Leadsinflux Digital Marketing Agency Review 2023

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency

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Verdict: The LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency helps photographers make their brand recognizable. To do so, they use all kinds of digital marketing tools: from launching email newsletters to advertising your services on social networks and mass media. In addition to having rather low advertising prices, they can also provide financial assistance.

They accept digital marketing orders from local, nationwide, and worldwide enterprises in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, and Canada. Their team has experience working with different niches including beginner and experienced photographers as well as studios of all sizes.

  • Work with over 100 marketing channels
  • Help boost listing views
  • Offer free online presence audit
  • Patented Clickable Featured Message
  • Automate digital review processing
  • Prices are calculated individually
leadsinflux digital marketing agency interface

The list of services provided by the LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency includes email marketing, social media promotion, and publishing information about your brand in popular print media. You can also request a comprehensive audit of your online presence that involves them checking information about you on third-party platforms and keeping track of reviews.

When I was choosing which agency to approach, LeadsInflux stood out from the rest thanks to their personalized patented technologies. For instance, they developed the Match & Lock process, thanks to which you’ll be the only one in charge of controlling when your information is updated.

LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency – Main Features

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Over the years of being on the market, the LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency managed to work with both small and medium businesses from industries like Retail, Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, and others. This digital marketing agency has helped dozens of companies gain leading positions in all the main search engine systems, social networks, apps, and catalogs.

Check Your Online Presence for Free

My collaboration with this agency began with a free audit of all platforms that contained information about me. They evaluated whether my listings are put together properly, the number of negative reviews about me, and how good I am at maintaining a positive online reputation.

The agency’s employees also checked if I have a dynamic and relevant call to action while verifying whether search engines collect all the necessary information about me. If you have a website, its experts will evaluate its speed and responsiveness as well.

Help Photographers Conquer Industry-Specific Platforms

leadsinflux digital marketing agency works with many platforms

After analyzing your online presence, LeadsInflux determines which platforms are commonly viewed by your target audience. In my case, their experts selected about 100 apps, cards, and social media for photographers, including Facebook and Google. Moreover, the information is displayed regardless of when and where the users are studying it, from their PC or smartphone.

Actively Develop their Own Technologies

Their experts have developed various products to make it easier for you to control your reputation and online presence. The Match & Lock process helps control information on all platforms, while the patented Clickable Featured Message tool helps gain an edge on your competition.

You can add promo links and CTAs of your choice that will be shown in Google results, websites like YP or Yelp, various applications, etc. Thanks to such featured messages, I’ve managed to attract 15% more clients in a single month.

Successfully Work with Online Reputation

leadsinflux digital marketing agency works with reviews

The agency’s team knows how to ensure all online discussions about you are exclusively positive. They help positive reviews achieve top ranking while ensuring negative responses are hidden away from everyone except for you and LeadsInflux. Their experts fully automate client tracking and negative review filtration, thanks to which I managed to focus all of my attention on organizing photoshoots.

Their specialists also set up communication channels with your audience to ensure they know they’re interacting with you.

Help Remain Flexible

To my surprise, other than publishing information about me on a hundred platforms, their experts also helped automate the process of updating that information. You can keep clients up to date with all changes and news in real-time on your website or app, as well as search engines, cards, and social networks that they visit every day.

Combine Email Marketing with Digital Marketing Strategies

email marketing by leadsinflux digital marketing agency

Another service the agency provided me is the setup and launch of an email newsletter. Their employees use the best email marketing software to create attractive emails that are adapted to all devices. Their team covers all aspects from developing email templates to setting up and testing the newsletter while delivering results in a timely fashion. A series of 5 emails for my newsletter was launched in less than 2 weeks.

I liked the fact that their experts provide in-depth analytics. Their mailing systems employ several IPs, servers, and software to improve campaigns and maximize inbox delivery. Additionally, they’re completely CAN-SPAM compliant and adhere to all DMA regulations.

Other than launching newsletters, the agency buys contextual advertisements targeted at users from your market and preferred geo-location. Such ads allow reaching potential clients that might not be a part of your targeted mailing list but match all the boxes of your email marketing deployment without requiring any extra setup.

Social Advertising with Guaranteed Performance

The team cooperates with GotU who have experience providing campaigns to over 60,000 companies around the world. Additionally, LeadsInflux is a Facebook Partner and a Facebook Competition Award Winner.

According to their experts, my Facebook advertisement will be viewed by targeted users 8 or more times per campaign. Otherwise, they’ll refund me for that month. Thanks to their advertising, the audience of my page grew by 30%, while the number of orders for this month has almost doubled.

Premium Advertising of Your Services in Top Magazines

premium local advertising by leadsinflux digital marketing agency

If you want to promote your services in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, Time, and others, the LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency can help you. They collaborate with all popular publications, you just have to tell them what title you want to be featured in and the target market, and soon you’ll receive a free price quote. The downside of this service is its high cost, as the price for such promotion starts at $1450.

LeadsInflux Digital Marketing Agency Prices

Prices for all services mentioned in this review are calculated individually. To learn the price, contact the agency via email, call the number featured on the website, or contact them on social networks.


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