9 Best Disk Cloning Software in 2023

9 Best Disk Cloning Software in 2023

With disk cloning software you will be able to move an operating system, software and other files from one hard drive to another by sectors.

As opposed to back-up or creating an image of the drive, with the help of cloning it is possible to reach 100% copy of the source hard drive, with all the main directories, structure, and software.

Top 9 Best Disk Cloning Software

  1. Acronis True Image - Advanced data security features
  2. EaseUS Disk Copy – Cloning disc with 100% accuracy
  3. Clonezilla - Very fast cloning speeds
  4. MiniTool Partition Wizard - Built-in space analyzer
  5. Paragon Drive Copy - Cloning software with advanced features
  6. Macrium Reflect – In-built back-up planner
  7. Handy Backup – Automatically data saving
  8. HDClone – Hard drive up to 2TB support
  9. FarStone DriveClone – Cloning big-sized hard drives

In this list you are going to find software with cloud storage, cloning disc with 100% accuracy, very high cloning speeds, built-in space analyzer, built-in back-up planner and automatically data saving.

1. Acronis True Image – Our Choice

Advanced data security features
  • Many options
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Choosing the work mode
  • Cloud storage
  • For Windows only

Verdict: Acronis True Image is a hard drive cloning software which gives PC users an opportunity to take advantage of advanced data security features, to ensure the protection of important information from natural disasters, theft, or computer damage, keeping the full image of the system in protected remote storage.

The software makes a copy of all the programs, files, settings, and even bookmarks. You may also format your disc into virtually any format, including FAT16, FAT32, Exts, Ext3, NTFS, Reiser3, SWAP, and Linux. The Acronis True Image is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, from Windows XP to Windows 10. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Linux OS, or Mac OS.

  • acronis true image disk cloning software interface

    2. EaseUS Disk Copy

    Cloning disc with 100% accuracy
    • Deleted data cloning issues
    • Cloning disc with high accuracy
    • Dynamic discs and USB support
    • Free trial periods for prepaid plans
    • Requires prepaid plan

    Verdict: EaseUS Disk Copy is disk cloning software created to clone HDD and SSD without any data loss. The program guarantees a 100% identity between the source-drive and a clone-disc. You can clone either a whole hard drive for photographers or separate partitions or even files, including the files that were deleted, hidden, or protected from copying.

    The trial version is available for free, and its functions are enough to complete the process of moving files from one hard drive to another.

    • easeus disk copy disk cloning software interface

      3. Clonezilla

      Very high cloning speeds
      • Runs from DVD or USB drive
      • Totally free
      • Very high cloning speeds
      • Windows and Linux OS compatible
      • Clumsy interface

      Verdict: Clonezilla is a free disk cloning software, which is developed to copy the content of storage devices or their partitions. The software is spread with an open-source code, and apart from Live CD, offers its server version to users.

      This software also offers you an opportunity to create a disc image and is extremely resource-tolerant. Besides, the program supports saving the data on servers or remote storage. Concerning sheer speed, it will impress you with the speed rates up to 8 GB/min.

      • clonezilla disk cloning software interface

        4. MiniTool Partition Wizard

        Built-in space analyzer
        • Simple installation
        • Great variety of data recovery features
        • Restores lost partitions
        • Integrated space analyzer
        • Managing dynamic disks is not possible in free version
        • Only compatible with Windows

        Verdict: MiniTool Partition Wizard is SSD cloning software, which is powerful enough to work with hard drive partitions. With the help of this software, you can change the size of the partition, create new partitions on the SSD, clone, delete or format the partitions that already exist. The Partition wizard has a user-friendly interface, which is understandable to the majority of more-or-less experienced users.

        The MiniTool Partition Wizard Free supports a range of file systems: FAT, NTFS, EXT, and Linux Swap, and all types of hard drives, recognized by Windows, including RAID massifs. In addition, this cloning software may be used as a photo recovery software.

