How to Update Photoshop | New Features 2023

To have all the latest tools for retouching, designing, digital drawing, you need update Photoshop on time. I will show you how to update your Adobe Photoshop CC using the Creative Cloud app. It will not take much time. Also, I will show you the new Photoshop features that you will get by updating it to the latest version.

How to Update Photoshop?

As an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you always have access to the latest Photoshop version. Adobe releases major Photoshop CC updates every six months. But if automatic updating is turned off, then you simply may not know about it. I will teach you how to update Photoshop CC on your own.

1. Go to the Creative Cloud App

Each subscriber to any of Adobe's plans, including Photoshop CC, has a Creative Cloud application. With its help, you can update your Adobe programs.

creative cloud app

Typically, the program will be located in the tray (it’s top right on Mac, and the bottom right on Windows).

2. Choose the Updates Tab

Previously, the Creative Cloud App looked like a small dialog box. Now, it is a full-fledged program.

updates in creative cloud app

To get Photoshop CC update, you should find the Updates tab on the left. It is second from the top of the list. You will see the number of programs that need updating (if required).

3. Choose Photoshop and Update It

If you need an update, after entering the Updates tab, find Photoshop. Click on the blue Update button.

photoshop cc updating

You can also see what you get after Photoshop update by clicking on See more. You will be transferred to the Adobe website in order to view new features.

Updated Photoshop: New Features

To understand why you need to install Ps update, you should learn what new things you will get. Below, I have described the features that you will acquire by downloading Photoshop updates for January-February 2023.

1. New Tool "Object Selection"

object selection tool photoshop update

The latest Photoshop software has a new “Object Selection” tool, which is based on Adobe Sensei. It simplifies the process of selecting one object, several objects or fragments of an object in an image. You need to draw a rectangular area or lasso around the object, and the tool will automatically select it inside the specified area.

2. Advanced Properties Panel

advanced properties panel photoshop update

Recent Adobe Photoshop CC updates gave the Properties panel even more controls for the document properties, the pixel layer and the text layer. As a result, you don’t need to open different panels and dialog boxes anymore.

3. Improved Content-Based Fill

improved content-based fill photoshop update

Three new parameters of the sample area were added to the “Content-Based Fill” workspace: Auto, Rectangular and Custom. These parameters can be used to determine the sample area in the image where Photoshop should look for the source pixels.

4. More Realistic Lens Blur

realistic lens blur photoshop update realistic lens blur photoshop update

The new, improved Lens Blur function algorithm can now use the GPU. After Photoshop update, the function creates a more realistic bokeh, with proper color processing and brighter lens flare.

5. Photoshop on iPad

photoshop on ipad

Photoshop updates 2023 allow all the subscription users to get access to the iPad version. The program includes many features of the desktop version, such as handling PSD files, managing multiple layers, layer masking, and, of course, basic tools like Brush, Erase, Fill and Heal.

I must warn you that almost all professional clients may be disappointed with Photoshop CC capabilities for iPad in its current form. This may explain its low rating in the App Store and many negative reviews. However, if your main goal is a basic edit to a document in Creative Cloud, Photoshop for iPad can cope with some tasks.


It doesn’t matter what version of Photoshop software you have as you can use our actions and overlays even on the Photoshop version released 10 years ago. Download them for free and speed up the picture retouching process.


bokeh freebie for photoshop cc bokeh freebie for photoshop cc

The bokeh effect can add some magic to any photo. Just upload your image to Photoshop and apply an overlay to get the desired effect.


film freebie for photoshop cc film freebie for photoshop cc

Try this action in Photoshop if you want your photos to look like old film masterpieces.

Black and White

black and white freebie for photoshop cc black and white freebie for photoshop cc

Make the photos black and white as if they were shot on a b&w film. This action correctly eliminates color while maintaining a light pattern.

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