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Aviary Mobile 2023
Platforms: Android
Price: Free or $1.99 per month
Aviary 2023: Online

VERDICT:Aviary application has a simple interface (that hasn’t been updated for quite a long) with basic tools. Here you will find several customizable filters and effects, stickers and semi-automatic tools.

Speaking of features, this program can become a replacement for Instagram rather than for a full-fledged photo editing software such as Lightroom, VSCO, or Photoshop Express. The operation speed is low, and you can only work with JPEG files.

  • No advertisement
  • Free access to all tools
  • Plain and intuitive interface
  • Semi-automatic tools
  • Not all settings are customizable
  • Premium membership in a mobile app
  • aviary mobile interface
  • aviary mobile interface

    The program provides the opportunity to upgrade the functionality for $1.99 per month, at the same time, they add the same tools which are available in the free software. We’ll get the best free photo editor to make basic photo changes fast and without special skills. I did not get the idea and this variant is a bit weird. The last but not the least is the image saving.

    You can save the retouched image on your mobile device only. Apparently, the developers know nothing about social media.

    The online Aviary version hasn’t been released since 2018. The reason is the outdated and almost useless functionality, as well as the small demand for the program.

    Adobe developers instead of updating the Aviary photo editor, released several new Adobe Photoshop Express online versions, giving it advanced functionality and up-to-date features.

    Due to lack of support since 2018, I cannot refer the Aviary Editor to list best free online photo editor or best free photo editor.

    Aviary Review: Mobile Review

    Download Aviary Mobile

    Does this best mobile photo editor have enough functionality for basic photo correction? It is free, though, as I mentioned before, there is the opportunity to extend its functionality, having got a monthly subscription, which provides a few additional filters, effects, stickers and allows you to save images in a high quality.

    The upgrade does not influence basic photo retouching tools. This is the first advantage of Aviary photo editor if we compare it to the other mobile photo editors.

    Integration with Creative Cloud

    aviary interface

    Having opened this image editor, I was offered to upload the image from the photo gallery with Creative Cloud or via the browser. So you can create a general library, upload and exchange the images between these programs.

    Outdated Interface

    aviary interface

    Having uploaded the image from the Creative Cloud, the photo editor offered plain, but, at the same time, helpful interface with such tools as Enhance, Effects, Frames, Adjust, Overlays, Stickers, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Sharpness, Focus, Vignette, Blemish, Whiten, Red Eye, Draw, Splash, Text, and Meme.

    Enhance tool offers five modes in which the photo editor applies changes to your photo automatically. The results differ drastically. I have tested a portrait mode, using the same image, and got different results: the mobile app made the image brighter and contrasted, comparing with Aviary photo editor for PC. I can’t understand why. Talking about the mobile app, I like the details more.

    Few Simple Effects

    aviary interface effects

    The “Effects” tool offers one tab with fifteen filters. Only one slider is available for each filter, which allows you to reduce or increase the effect.

    It is possible to broaden the collection of filters getting the subscription. It is a bit strange, because after updating the program, you will get the “original” filters list, that were available in the online free version.

    In general, the list of filters isn’t impressive, and even the Instagram free editor offers a larger selection.

    Basic Cropping

    You can crop a photo using a corresponding tool, or convert a picture into the necessary format. However, the range of supported format for automatic cropping is very small; the program doesn’t work with 16:9 and bigger formats. In addition, cropping is done with micro-delay, which was very annoying when I cropped an entire album of photos.

    Too Sharp Color Correction

    aviary interface color correction

    The Adjust tab enables you to adjust the following tools: brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, warmth, tint, and fade. One slider for each tool to adjust the power of the effect.

    But that’s not all. The software offers 8 virtually non-customizable color correction tools. What for? The functionality isn’t changed even in the premium version, and I don’t understand why. I came across such a set on Facebook when posting photos, and it is no good enough.

    Too Simple Text Settings

    aviary interface settings

    The Text tool is developed not good. Instead a hundred fonts, there are six here. There is no color palette and you get only 24 colors to edit the text. You cannot do anything else with the text only adjust the tone or saturation.

