11 Ways to Use Adobe XD on Linux

In case you are a Linux OS user and are involved in design creation and prototyping, don’t count on getting an official Adobe XD Linux version soon.

Adobe XD is a leading software when it comes to the development of interfaces, creation of vector graphics and small active prototypes of custom programs. Although an array of Adobe XD analogs is pretty fast, not each of them is equal in functionality.

Adobe XD Linux: 11 Best Software

In this article, I will describe software that may serve as a decent replacement for Adobe XD Linux. Another way is to take advantage of an emulator and get Adobe XD on any Linux device.

1. Adobe XD through Wine

adobe xd linux through wine

Since the developer hasn’t released the Adobe XD version for Linux, it may be run through an emulator called Wine. With its help, it becomes possible to launch and use Windows or macOS software on Linux OS devices.

The emulator generates space that the Linux device perceives like it is originally based on Windows. In this way, using software without an official Linux version, including Adobe XD, won’t be a problem.

In order to enable Adobe XD Linux Wine, look for the program in the Wine’s database and follow the given instructions. For the program to operate properly, I suggest picking the latest version of Adobe XD.

2. Pencil Project

pencil project adobe xd linux

Pencil Project is the best free web design software to help users create website wireframes and mockups. The software offers sophisticated in-built tools, shape collection, diagrams, drawing options and more.

The interface of this Adobe XD Linux alternative is straightforward, providing a user-friendly toolbar with a division into categories. The software presents a selection of stencils to simplify prototyping. A single project requires one or two stencils, while you may hide others to clean up the workspace.

If you take a look at the sidebar, you will notice a quick-search box for immediate filtering of the list down to the necessary UI element. Due to the interaction with a free online clipart service, it won’t be difficult to incorporate vector clipart objects into the mockup.

Pencil Project will help developers view how the application looks on the mobile screen. However, the provided capabilities are insufficient for end-users.

3. Gravit Designer

gravit designer adobe xd linux

Gravit Designer is another decent Adobe XD alternative for Linux users. It comprises such web technologies as WebGL, HTML Canvas and JavaScript.

The software enables users to deal with a vast array of matters related to design creation. Making UI screen design mockups, branding, logo design, printed artwork and more is possible with Gravit Designer. Besides, it will satisfy the needs of users who wish to work with unusual design projects, for instance, game assets design or laser cutting.

Thanks to the cloud-powered system, the process of storing and managing projects is smooth. If you have to go back to the recent 20 modifications made, the History option will help you with that. In order to gain access to all the files wherever and whenever you are, the software grants the ability to sync the desktop version with the mobile one.

Gravit Designer may be used with and without an Internet connection.

4. Figma

figma adobe xd linux

Being an intuitive platform, Figma managed to unite robust design capabilities and effective workflow. It pleases users with Cloud technology, as well as public access enabling a number of designers to collaborate on one project simultaneously, with the ability to make modifications and add comments.

This Adobe XD free alternative for Linux boasts the presence of an up-to-date toolset, like a pen for drawing at different directions, arc design capabilities along with customizable fonts for more sophisticated designs.

Figma’s prototyping feature doesn’t have coding. The user only needs to connect UI elements and pick the required animations and interactions. Besides, the software offers optimization of the prototype for mobile gadgets with specific scrolling and frames.

The preview mode facilitates the working process and makes it easier for other designers and clients to locate the desired project. Such a mechanism makes the program a go-to option for many users comparing Figma vs Adobe XD.

5. Alva

alva adobe xd linux

Alva is an open-source Adobe XD Linux alternative meant mainly for the preparation of prototypes. Its basis is the collaborative work of engineers and designers who deliver codes and elements for the next stages of prototyping.

The visual design drafts may be integrated from Figma, Sketch and similar design-focused programs. It is possible to apply interactions to prototypes that will demonstrate in a clearer way how the created application looks on a smartphone or tablet screen.

