6 Best AI Nude Generators with Hyper-Realistic Results

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Software Reviews

Please note! Using AI nude generators involves responsibility, ethics, and awareness of potential consequences and challenges.

AI nude generators are able to produce realistic fake nude images without involving a human model.

This sophisticated technology is innovative, and convenient and provides artists with many opportunities to unleash their creativity.

However, this cutting-edge tool also causes many disputes concerning the ethical and legal side of NSFW content.


Warning: The abbreviation NSFW is deciphered as "Not Safe for Work." This acronym is widely used to mark explicit text, images, videos, links, or other content. Such graphics or adult material is not designed for viewing in a professional or public setting like the workplace. The term is designed to stop individuals from opening or viewing content that could somehow offend them, seem too explicit, or unsuitable for being publicly revealed.

Top 6 Nude AI Generators to Create Images in Seconds

  1. Soulgen - ($9.99/mo) – Allows uploading a picture prompt
  2. Nudify Online - (Free) - Deep learning technology
  3. Promptchan AI - ($5.99/mo) – An array of options to create
  4. Unstable Diffusion - (Free) – Totally free
  5. Deep Nude AI - ($5.99/mo) – Generates images in a flash
  6. Candy AI - ($8.99/mo) – Multiple customization options

Each AI nude generator listed here is free to use, but if you require more features, you should be ready to pay for them.

You should also consider the fact these tools can produce uncensored AI images that could be offensive to someone.

1. Soulgen

soulgen ai nude generator interface
  • Straightforward UI
  • Speedy image generation
  • Offers a 70% discount for first-time buyers
  • Allows editing an image after generation
  • Need a subscription to remove blur
  • Images can be offensive to some people

Soulgen is an AI image generator designed for creating pics of real/anime girls based on prompts.

Besides, you won’t face any restrictions, when producing NSFW images in this tool.

The resulting nude photography is always fantastic due to deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms used by Soulgen.

This tool appeals to artists because it generates nude pictures of amazing quality and with a high level of detail.

Not only that, Soulgen also creates fantasy pics, anime art, portraits, and more.

The AI generates nude images based on the detailed comments provided by users. They need to upload a sample pic and provide a comprehensive description of what they want to get in the result.

Besides, the generator also enables users to refine images after the generation process is over.

2. Nudify Online

nudify online ai nude generator interface
  • A bunch of resolution options
  • Deep learning technology
  • Processes images in a flash
  • Does not deteriorate the original quality
  • Non-consensual use is often illegal
  • Images can be inaccurate at times

Nudify Online is a straightforward AI nude generator that enables users to remove clothes from pics without paying much effort.

Besides, you can import the images to this user-friendly platform to create their nudified version with ease.

Nudify Online leverages deep learning technology to turn pics into artworks featuring the beauty of the human body.

One of the best things about this tool is that it allows selecting the desired image resolution including Standard, High quality, and Ultra High quality.

Like Midjourney, Nudify Online boasts a high speed of image processing, so you can refine and tweak pics in a jiffy.

3. Promptchan AI

promptchan ai nude generator interface
  • Absolutely free
  • Produces pics in seconds
  • Makes incredibly realistic images
  • Intuitive registration
  • Not suitable for all users
  • Sometimes is inconsistent

Promptchan AI is an extremely popular text-to-image AI generator.

Nude pics produced by this tool are not limited by censorship and you can exhibit them anywhere you want.

To generate NSFW images, you need to create prompts or a short description to let the system know what result is required.

There are 2 million pics in the community. Such sample images are extremely helpful as they let users know how to write the prompt, Style, Size, Pose, and more. This is a simple way for users to replicate their creations.

In addition, Promptchan AI not only allows generating amazing pics but also lets tweak and refine AI generated nude photos to achieve the desired outcome.

4. Unstable Diffusion

unstable diffusion ai nude generator interface
  • Straightforward design
  • Creates images in a flash
  • Designs pics based on text prompts
  • Lifelike images
  • Occasional plagiarism and data theft
  • Content may not be appropriate for all audiences

Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion developed by Unstable Diffusion is an open-source AI profile picture generator that takes advantage of the latent diffusion to produce amazing images based on text prompts.

The unique diffusion technique allows users to generate amazing digital, photos, anime, and other eye-grabbing content at absolutely no cost.

Conveniently, this tool can generate both SFW and NSFW pics.

Besides, users get overall control over the finished composition, as the generator allows them to choose colors and tones according to their artistic taste.