    Frankly speaking, this isn’t the level I expect from mobile editors. Photoshop is far ahead of Aviary and offers a bunch of settings, such as transparency, tilt; you can add a shadow and even make each letter a different color. Moreover, it has hundreds of already built-in, unique fonts.

    Quick Focus Fixing and Auto Eye Correction

    aviary photo editor

    The Focus tool works well. There are two variants – radial and linear. Although, there is no slider to adjust the opacity. Next, I decided to try the Red Eye tool. I was disappointed again. It lags a lot and affects the image improperly. Despite the fact that it works a bit better, I received the same result. An eye gets less bright and expressive, at the same time the red shade is left.

    Aviary Review: Online Version

    aviary online logo

    Aviary photo editor is a completely free program without ads developed by Adobe. The application is namely a simple and intuitive interface with a basic set of tools for color correction, defects fixing, adding various effects and filters.

    Why Adobe Stopped Producing Aviary Online Version?

    As Adobe continues to focus on developing innovative applications with unrivaled technology, the company decided to abandon the outdated product on December 10, 2018.

    Instead, developers suggest trying several other leading applications, such as Adobe Spark Post and Photoshop Express.

    Despite the fact that the photo editor isn’t available in a new edition, I suggest you check its latest version and features.

    Inconvenient Interface without Full-Screen Mode

    aviary interface

    The photo editor has a plain and user-friendly interface. However, I did not like one thing: you cannot turn the photo editor in full screen. Moreover, 50% of the interface is empty, a bit strange developers’ decision. If they placed tools upright, we would have more working space to edit the image.

    Aviary Photo Editor’s tools are Enhance, Effects, Frames, Adjust, Overlays, Stickers, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Sharpness, Focus, Vignette, Blemish, Whiten, Red Wye, Draw, Splash, Text, and Meme.

    Interestingly, all the tools are placed separately: they are not in the tabs. This is the first benefit, which I mentioned before. Let’s have a closer look at each one, what they capable of and if they have enough functionality for the basic photo retouching.

    AutoFix for Different Kinds of Photos

    aviary interface autofix

    The Enhance tool works as AutoFix, however, in the case with Aviary, you are allowed to select the mode, where all the modifications will be done in an automatic way in hi-def, portrait, night, food or scenery. I like it.

    Instagram-Like Effects with Freezing Slider

    aviary effects

    The Effects tool is available in two tabs, they are Signature and Classic. You will find the effect which matches your image style: web, portrait or sunset.

    Having selected Classic, you get about twenty different effects. Having applied an appropriate effect, Aviary Photo Editor offers a scroll so that you can enhance or reduce the effect. It is a well-developed tool with an accurate control slider. Besides, it is not as sharp as other web photo editors offer.

    Slider adjustment is performed with a long delay, which is very annoying if you do not know exactly what effect you need and try them one by one.

    Uninteresting Basic Set of Frames

    aviary interface basics

    The Frames tool is designed in the same style. There are 2 tabs – Original and Bohemia, using which you can add and place the image in the frame. It is a well-developed tool. It fulfills the tasks without lags.

    Having selected one of the frames, you can edit the selected area of the photo manually: stretch the frame or intensify it. The tool is properly done. However, I wish I had the Create function. I could have played with the photo settings and design my own unique frame, outline, etc.

    Strange Color Correction

    aviary interface

    The Adjust tab let you perform basic photo color correction using the following instruments: brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, warmth, tint, and fade. There is one slider for each tool to adjust the applied effect. It has an accurate control slider, which doesn’t lag.

    However, this set of tools reminds me of a simple mobile application, and if compared with Polarr, then Aviary is inferior in almost all aspects. You won’t find curves and HSL, which are generally the main tools for color correction.

    Stickers Should Be Improved

    aviary stickers

    The Stickers tool is also split into two tabs: Original and Signature with lots of funny stickers. Having selected an appropriate one, you can regulate its size. Still, you are not allowed to apply the sticker to the image like I have because the sticker cannot be rotated any side and placed sideways. It’s a bit strange.

    Inconvenient Sharpness Setting

    aviary interface

    The Sharpen tool is designed as a slider you can use to adjust sharpness. There is no opportunity to select a certain area: the effect is immediately applied to the entire photo.

