Photographer Brandon Cawood

Photographer Brandon Cawood

photographer brandon cawood

Brandon Cawood is a world-renowned and published photographer. Brandon’s works are characterized by careful attention to details and a creative approach to branding. He shoots in the genres of cinematic/dramatic photography and creates very big composites with the help of Photoshop.
With Brandon’s peculiar style, he stands out among other shooters and makes the brands of his clients no less outstanding and competitive.

Brandon Cawood: BIO

brandon cawood hunter portrait

Brandon Cawood is a commercial photographer from Georgia. He can see what the clients truly want and make their wishes come true, sometimes even outdoing himself. Also, Brandon Cawood specializes in producing super realistic photo manipulations.

For six months, Brandon was taking pictures for his "Not All Wear Capes" project, which was exhibited at the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton. He managed to create 12 works of art that were later printed on postcards and calendars for sale. The money made from the sales went to the fund of the scholarship program at the CAG.

Over a year ago, Brandon participated in a photography workshop. The instructor discussed the ways of realizing personal photography projects. For Brandon, photography series wasn’t a commission work but something he did for his own fulfillment.

Photographer Brandon Cawood thought of dedicating his project to the first responders. After mulling over this idea for a while, he made a decision to expand the scope of his project and do it for other people, not just himself.

Terry Tomasello, executive director of the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton, Ga., approved of Brandon’s idea. So his project – "Not All Wear Capes" a series consisting of 12 shots was exhibited at the CAG.

In 2001, Brandon Cawood graduated from Northwest Whitfield High School. Only 3 years ago, he got interested in photography. His shots were printed on a 24x36-inch canvas and put in 2-inch frames.

brandon cawood hunter portrait

Brandon’s shots are photo compositions that he had in mind and prepared in advance. His subjects are the first area responders, such as Georgia state troopers, SWAT team members from Chattanooga, Dalton police officers and firefighters.

One of the composites shows firefighters in the process of work and consists of practically 40 shots. Brandon stated that he was coming up with the ideas and thinking of the ways to realize them for a few weeks. Then he spent 6 months taking photos.

Being determined and passionate about art, Brandon and his wife’s brand started gaining popularity, becoming a well-developed and renowned photography/videography business very quickly.

At Brandon Cawood Photography, they truly love what they do and go to great lengths for every project. Their final goal is not just to leave the client satisfied with an average product but to make sure that the final product is unique.

Brandon Cawood’s Project "When I Grow Up"

brandon cawood when i grow up Taken by Brandon Cawood

When we were children, our imagination ran wild. As we are getting older, so is our imagination – it is unable to produce such bright and vivid images in our heads anymore.

With this in mind, Brandon and his wife decided to bring to life children’s imagination of how they see their future jobs. The project got the name "When I Grow Up".

For the project, Cawood took cinematic portraits of 5th-grade students performing their dream jobs.

How these kid photo ideas were realized?

The task of school students was to pick their dream job and learn about it in more detail. For more thorough research, students were encouraged to interview a professional of the chosen sphere. Some students dreamt of becoming photographers so they interviewed Brandon.

Later they invited Brandon to tell about his career in front of the entire class, the students wanted to have their portraits taken and it turned into an idea for a future project.

brandon cawood when i grow up Taken by Brandon Cawood

When I Grow Up photography project involved Brandon photographing students for 4 days. They were dressed in specific uniforms and captured against a white background in the classroom at school. Then, during the summer, Brandon was taking different pictures for every background.

The resulting shots were published in an 18-month calendar from January 2016 till June 2017. The price of each was $14. The money made from the sales went to the charity City of Refuge for programs and funds to provide poverty-stricken young people with the possibility to get education.

The importance of such non-profit projects should be promoted to show people how it is possible to use their knowledge and skills not only to help their own children but their educational establishments as well.

Brandon Cawood’s Portfolio"

brandon cawood photo Taken by Brandon Cawood brandon cawood photo Taken by Brandon Cawood brandon cawood portraiture Taken by Brandon Cawood brandon cawood portraiture Taken by Brandon Cawood

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