5. Deep Nude AI

deep nude ai nude generator interface
  • Leverages AI algorithms
  • An array of options for generating nude fake pics
  • Straightforward
  • Produces high-quality natural-looking images
  • Deep Nude Homepage is NSFW
  • Subscription-based
  • The original image defines the quality of AI nude pic

Deep Nude AI is a powerful tool fueled with AI technology that offers a low learning curve, making it a perfect solution for beginners.

It can bring your NSFW content creation experience to a new level.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the platform is a highly functional solution for generating, editing, and customizing nude pics with different boudoir poses accurately and easily.

Whether you want to virtually undress a character or create your dream girl using AI, DeepNude.AI is the best fit.

This nude AI generator uses innovative technologies to change the approach to adult content creation.

Moreover, you do not have to register to enjoy a trouble-free process of recreation nudity from the desired pics digitally employing advanced deep-learning methodologies.

6. Candy AI

candy ai nude generator interface
  • Quick result
  • Intuitive UI
  • For personalizing stories
  • Text and voice chat support
  • No real-time conversation
  • Limited user interface customization

Candy AI is a platform for creating nude photos, which supports the chat function for communicating with AI-generated companions.

Besides, a user is free to choose the personality, appearance, and voice of the virtual companion and generate a dialogue built according to their wishes and interests.

There are different scenarios and themes you can imitate with your companion like romance, friendship, fantasy, or adventure.

Immersive and personalized experiences become possible thanks to Candy AI, which allows you to feel a strong connection and delighted.

Like many other apps to turn pictures into anime, this option is only available for subscribers of a premium plan.

clothes removing service fixthephoto clothes removing service fixthephoto company

Want to Denude a Subject of a Pic?

This app allows deleting some clothes or denuding a person completely. It is compatible with Android and iOS, enabling users to perform any edits in virtually no time.

Ethical and Safe Use of AI Nude Generators

When working with AI nude generators, it is important to make sure that you do it in an ethical and safe manner, otherwise, you can be accused of privacy violations and you’ll have to deal with legal issues. To use such services safely, pay attention to the recommendations below.

Learn about legal implications. Study all laws and regulations regarding explicit images, privacy, and consent in your jurisdiction. Make sure that you do not violate any of them.

Get the consent. Before unveiling images with a person, it is crucial to get explicit consent from this individual.

This rule is also applicable to AI-generated content that is not explicit. Respecting the privacy and rights of people is of paramount importance.

Do not misuse. The generation of fake celebrity nudes with AI tools is unacceptable. Do not even think of engaging in harassment or using such explicit images for malicious purposes.

Remember, that respecting the rights and freedoms of others should be your priority.

Do not reveal identities. If your generated fine art nude photography features real people, be sure to protect their identities. Sharing images that can identify a person can lead to many problems.

Promote inclusivity. Another aspect you should pay attention to when publishing AI-generated content is that it should not perpetuate biases stereotypes be discriminatory. Inclusivity and diversity are crucial.


  • • What is an AI nude generator?

This is a computer program or application that leverages AI smart algorithms to produce fake nude images. These tools can help you protect privacy or let you express multiple facets of your artistic talent.

  • • How do generators function?

Using AI technology, a generator analyzes and produces pic according to the text prompts or other existing data. The best thing about these tools is that they create pics that resemble the human form protecting the privacy of a person.

  • • Can content produced by AI nude generators raise ethical dilemmas?

Yes, the generation of explicit content is tightly connected with ethical concerns related to consent, privacy, and potential misuse. Even if the images do not feature real people, some ethical dilemmas can appear.

  • • What should I do to use AI nude generators responsibly?

Most importantly, before generating and unveiling explicit images, make sure to get approval first. Be sure to respect the privacy of an individual and avoid using such programs for malicious purposes.

Besides, it would be reasonable to check all the laws and regulations regarding such type of images in your jurisdiction.

  • • Do these programs deliver accurate results?

The accuracy of AI art generators varies from tool to tool. Some of them amaze with lifelike images, whereas others may deliver not-so-accurate output. Users should be cautious and make sure that the content is authentic.


Soulgen ★★★★★ (5/5)
soulgen interface

Slougen is probably the best AI nude generator for creating amazing anime and realistic images of girls. It uses text prompts to produce highly accurate output.

You can select from multiple tags to refine a model’s body, clothes, hair, etc. and make sure that your creation looks perfect. Besides, generating a character that looks like someone is as easy as to about a sample photo.