    Good Semi-Auto Focus

    aviary interface focus

    You can fix the image with the Focus tool if the focus had not been adjusted properly before or you just want to apply it to a certain area. It is a smoothly designed tool available in two variants: Circular and Linear, with a scroll for each one.

    Background Removal Tool Leaves Much to Be Desired

    aviary interface background

    The Blemish tool enables you to remove the background using available brushes. In general, it is an elaborate tool, which you can use to edit portraits if the background has some defects. However, there are no sliders, which help you enhance or reduce the effect.

    Inconvenient Brush for Teeth Whitening

    aviary interface

    You can whiten the teeth with the Whiten tool. Moreover, you can apply it to skin, making it more expressive or pale, as in my case. It features several brushes. Besides, you can’t adjust the intensity of the effect.

    Brush for Red-eye Correction Doesn’t Work

    aviary interface

    I tried to remove the redeye effect with the Red Eye tool. However, I failed. Having selected one of the brushes, and clicking in a necessary area, the tool makes eyes less expressive, at the same time, leaves them red. The tool is poorly done and doesn’t cope with the problem.

    Text Editor without Deep Settings

    aviary interface

    The Text tool offers about a hundred fonts and a color palette. You can choose any color you need. You can make the text bold, italics or underlined, create your own unique font and add it to the library to use it later.

    However, I don’t like that it is impossible to adjust the transparency of the text, make it look like a watermark, which is especially useful for product photography. Photoshop Express can perfectly handle the task.

    Selecting Size for Publish and Saving Images

    aviary interface

    You can turn, reflect or even crop the image using the Orientation, Crop and Resize tools. Besides, you can change its resolution or use the ready sizes 4:3 or 16:9. The tools are perfectly done and work without lags.

    I am not satisfied with the photo saving. You can’t select image format and resolution. Having uploaded the image from Creative Cloud, you are not allowed to download it back. It is impossible to post the photo, send it to social networks or mail. You can only download the image to your computer.


    Aviary picture editor has no ads and it offers all the tools and opportunities for free. Since the last update Ado-be has introduced a monthly subscription and added different effects, filters, and funny stickers to a mobile app. If you decide to update your mobile app to the premium one for $1.99, you will have to log in the system with free Adobe ID or actual account.

    download from google play

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    Phoenix from Aviary


    Phoenix is an online photo editing and designing addition to Aviary, which helps you work with images in many ways, from a quick photo retouching to applying complex color effects. As a part of the Aviary online package, Phoenix runs through the Aviary website opening in a separate window. You can make an image from scratch or upload an existing one from your hard drive or website.

    Phoenix is not Photoshop, but it does have some pretty interesting tools that make it quite a powerful image editor. It supports layers, includes basic editing tools (rotation, transformation, flipping), as well as many special effects.

    Once the photo retouching in Phoenix is ready, you can save it directly on the Aviary website, that is, when the system requests a user account, you can create it on the spot by entering your username and email address or use your existing Facebook account or Twitter.

    Aviary Phoenix is an easy-to-use photo editor online that is ideal for quick image drawing and designing complex photo effects.

    Aviary vs Similar Programs

    Before making a conclusion, I compared Aviary with several equally popular programs in terms of functionality and capabilities, usability and reviews of other people.

    Aviary vs Snapseed

    aviary logo


    snapseed logo



    Aviary is a photo editor from Adobe, and the tools it has are fairly accurate and well-developed. Moreover, the photo editor is completely free. Compared with Snapseed, a photo editor from Google, I’ll note that both apps are well developed, but in the case of Snapseed, fewer photo editing tools are available and not very convenient to use.

    Aviary vs Gimp

    aviary logo


    gimp logo



    Gimp is a full-fledged desktop photo editor, with almost all Photoshop tools. If to compare with the PC version, Aviary loses. However, if we talk about the mobile versions, Gimp is left behind, because the app has not been updated by developers for a long time, moreover. Speaking about the Aviary mobile app, you will have an accessible, pleasant and intuitive interface with many basic image retouching tools.

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