12 Best Camera Stores in 2022

best camera store

best camera store

Looking for the best camera store to buy photo gear at affordable price? The number of camera stores online can easily make anyone feel overwhelmed. I put together a list of the most reliable camera shops with a detailed description of their characteristics and pricing policy.

12 Best Places to Buy a Camera

Nowadays, everyone can buy a camera in online stores. However, not all of them can boast of high-quality products and professional customer services. Check out these 12 best camera stores and select the most reliable one for you.

1. B&H

B&H camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Good prices
  • A lot of products
  • Delivery to any country
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Haven’t been found

B&H is one of the best camera websites in North America. This online store has a huge selection of photo and video equipment. You can buy both new and used cameras and accessories here and get a 90-day warranty.

All products are checked by the site staff very attentively. The prices are very pleasant, especially considering the fact that they sell only original products. B&H online store delivers goods to all countries of the world.

Residents of the United States can take advantage of free shipping and receive their goods in 7-10 days after placing the order. If you buy products that cost more than $49, you can use the exclusive expedited delivery (3-7 days).

Remember, you can always return the goods within 30 days. However, do not forget that cameras and accessories should be in a perfect state. Original packaging must also be present.

In addition to fast and free delivery, regular users may participate in the loyalty program, which allows them to receive points for purchases and exchange them for discounts.

2. Amazon Camera Store

Amazon camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Possibility to return the equipment within 30 days
  • Generous bonuses
  • Large selection of photo and video equipment
  • Too many options and it can be difficult to choose

According to many users, Amazon is the best place to buy DSLR. The site has a huge experience and is the largest retailer in the world currently. Prices for photo and video equipment are very diverse and dependent on the manufacturer’s policy.

You can return your product back within 30 days, but only if it is in a perfect condition and in the original packaging. Amazon Prime account owners and those who buy equipment for more than $49 can take advantage of fast, free shipping.

It is worth noting that sometimes, buyers receive fakes, instead of the original cameras. So, you always need to check out the technical characteristics of the product and read other buyers’ comments.

3. Samy’s

Samy’s camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • A big number of offline stores
  • Free shipping if you buy for more than $49
  • Old equipment exchange program
  • Only for US residents

Samy's is not just the best place to buy a camera online, but it also has six physical stores that are located on the west coast (from San Francisco to Orange County). The company offers a large selection of photo and video cameras, as well as various accessories for working in the studio and outdoors.

Like the two previous options, this store provides free shipping for all customers who have placed an order for $49+. You can buy not only new but also used equipment in this camera store.

In addition, they offer a special exchange program. You can exchange your old camera for a discount that can be spent buying any product on the site. All customers can return the products back within 30 days.

4. Adorama

Adorama camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Special offers for VIP clients
  • 30-day return
  • The company is located in New York
  • Learning center
  • Some trades issues

Adorama is called the best camera store located in New York, but users from all over the world can buy the necessary photo and video equipment online. The site has a large selection of photo and video cameras, as well as professional accessories.

VIP account holders can take advantage of the incredibly fast 2-day delivery and increased return period (up to 60 days). Adorama delivers its products to many countries around the world. Besides, the store shares interesting learning materials and other useful content on the Adorama TV channel.

5. Ritz Camera Store

Ritz camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Many discounts
  • 30-day return period
  • Highly professional customer support team
  • 10% storage fee in the case of refund

Ritz Camera store is a great option for beginners and amateurs. The site specializes in selling nice photo and video equipment for photographers of this level. The company offers a large selection of high-quality products at affordable prices.

There are also constant discounts for loyal customers. Each buyer can return the product without problems. Please note that in this case you will have to pay 10% of the cost.

Fast delivery and excellent customer support make Ritz one of the best camera websites.

6. Keh Camera Shop

Keh camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Perfect rating system
  • 180-day product warranty
  • Affordable prices
  • Only used products

Keh is the best camera shop selling used equipment. This is a great option for amateurs and beginners, as well as for professional photographers, who are not willing to pay much money for cameras and accessories.

