How to Install Lightroom Presets

Want to know how to install Lightroom presets but have no time to read long manuals? I’ve prepared a short 2-minutes’ guide covering the quickest way to install Lr presets.

This tutorial is for any Lightroom version (Lightroom CC, Lightroom 6 (or older), Lightroom Classic) and for presets in xmp and .lrtemplate files. Download my Lightroom Presets and start editing photos right now.

How to Install Presets in Lightroom (Lr 4, 5, 6 & CC) on Windows:

  1. Select Preferences in the Edit menu.
  2. Go to Presets tab and press the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.
  3. The folder with presets will open. Choose Develop Presets.
  4. Copy the folder with your presets here.
  5. Restart Lightroom.

How to Install Presets in Lightroom (Lr 4, 5, 6 & CC) on Mac:

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Select Preferences in Lightroom menu.
  3. Go to the Presets tab and press the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.
  4. The folder with presets will open. Choose Develop Presets.
  5. Copy the folder with your presets here.
  6. Restart Lightroom.

Universal Way of Installing Lightroom Presets

import presets in lightroom

You can install presets to Lightroom by pressing several buttons. Open Lightroom, go to Develop tab, right-click on the Presets window and select Import. Choose the preset file and it will be imported.

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Frequency Ask Questions about Installing Lightroom Presets

How to create a preset in Lightroom?

Once you’ve done with color correction, press “+” in the Presets window. Choose the preset’s name and settings which it will include. That’s all. The filter will be installed to the list.

How to work with your preset?

Having opened a photo in Lightroom, go to Develop. In the Preset window on the left, you can select the filter you are interested in.

Hovering over each preset, you will see how it can be applied in the thumbnail in the top left corner (in newer versions, the preset will be applied to the entire image at once). Click on your favorite preset to apply it.

How to sort presets in Lightroom?

Right-click on the Presets window, select “New Folder”. Then drag any filter that interests you into it.

How to remove presets in Lightroom?

Right-click on a preset on the Presets window and select “Delete”. You can also delete the entire folder with filter.

Do presets overlap when used?

Yes. That’s why it is better to use one at a time. In order to cancel this action, you need to deactivate either one of the presets or all of them using the Reset key.

Is it possible to use presets for Lightroom CC Mobile?

Yes. You need to transfer .dng preset files to a smartphone. Open them and copy settings to another picture.

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Which Lightroom version supports presets?

All versions starting with the first one, support installing presets to Lightroom.

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How to enhance several photos at once?

To apply filters to several images at once, click on the switcher next to the “Sync ...” button at the bottom right part of Develop.

Are there Lightroom Adjustment Brush Presets?

Of course. You can find them by selecting the brush on the right side of Develop and clicking on the Effect drop-down list.

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How to install Lightroom Adjustment Brush Presets?

Repeat the steps for installing the presets that were given at the beginning of the article, but at the 4th step go to the Local Adjustment Presets folder instead of Develop Presets and move your presets there.

Where to get them for free?

Many users share presets for free. Some shooters sell them. You can download collections of presets from FixThePhoto absolutely for free.

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