Getting a hang of this platform won’t be difficult. Still, in case you need help with certain functions, look through the user-friendly brief tutorials on Alva.

6. Akira

akira adobe xd linux

Akira is native Linux design software targeted at web and graphic designers. The software grants the ability to perform prototyping, wire framing, create icons, etc. Its interface is straightforward and isn’t cluttered with an immense selection of functions.

All the primary tools, such as fonts, opacity, transform, fills, borders, shades, may be conveniently and quickly accessed from the left side of the interface.

This Adobe XD Linux alternative offers elements that are tweaked according to the users’ preferences. For instance, users may modify the color of the theme, style and icons.

7. Dotgrid

dotgrid adobe xd linux

Being an intuitive vector drawing software, Dotgrid lets users create icons, types and logos. Although you won’t be able to perform prototyping in Dotgrid, you will surely appreciate such handy functions as radial drawing and mirroring. That’s the reason why it belongs to the list of the best free drawing software.

Unlike the majority of the Adobe XD competitors, an array of capabilities isn’t so diverse. However, designers are actively using Dotgrid whenever they wish to create a drawing from scratch. The final project may be saved in SVG or PNG file formats.

Initially, Dotgrid was meant for graphic designers’ internal use. Later, it turned into a free and open-source software for everybody. To figure out what is what, pay attention to well-thought-out Dotgrid tutorials and manuals. They explain how to work with the software’s toolset, draw lines, arcs, curves, adjust opacity, color, thickness, etc.

8. UXPin

uxpin adobe xd linux

UXPin is a UX design tool aimed at the collaborative work of front-end developers, designers and product managers.

It is notable for decent prototyping capabilities, such as over 1000 iOS, Material design, Bootstrap elements along with numerous icons that users may effortlessly drag and drop into their project.

Besides, UXPin pleases users with an extensive collection of animations that can be incorporated into interactions and transitions. The software offers users the opportunity to create their own animations, integrate video and audio material for the better resemblance of the prototype with the final product.

In order to facilitate the workflow, users may try creating the Design System Library. There they will store various style patterns (shape, color, shade) that may be used later via standard drag-and-drop. Aside from being an excellent Adobe XD Linux alternative, it is the best graphic design software as well.

9. HotGloo

hotgloo adobe xd linux

HotGloo is a UX, wire framing and prototyping service to help build wireframes for web, mobile and wearables. It comes in handy whenever you need to visualize the processes you plan, create and test drive interactions, share the final prototypes and receive feedback from other members of the team or clients.

The HotGloo’s interface isn’t complicated to figure out. If you have any issues or questions, open one of the numerous tutorials and webinars that describe in detail the service’s functions and how to take advantage of them.

This Adobe XD online alternative for Linux comprises more than 2000 UI elements, with the presence of smart navigation bars and reusable UI components, as well as a prebuilt UI master library.

There is also a possibility to send links or share projects straight on the website, blog or other HTML sources.

10. Interplay

interplay adobe xd linux

Being a worthy Adobe XD Linux alternative, Interplay is effective for building app prototypes. It may be successfully used in combination with such well-known design software as Figma and Sketch. Users can create code components in either or both of those software products and then incorporate them into Interplay projects.

Interplay unites design toolset (for instance, fluid canvas or immediate sharing) and such code components as states, properties, data and layout with the aim to create sophisticated interactive prototypes in the browser.

To show the projects to other members of the team or clients and make it possible for them to leave comments, just share the projects’ links.

11. Mydraft.cc

mydraftcc adobe xd linux

Here is one more free and open-source platform for wireframing and prototyping that can decently replace Adobe XD Linux. Mydraft.cc boasts a clear UIwith wireframing canvas, as well as a selection of user-friendly shapes and icons for design creation.

I suggest opting for this platform if you value fast processing speed and don’t want to invest in paid prototyping software.

With Mydraft.cc, you will be able to demonstrate the final result of the product to the client during the presentation.

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