The site rates products on a 10-point scale. In addition, the company compares the prices of goods with other places to buy cameras, for example, B&H, Adorama, and Amazon. Keh guarantees that they sell equipment at the lowest prices.

Purchasing a camera or accessories here, you will receive a 180-day warranty, as well as the opportunity to return the goods within 14 days after purchase.

You can pay for your order in several ways, including PayPal. Keh is not only the best place to buy DSLR cameras but also a good platform for selling your old equipment.

7. Roberts Camera Store

Roberts camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Equipment rent
  • Learning programs
  • A lot of cameras and accessories
  • Some issues with the photo equipment rental may occur

If you live in Indiana and are wondering "where is the best camera store near me,” pay your attention to Roberts Camera. This is a really great store.

If you live in another state or even in another country, you can use the official site of the company and find the necessary photo and video equipment there. Moreover, you can rent a camera or other electronics.

The Roberts Camera website also provides interesting free learning materials, so anyone interested in boosting his/her skills can use them.

8. MPB

MPB camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Huge selection of cameras
  • 6-month warranty
  • Perfect rating system for all gear
  • Only used cameras and accessories

MPB experts sell used cameras at an affordable cost. The site features a wide selection of shooting equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and other accessories. The company’s employees check the quality of their goods very responsibly. Each product has a rating according to a 10-point scale.

Besides, MPB specialists are exploring the prices of other online camera stores and the level of consumer interest in getting a particular product at that moment. This data allows them to set the most optimal prices for cameras and other equipment.

You can be sure that here you can buy high-quality devices at a reasonable price. Also, you can return your products within 1 week.

9. Abe’s of Maine

Abe’s of Maine camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • A lot of promotions
  • Discount promo codes
  • A wide selection of equipment
  • 2-week payback period

Although Abe’s of Maine is not as big as a B&H camera store. It offers moderate prices and a large assortment of photo and video equipment. These features made it one of the most popular online stores among photographers in the USA.

One of the advantages of this shop is a large number of discount offers and promotions that can help you save some money. Buyers may return their purchases within 2 weeks. Of course, such a short return period is the main weak point of this platform.

10. Precision Camera & Video Store

Precision Camera & Video store VISIT WEBSITE
  • User-friendly website
  • Professional customer support
  • Free delivery from 200$
  • Discounts
  • 14-day return period

Precision Camera & Video is not only an online store but also a physical shop located in Texas. Both the site and the real store are known for excellent work.

The online store has a user-friendly, laconic interface. The company provides a wide selection of various photo and video equipment for both beginners and professionals.

Having ordered goods for $200, you will receive free ground delivery. The return period is 2 weeks.

It should be noted that Precision Camera & Video is engaged not only in selling photo and video equipment but in repairing and renting devices, as well as creating educational materials too. Very often, users can find discount coupons on the site.

11. Vistek

Vistek camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • Free shipping up to ten pounds
  • Special discounts for students
  • Informative YouTube channel
  • Workshops
  • Poor customer service quality
  • Some problems related to free shipping

Vistek is the best camera store based in Canada. In addition to the site, it has several physical shops located in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Edmonton. Besides selling, the company provides photo lab services. Moreover, Vistek has a YouTube channel with interesting and informative videos.

The company delivers goods not only across Canada but also in the United States. If your order weighs up to 10 pounds, you will get free shipping. It is worth noting that this store offers good discounts to students.

12. Best Buy

Best Buy camera store VISIT WEBSITE
  • A big network of stores in the US
  • Frequent discounts and sales
  • Large selection of photo equipment for amateurs
  • Employees know little about photography
  • A small selection of professional photo equipment

If you are a beginning photographer and think about "where can I buy a camera," pay attention to Best Buy. This is a great variant for amateurs.

There are many products for novices. The company provides free shipping. The return period is 15 days.

All year round, various discounts and promotions are distributed on the site. In addition to the online store, Best Buy has a big network of physical shops scattered across the country.

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