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Do you want to get Photo Impact free and not have problems with the law? Are you interested in using PhotoImpact, but don’t want to buy a license? In this article, I will tell you about how to use PhotoImpact legally and for free. I will also describe the best and most advanced version of this program.

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Free PhotoImpact Benefits

  • Compatible with many plug-ins and filters
  • Large EasyPalette template library
  • There are tools to optimize and transform images
  • Works with raster and vector graphics
  • Ability to create web pages
  • Several operating modes such as FullEdit, ExpressFix, and others


  • Can I get a trial version?

No, the company doesn’t offer a trial version.

  • How much does the full PhotoImpact version cost?

To perform PhotoImpact download, you need to pay $109. You pay once and use the program as long as you want.

  • Does PhotoImpact work on both Windows and Mac?

No, PhotoImpact only works on Windows.

  • Does PaintShopPro have a free trial?

Yes, you can use a free trial version for 30 days, then you need to purchase a license.

  • Does PhotoImpact have regular updates?

No, it doesn’t. Use PaintShopPro software to enjoy regular updates.

Insecurities of Using Pirated PhotoImpact Version

Many people try to find and download a hacked version of PhotoImpact as they don’t want to pay for a license and prefer to use the program for free. But if you decide on illegal PhotoImpact download, you are likely to face a large number of problems. I described the most common below.

Violating Laws

Using unlicensed software, you are at risk of a virus attack and malfunction. Besides, you also violate copyright laws. As a result, you can pay a fine of several thousand dollars or you can even be imprisoned for up to 5 years.

You Can’t Install an Update

When using pirated PhotoImpact 11 or other versions, you don’t receive regular updates. With the help of updates, the company eliminates problems and errors in the operation of its product. They constantly bring their software to a new level by adding advanced features and tools.

Technical Support

When working with a program, you may have questions that you cannot solve yourself. If you use licensed PhotoImpact x3 Windows 10, specialists from technical support will always help you. With pirated software, you have to solve all the problems yourself.

Missing Parts of Software

When cracking software, hackers leave surprises in the program in the form of computer viruses. Remember, they don’t want to simplify your life, by removing the necessity to buy a license. Using hacked PhotoImpact free, you can spend money on expensive antiviruses and new parts on your computer.

Company Reputation

PaintShopPro is often used by companies and designers, who work with vector and raster graphics. Everyone wants to be sure that their confidential information is kept safe inside the company. Using official PhotoImpact 13 or other licensed software you can be sure your personal data is protected from hackers and other criminals.

Free PhotoImpact Alternatives

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on software, you still can find an alternative way out instead of using pirated programs. Check out my list of the best free replacements for illegal PhotoImpact free download full version. On this list, you can find programs that are almost as good as the reference software. They offer almost equal functionality and a good set of tools.

1. Photoshop

photoshop logo
  • You can create complex shapes
  • A huge set of tools for raster graphics
  • Tight work with Illustrator
  • Is constantly developed
  • May seem difficult for beginners

That’s one of the best PhotoImpact download alternatives. Photoshop is a multifunctional graphics editor that is designed to work with raster graphics. Using this program, you can conveniently edit photos. You can also create animations, complex geometric shapes, and more.

Since Adobe’s products work in tight integration, you can use Illustrator to solve problems with vector graphics. Photoshop is suitable for both amateur and professional use.

2. IrfanView

irfanview logo
  • Multi-language interface
  • Creates web pages from images
  • Batch file conversion
  • Ability to upload images from a scanner
  • Compatible only with Windows
  • Paid for commercial use

IrfanView is a program for work with graphics, video and audio files. This PhotoImpact 12 alternative is small and free for non-commercial use. It has a good set of tools and extended functionality.

With this software, you can create screen savers and websites from images and apply various effects to any picture. The program supports lots of file types such as MP3, MPEG, MPG file, AU, AVI file, FLV file, and others.

3. digiKam

digikam logo
  • Cross-platform program
  • Supports downloading photos from digital cameras
  • Search for image elements
  • Image viewing and editing
  • Doesn’t support batch editing
  • A modest set of functions for photo editing

digiKam is a cross-platform program for managing digital photos. This alternative to PhotoImpact download has an open-source code and is distributed for free. Using this program you can work with photos and perform simple editing.

You can sort photos into albums that have a hierarchical structure. It is also possible to determine the geolocation based on the metadata from the photos. You can also quickly identify image elements such as faces for a detailed description of a photo. This PhotoImpact free analog is more suitable for amateur use than for professionals.


If you want to make photo processing easier and faster, then have a look at the free effects I have prepared for you. With their help, you can make your photos more beautiful and natural with ease.

HDR Effect

freebies for photoimpact freebies for photoimpact

Applying this action, you can make your photo sharp and clear as if it were taken by Hollywood experts. It is also helpful in facilitating your work. Be sure, the result will certainly surprise your family and friends.

Colorful Landscape

freebies for photoimpact freebies for photoimpact

If you often take landscape photos, you can use this Ps action to improve them. It allows you to give a special charm to your images in a quick way.

Cinematic Colors

freebies for photoimpact freebies for photoimpact

Do you want to create a photo that resembles a frame from a movie? You don’t need to buy expensive filters. Just use this free plug-in. It will help you create a magical photo with muted colors and good clarity.

Download PaintShop Pro Free

painshop pro free trial

Download free PhotoImpact to test it out for 30 days. You will be able to see its features, ease of operation and its huge potential of functions.

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