How to Get Recoverit Free & Legally

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  • Compatible: Windows, MacOS

Aren’t sure if using Recoverit free is legal in the USA? The article below covers all the vital details about this data recovery software. Additionally, you’ll discover reliable and legal ways of downloading the program for free and can check out Recoverit alternatives.

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Recoverit Free Benefits

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Over 1000 supported file formats
  • Excellent recovery percentage
  • Suitable for all needs
  • Convenient recovery process
  • Can restore data from any kind of device


  • What is Recoverit?

Recoverit is the go-to option if you need a reliable file recovery program as it offers an impressive 96% restoration rate. The program is capable of restoring data in all kinds of formats (text documents, images, videos, songs, emails, etc.).

It can also be used for recovering files that were lost because of empting recycle bins, hard drive corruption, lost partitions, viruses, and in several other scenarios.

  • What does the Recoverit Product List consist of?

The list includes 3 products, all of which are compatible with Windows and Mac. These products are Recoverit Free (the free edition lets you restore up to 100 MB without payment), Recoverit Pro (a program for restoring removed or lost data from your gadgets), and Recoverit Photo Recovery (specifically developed for restoring removed photographs, video and sound files).

  • On which platforms is Recoverit free?

You can download the program for all Windows versions starting from XP, and it’s also compatible with Mac OS X versions from 10.8 to 10.13.

  • Can you find lectures and tutorials on how to use Recoverit, and do they have a tech support team?

Yes, the web is filled with convenient guides for this program and you can contact tech support via either email, phone, or remote service.

  • Is Recoverit suitable for multi-user cooperation?

The developers offer discounts for companies that purchase multiple copies of the program.

Another Ways to Use Recoverit Free

As I’ve already mentioned, other than the standard Recoverit Free version, you can also use more specialized software. I mean a program for restoring photos.

Recoverit Photo Recovery
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  • License: Free trial
  • Downloads: 48k
  • Compatible: Windows, MacOS
photo recovery interface

Recoverit Photo Recovery Benefits:

  • Restore removed images, videos, and sound files
  • Recovery from all devices and drives
  • Recover 10 files without size limits for free
  • Don’t need to pay if the files can’t be restored
  • There are versions for both Mac and Windows

Programs like this one often offer a set of features developed for supporting as many devices as possible,so that they can be used as the ultimate file restoration tool. The list of devices typically includes USB drives, HDDs, SD-cards, and cameras.

Recoverit Photo Recovery also has a convenient, straightforward UI that allows even complete beginners to feel comfortable using it. The programcan retrieve images in all popular formats such as JPEG, PNG, and many others.

Pirated Recoverit Free Version

Even though there’s a Recoverit Free Data Recovery version available, many people still download it from various torrent websites. I’d like to tell you about the risks tied to using such software.

It Is Illegal

If you choose to use a cracked version of the program, be aware that you’re about to break federal law. As punishment for your actions, you can end up paying up to $250000 in damages or being sentenced to jail for up to five years.

Security Risks

Cracked programs are filled with different types of Trojans and malware that might infect your PC. If you want to stay protected from such threats, you need to get the best free antivirus software.

No Updates

If you use the Recoverit free download link from the developer’s website, you can be certain you will receive all updates as soon as they are out. On the other hand, illegal programs never get updated and soon become outdated.

Productivity Issues

Lags, errors, and crashers are another frequent guest that often visits users, who downloaded Recoverit Free illegally. Such problems lead to lost progress and hours wasted trying to fix the program and making it work properly.

Recoverit Free Alternatives

Browse through the available options that offer similar functionality and pick the one that matches your needs the best.

1. Recuva

recuva logo
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Offers a convenient, user-friendly UI
  • Restoration process is quick and thorough
  • Cross-platform
  • Download page seems a bit confusing at first

This program greets you with an intuitive UI that is very simple to get used to. Its most popular feature is the Quick Scan that restores most files without any hassle. There’s also a Deep Scan option that offers a more effective but slower recovery process, which allows retrieving corrupted and formatted data.

Recuva also lets you scan for files on both your computer and external devices. It supports a broad range of document formats including DOC, OCS, PDF, and PPT.

2. Recover My Files Professional

recover my files logo
  • Restores formatted data and emptied recycle bins
  • Can be used on Mac and Windows
  • Intuitive UI
  • Reliable and secure
  • File restoration is slower than in most competitors

This professional program is packed with features designed for restoring a broad range of deleted or corrupted files. It offers a recovery function that allows retrieving data that was lost because of formatting, accidental removal, or corruption.

The program also lets you recover data from emptied recycle bins and external devices like flash drives and SDDs.

3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

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  • Minimalist UI
  • Recoversdata without exiting Windows
  • Can restore files from disks
  • Files can be previewed before restoration
  • Free edition has a limit of 1GB
  • Unresponsive to user actions during scanning

MiniTool Power Data Recovery was developed for recovering entire partitions and drives. Once the restoration process is complete, you can preview the files on the partition and select the ones you want thanks to the advanced filter. All you need to do is indicate the format of the needed files, their approximate size, and date.

Download Recoverit Free

recoverit free download

Click the “Recoverit free download” link and you’ll receive the legal version of the program. Don’t be intimidated by the UI if you've never used this type of program before as it's designed to feel intuitive for users of all proficiency levels.

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