        • minitool partition wizard disk cloning software interface

          5. Paragon Drive Copy

          Cloning software with advanced features
          • Great cloning master
          • Virtual clone to a USB drive
          • Cloning the entire hard drive or its partitions
          • Possibility to stop copying without data loss
          • No trial version

          Verdict: Paragon Drive Copy Professional is hard drive clone software, designed to clone hard drives or their partitions. The software has a very convenient Master of cloning, which makes the process of moving the data easier.

          The Paragon Drive Copy Professional may be considered a good example of the best disc cloning software. It offers two main groups of tools. The first group is in the “Partitioning” section. Using the tools of this group, you may create, format, hide, delete, or restore the partitions, make them active or inactivate, etc. That is the reason, why the program is included in the list of the best data recovery software.

          • paragon drive copy disk cloning software interface

            6. Macrium Reflect

            Built-in back-up planner
            • High operational speed
            • You may choose where to store the image
            • Data recording on optical drives
            • Built-in back-up planner
            • High price of the paid product

            Verdict: Macrium Reflect is free hard drive cloning software, which is developed to back-up the data, and to create hard drive images. The main difference of this program from its competitors is the possibility to create an image while working with the operating system. So, to finish the work of the program, you don’t need to reboot Windows. The utility also has a built-in back-up planner, which initiates the data back-up according to the set schedule.

            Besides, the Macrium Reflect has very high productivity. It needs only a few minutes to create an image. A user-friendly interface makes the program easy to work with even for a complete beginner. The utility is provided in several editions, which differ in functions available and the price.

            • macrium reflect disk cloning software interface

              7. Handy Backup

              Automatically data saving
              • Automatically data saving
              • Data back-up on CD, DVD, and FTP-servers
              • Synchronizing folders and files
              • Storage on the Handy Backup Online server
              • High price

              Verdict: Handy Backup is a hard drive cloning software, which is designed to back-up, restore, and synchronize the data. It can create back-ups of files, folders, databases, or the whole discs and their partitions both manually, controlled by a user, or automatically, following the set schedule. Don’t hesitate to use this software to optimize storage on Mac.

              The Handy Backup will save the back-ups on HDD, USB, DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, LAN, or on FTP/SFTP server. Also, it is possible to encrypt and compress the data to create ZIP. Besides, the software can make a full, incremental, or differential back-up copy, synchronize folders on a PC, as well as through a local network or FTP.

              • handy backup disk cloning software interface

                8. HDClone

                Supports hard drives up to 2TB
                • Cloning with high accuracy
                • Support hard drives up to 2TB
                • Possibility to create a virtual image of a hard drive
                • Allows viewing partitions
                • Limited functionality in a free version
                • Demanding to a hard drive

                Verdict: HDClone is disc cloning software, which will make a fast and high-quality copy of all your data, documents, and files. Back-up copies will be created in a few minutes. The speed of copying will surprise you a lot, as it is up to 300 MB/min.

                This cloning software has five options: Free, Basic, Standard, Professional и Enterprise. This means that if you download a free version, you will be able to use the program for free to copy the necessary parts of your hard drive. The only disadvantage is that the hard drive size you are going to use has to be more than 137GB.

                • hdclone disk cloning software interface

                  9. FarStone DriveClone

                  Cloning big-sized hard drives
                  • Creating a back-up of all the data
                  • Move the data to any drive
                  • Cloning big-sized hard drives
                  • Real-time work
                  • Not multifunctional
                  • No support for Windows older than 8.1

                  Verdict: FarStone DriveClone is hard drive clone software, which will make a full back-up of the data from your hard drive, including the system settings and the information about logical partitions, with their further saving. The saved image may be used to move or quickly restore the data, and during the hard drive update.

                  The DriveClone will copy the hard drive fully or its partitions, moving the copy from the source disc to the receiving device. If you need to clone a big-sized drive, the DriveClone allows you to measure logical partitions of the receiving device.

                  • farstone driveclone disk cloning software interface
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