AI Gigapixel Review – Is It Worth Your Money

AI Gigapixel
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: FREE or $99.99

VERDICT: AI Gigapixel is used when you need to enlarge digital photos for printing in large sizes, improve the resolution of old photos, or if you need to expand the scale of the cropped image.

With AI Gigapixel, you can enlarge raw full-size images to a size of more than a gigapixel.

If you need to increase the image size to a full one, this program is exactly what you need. The resulting images will be almost identical to the original high-resolution photos.

  • High-quality enlargement of landscape and portrait photos
  • Simple interface
  • Batch processing
  • Preview of the final result
  • Face enhancement technologies
  • Work with large files and slows down the PC
  • The final photo can't be saved in RAW
ai gigapixel interface

Using AI Gigapixel, you can resize photos up to 600%. The developers state that the quality will not only be preserved, but even the missing details of the original image with low resolution will be restored.

The program performs image analysis and improvement thanks to integrated AI technology.

I tested the program and can say that beginners and amateurs will be amazed by the final results. However, experts are unlikely to find something phenomenal in this software.

AI Gigapixel Review

ai gigapixel logo

If you are looking for multifunctional software, then AI Gigapixel is not the case. This program perfectly copes with its main task – to restore the smallest details in the original photos and enlarge them, preserving the highest possible quality.

Very Clear Interface

To get started, install the program. Then move the desired photo to the workspace, or do it through the “Open” option on the top menu bar. Next, in the panel on the right, pick the parameters for changing the size, apply them, and wait for the result.

ai gigapixel simple interface

Choose one of these formats to save the file: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW. Note that you will save a lot of time by choosing the original format for a larger photo.

When it is done, the program will inform you with a green backlight. In a separate window, you will see the modified image and the information about it: its original size and the new one.

Enlarge Photos Without Losing Details

The developers of the program suggest that you choose a scale ranging from 50% to 600% (or set your own one). The image quality will be preserved. You can also specify the required size according to your parameters.

ai gigapixel interface enlarged

For this Gigapixel AI review, I uploaded the image and enlarged it 2 (200%) times and 4 (400%) times. In both cases, the modified enlarged image was sharper than the original one. I got a picture ready for large format printing, although the primary picture was very small.

Preview of Before/After Changes

ai gigapixel interface preview

To compare the “Before / After” changes, simply use the “preview” function. First, select the image in the AI Gigapixel window, then click "Preview" in the window's low left corner. Now you can enlarge the image, which opens in a separate window for preview from 50% to 400%.

Efficient Noise Reduction with AI

“Noise and Blur Reduction” helps remove various noises and other photo defects. Smart technologies can significantly improve landscape images. The program works great with such textures as grass, leaves, trees, stones, animal fur, etc.

But when I tested the image with text, the result was not so amazing. The text was unreadable, even though the text area itself looked clearer.

Powerful Face Modification

When enlarging a photo, AI Gigapixel automatically enhances faces. You just need to enable this feature in the right panel.

ai gigapixel interface face refinement

To show how this function works, here is an example. You have a portrait or a story photo with a width of 400 pixels. When enlarging such a small photo, the end result may be decent or a terrible one. Gigapixel AI helps achieve natural portrait shots with clear details.

Fast Batch Editing

Batch editing allows you to edit not just one but several photos at once. For example, you can change all pictures with the resolution of 1260 × 720 pixels into 24.14-inch images with enhanced highlights and shadows.

I tested this feature and uploaded 30 photos at the same time. Although the developers promise the simultaneous editing of about 10,000 shots. It depends only on your PC performance.

Enlargement of RAW Files

The program can’t boast of the proper work with RAW files. It is impossible to save a file in the same format if it is originally in RAW.

If you save the image in TIFF or JPEG formats, it appears blurry. Even adjusting color and contrast in Photoshop does not help.

You can try to get around this feature with a little trick. Firstly, save the image in the TIFF format. Only after that use Gigapixel to enlarge the image in the same TIFF final format.

Low System Requirements

Gigapixel AI is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.11+. It requires a graphics processor with OpenGL 3.3 or later version (Intel HD5000 or higher, Nvidia GTX 760 or better, AMD R9 280 or higher).

AI Gigapixel Price

The developers offer a Gigapixel AI free 30-day trial. If you are satisfied with the program, you can purchase it for $99.99 after the trial. On the official TopazLabs website, you will always find the actual prices for Gigapixel AI and other programs as well.

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