets you automatically search for an address based on a valid entered US postal code.

tweaking envelope printer software interface

2. Dataware Envelope Printer

Prints an envelope in two steps
  • Contains various images
  • Six types of envelope sizes
  • Large selection of text styles
  • Uses different fonts for both addresses
  • It has only two columns to fill in

Verdict: If you need to print an envelope and configure a printer properly, then Dataware Envelope Printer is the software that you are looking for. By using it, you can create envelopes in two steps by filling in only two columns with the address of a sender and recipient. You can fill them with the text of different sizes and styles.

Besides, you can insert various images from the software’s gallery. Choose the desired size of the envelope you need to print from the six available options, check the settings and requirements before printing. If you are going to use an envelope to send an email, you can attach an animated image to it for fun. All these great features make Dataware Envelope Printer the best free envelope printing software for achieving excellent results fast and easily.

dataware envelope printer software interface

3. Print Envelopes

Automated printing process
  • Can export the address from your PC
  • Many customizable settings
  • You can add different logos
  • It is possible to add images
  • Limited functionality

Verdict: Print Envelopes is a user-friendly free envelope printing software that allows you to make the necessary adjustments and print envelopes easily afterward. With the help of this tool, you can customize not only the size and style of the text, but also choose a color, or add various effects. You can also export addresses from your PC so that you don’t have to enter them every time anew.

Moreover, you can insert various images into your envelopes, but this feature is only available in a paid version. Besides, you can add logos to the envelopes or various business cards, as well as adjust the size of the paper and envelopes before printing. You can set the print options for the envelope by yourself and save these parameters, so that you do not have to fill in this data every time.

print envelopes software interface

4. Microsoft Office

Uses online templates
  • Two methods for printing envelopes
  • You can use online templates
  • Various parameters for envelope printing
  • Can work with various formats
  • Paid features
  • Inconvenient system of subscriptions

Verdict: If you need software that can save envelopes in such popular formats as PDF, DOCX, DOC, XPS, DOCM and print them out, then Microsoft Office is a perfect option. Using monitors for Office work, you can use choose from 2 methods for printing envelopes. If you choose the first method, you need to select a suitable template from the library, or use online templates.

The second method implies that you should configure such settings as the sender and recipient's address, personal data, adding images feature, and more. You can also adjust the font size, style, rotation, envelope size, etc. All these configurable settings make this envelope printer software the best option for professional use. The only drawback is an inconvenient system of subscriptions and an additional set of tools in the package that is not free.

microsoft office envelop printing software interface

5. Envelope Printer

Fast envelope printing
  • You can use multiple address books
  • Can be installed on three computers
  • Automatic address search
  • One-click printing
  • You should pay for additional features
  • Inconvenient system of subscriptions

Verdict: Envelope Printer is free envelope print software that serves for a fast envelop printing on any computer and Сhrome tablet. With the help of this program, you can print an envelope in just one click. Thanks to the bulk printing option, you can get the necessary number of envelopes without any problems.

You can install Envelope Printer on three computers for more convenient printing in an office, for example. Moreover, you can use several address books, and its special automatic search option will find the necessary address by zip code. Unfortunately, a free version of this software doesn’t allow you to configure many settings like font style, adding images feature, and more. All in all, many users consider Envelope Printer as the best free envelope printing software in terms of convenience and easiness of use.

envelope printer software interface

6. Easy Envelopes

Exclusive envelope designs
  • Allows you to use various logos
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has templates for simple mailing
  • Convenient envelope addressing
  • Only several adjustable settings
  • More suitable for non-professional use

Verdict: If you are searching for the best free envelope printing software with convenient addressing features, then Easy Envelopes is a great program to try. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you won’t have to spend much time learning how to work with this software. All the buttons are on the left panel and are easy to use. You can adjust such parameters as font, text style, and a few more.

This envelope printer software has templates for simple mailing. The only thing you should do is to fill in the recipient's address. You can download Easy Envelope from the official website for free, so you don't have to worry about viruses and use antivirus software. Generally, this software is more suitable for non-professional use like printing an envelope as a gift to a friend or loved ones.

easy envelopes printing software interface

7. OpenOffice Writer

Huge collection of templates
  • Has auto-correction feature
  • Great variety of ready-made templates
  • The address lines are filled automatically
  • Supports.docx и .doc formats
  • Large number of unnecessary functions
  • Complicated user interface

Verdict: OpenOffice Writer is powerful free envelope print software that has a large library of ready-made templates. With the help of this program, you can also create your own templates, and save them for future use. While filling in the fields with the address and personal data, you can enable autofill function and the software will fill in information based on previously entered data.

You can also use the auto-correction feature that will detect words with errors and replace them with the right ones. This helpful function also provides the list of synonyms, allowing you to avoid repetitions. The rich functionality that lets you perform various actions with text or even create books may be considered as the disadvantage of this software, as such a great number of features makes OpenOffice Writer very complicated for mastering.

openoffice writer envelope printing software interface

8. goInvelope

Prints envelopes online
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Creates envelopes in PFD format
  • Works on any device
  • No printer configuration required
  • Only two columns to fill in
  • You can't use third-party templates

Verdict: If you need the software that can print envelopes without being installed on your computer, then goEnvelope is a perfect variant. With the help of this program, you can quickly fill in the requested fields: sender and recipient's address. Then save your finished envelope as a PDF file or print it immediately.

You don't need to master a UI or make different adjustments. You can create an envelope in two clicks: fill in the lines and press the print button. In addition, you do not have to configure your photo printer for photographers, as everything will be done automatically. Such easiness of usage proves the status of goInvelope as the best free envelope printing software for beginner designers and average users. However, it has some drawbacks. For example, you cannot use third-party templates and modify the available ones. All work is done using a single template and always with two columns for the text.

goenvelope printing software interface