5 Best Auto Body Estimator Software in 2022

The best auto body estimator software is developed to help auto mechanics and managers in workshops estimate the repair work required after a car crash. The software is used to draw up a detailed and precise estimate professionally in the shortest time.

Such programs are needed to avoid expensive mistakes by tracking parts, printing out images, and itemizing sums.

Top 5 Auto Body Estimator Software

  1. Web-Est Collision Estimating Software - With pre-set profiles
  2. Scott Systems MaxxTraxx - Complete management tool
  3. Mitchell Cloud Estimating - Ordering parts directly
  4. ССС One Repair Management - Available across all devices
  5. Auto Repair Invoice - Great for mobile

Automotive workshops need such software to manage their workflow. These programs offer a range of digital tools and features, e.g. maintenance management, inventory control, invoicing and billing, reporting, etc.

To select the best auto body estimator software, check if a program has pre-fixed profiles for all situations, how often updates are released, and how simple it is to choose the details for reparation work. Moreover, auto body estimating software is a great instrument to predict Labor Rates, as well as individual hours worked by employees, to control cost and workload.

1. Web-Est Collision Estimating Software - Our Choice

With pre-set profiles
  • Includes most vendor’s parts information
  • Unlimited photos
  • Easy selection of parts for repair
  • None

Verdict: Web-Est Collision Estimating Software can quickly and accurately provide vehicle cost estimates for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, and vans. The program not only provides estimates for new or used cars, but it is ideal for estimating used cars and used trucks. It is based on multiple data sets and formulas and can be adjusted to meet almost any insurance company's unique needs.

It's simple to use, and it is designed with sensitivity to your unique insurance needs. This cutting-edge collision estimating tool will be a great addition to automotive dealer software. For auto body specialists who are always seeking cost estimates for new and used vehicles, this software can make buying or selling a policy that much easier.

web-est collision estimating software interface

2. Scott Systems MaxxTraxx

Complete management tool
  • With inventory and invoice tracking tools
  • Integrates with AllData app
  • Simple data moving
  • Lack of advanced features

Verdict: Scott Systems MaxxTraxx is designed to help truck and car dealerships know exactly how much they should be charging for their trade-ins. It estimates the value of your trade-in based on several different factors. These factors include the age of your vehicle, the value of its tires, the year, make, model, and style of your vehicle, your driver history, and many other factors. MaxxTraxx also includes invoice tracking tools similar to features in the invoicing software for small business.

This software gives you an itemized list of all the repairs that will need to be done before you can sell your vehicle. It will also give you an itemized list of all the expenses that you will incur to sell your vehicle.

scott systems maxxtraxx interface

3. Mitchell Cloud Estimating

Ordering parts directly
  • Templates for estimators
  • VIN scanning feature
  • Access to electrical diagrams
  • Hard to find parts location

Verdict: Mitchell Cloud Estimating Software allows anyone to input the estimated value of their car and within a few minutes to receive a number of different quotes from several reputable dealerships or car sellers. There are also tools that allow you to enter the estimated price of your car in different regions around the world.

If you have any doubts about the accuracy of your car estimating quote, you can test the results provided by Mitchell Cloud Estimator software by taking it to an open road test. Mitchell Cloud Estimator software is also compatible with several other car estimating programs, allowing you to choose which estimators and models you would like to use for all your estimating needs.

mitchell cloud estimating auto body estimator software interface

4. ССС One Repair Management

Available across all devices
  • With touch technology
  • Cloud-based
  • Real-time updates
  • Not available RPS option

Verdict: ССС One Repair Management predicts the repair costs of any vehicle based on the number of critical problems, the age of the vehicle, the repairs it has had done and many other parameters. Since it estimates the repair cost for an entire vehicle, it also gives a clear picture of the total budget required to be spent for the repairs. This will not only help the customer to make his budget's more accurate, but also saves them money, as this estimate can be compared with the market rates and can easily be negotiated by the customer.

In this auto body repair management software, vehicle repairs are estimated by considering all the parameters like the repairs, the engine conditions, the transmission and many other parameters. It also provides estimates made on the basis of the service history of the vehicle, the types of repairs performed and the number of times the vehicle has been repaired in the past.

ссс one repair management auto body estimator software interface

5. Auto Repair Invoice

Great for mobile
  • Great set of reporting options
  • With invoicing tools
  • Automatic reminders
  • Confusing reporting function

Verdict: Auto Repair Invoice is a must for the auto body shops and the mechanics today, as it is very helpful in estimating the total repair cost of any vehicle that needs repairs. This program helps in the estimation of the repair work.

It is also a tool for any kind of repairs that need to be done on your vehicle. With the help of Auto Repair Invoice, it is easy to make an estimate as per your requirement and also to prepare invoices as your managers do in the invoice software for Mac.

auto repair invoice auto body estimator software interface