Picasa vs iPhoto

By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software Reviews

Which program is better for most purposes – Picasa vs iPhoto? Read the article to get an answer.

Picasa is an Internet photo editing tool, a free web based photo viewer and organizer, which makes editing your photos very easy and flexible, as well as is very simple to use and navigate.

iPhoto is a powerful digital photo editing software designed by Apple Inc. It is used in the majority of the iPhone and iPad applications for basic processing of images. 

Final Verdict:

Picasa is the winner in this battle, first of all because of its compatibility with multiple operating systems. But there are many other benefits that make Picasa worth considering as a photo viewer and editor. One of the most impressive aspects of it is the flexibility and user friendliness of its interface, which makes it easy to learn and use even for people who have little or no experience in editing pictures.

Picasa is the winner >

Picasa Features:

  • Photo organizing features
  • Sharing options
  • Intuitive UI
  • Face recognition
  • Geo tagging

What is Picasa?

picasa interface

One of the most prominent aspects of using Picasa is the basic editing function, which allows you to easily adjust contrast, saturation and brightness within the photo viewer. The program also has some excellent photo editing features that include AutoShade, which automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of your image based on the current time of day.

Such option as night mode helps reduce the bright and dark areas of your picture. With advanced color effects you can greatly affect the overall appearance of your photo. In addition, many Picasa features, such as AutoSave, also allow your pictures to be easily backed up so you can remove unwanted data or images from your computer should the need arise.

Another great advantage of Picasa is that it supports a wide variety of different file formats, including TIFF, PNG and JPEG, making it ideal for publishing your pictures online. This feature is especially useful if you intend to share pictures with family, friends or colleagues.

What is iPhoto?

iphoto interface

With an iPhoto account, you can take unlimited pictures and edit them in your chosen format. It uses a powerful and intuitive interface, so it is very easy to learn and use. The photo editing features include everything from adjusting white balance, correcting colors and contrast, to adding text and correcting crooked images. The advanced features also include renaming files, creating folders, hiding photos, and generating thumbnails.

One of the most important features of iPhoto is its large capacity for saving images. It offers you more than 500 million photos in a very large directory. One of the best features of iPhoto is its smart crop feature. It enables you to choose the correct size for a photo and crop it without resizing it.

When you download the image you selected in the main menu, you get to see a preview so that you can know exactly how the picture would look like before you save it. Other features include special tools like the layer palette and brush tool, and the retouching palette.


picasa logo
iphoto logo

Picasa & iPhoto Features:

  • Automatic backups
  • Slideshow creation
  • Timelines
  • Color enhancement tools
  • Page layouts
  • RAW images import
  • Basic photo editing
  • Filters
  • Easy sharing
  • Ease of use

Picasa and iPhoto Price:

STARTING PRICE $5.00/year Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Picasa is an advanced, discontinued photo viewer and manager for editing and organizing digital photographs, both for novices and experienced users.

iPhone users can upload pictures directly from their iPhoto library, allowing them to share photos from their devices via messages or email.