Kaare Lytsen Photographer

Kaare Lytsen Photographer

photographer kaare lytsen

Kaare Lytsen is a photographer from Denmark, who enjoys shooting everything surrounding him – from a cup of coffee to random strangers on the streets. He takes beautiful wildlife, landscape, architecture pictures as well as macro photos.

Kaare Lytsen: BIO

Photographer Kaare Lytsen portrait

Kaare Lytsen has been into photography since childhood. He liked using a camera, when you can capture various events, facial expressions or realize creative photo ideas. In adulthood, Lytsen took his hobby seriously and tried working with different genres of photography including landscape and wildlife photography, urban and portrait.

Kaare Lytsen photographer received his first professional camera as a present from his uncle and decided to take it with him wherever he went to shoot even basic moments of people’s life. He got especially famous for architectural photographs of Denmark sights, some of which are published in tourist guides and magazines.

pelican by Kaare Lytsen

Kaare Lytsen claims that photography shows people and their lives, houses, habits, and professions. He enjoys shooting ordinary people. He takes his Olympus camera with him when he goes for a walk, shopping, visits cafes or concerts. Every regular thing can look like a masterpiece in his photos.

Kaare loves experimenting. His portfolio is full of unusual shots with various lighting patterns, color combinations, angles, perspective, etc. He can take portraits or other pictures at a distance or easily bring to life his unique macro photography ideas.

Some of his pictures were taken from a very big height that allows viewers to see all the details of the landscape. For his work, Lytsen often uses his favorite 55mm, 2.8 macro lens. With it, he can catch every detail of small objects, for example, frosty patterns or veins on the flower petals.

Kaare Lytsen photographer is a winner of different competitions among amateurs and professionals. His photos were included in the list of the best National Geographic photos. Even though he hardly shares his biographical data, his experimental approach to photography brings him public interest and respect among colleagues.

Kaare Lytsen’s Gallery

danish architecture by Kaare Lytsen Photography taken by Kaare Lytsen frosty frames by Kaare Lytsen Macro photography by Kaare Lytsen view from above by Kaare Lytsen Photography taken by Kaare Lytsen architecture by Kaare Lytsen Taken by Kaare Lytsen lighthouse by kaare lytsen Lighthouse by Kaare Lytsen snow and stones by Kaare Lytsen Taken by Kaare Lytsen boat on wheels by Kaare Lytsen Photography taken by Kaare Lytsen flowers by kaare lytsen Photography taken by Kaare Lytsen field by Kaare Lytsen Photography taken by Kaare Lytsen

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