Krita vs Paint Net

Looking for simple sketching software with fine brush customization and support for a wide variety of plug-ins? I compared Krita vs Paint Net, leaders in this group of programs, and I can name a winner.

Krita is an open source and free raster image editor mostly used for the 2D animation and digital painting. What sets Krita apart from other similar programs is its ability to perform complex image edits, from simple masking to full 3D animation effects, using just a few clicks of the mouse.

Paint Net is a free, freeware vector graphics editor software. One of its most popular features is its WYSIWYG web page creation wizard. This wizard enables users to not only quickly and easily create a basic web page, but also edit, delete, modify and customize existing web pages.

Final Verdict:

Among the features that make Krita more popular is the ability to blend pictures in with each other, edit in layers, add, remove and change textures and gradients, adjust levels of light and color, adjust for red eye, create panoramic images , add text, apply filters, adjust saturation, adjust color temperature and apply filters to the picture.

Krita is the winner >

Krita Features:

  • Much faster gradient algorithms
  • HDR support
  • Improved textured painting options
  • Added HSL and colorize options to the HSV filter
  • Support for CMYK in the PSD filter

What is Krita?

krita interface

Krita offers an almost fully featured canvas from which you can paint, shade and manipulate the photograph. This is not just a simple drawing tool; this is the full-fledged painting software as well. Krita offers an accelerated canvas as well as a GL based digital camera. Krita also provides various tools for image processing, retouching and composition. This software has been developed by Amaek Mukherjee, who holds a degree in Computer Science and is best known for his work in the field of computer graphics.

One of the basic tools in Krita is the "Docker". The "Docker" is a utility that allows the user to edit images directly in Photoshop. The toolbox of the "Docker" contains a variety of useful tools such as adjusting contrast and brightness, rotating, skewing, shadows, filling, despeckling, blurring, background merge, adjustment brush selection and blend mode.

Another useful tool in Krita is the "layer stack". The "layer stack" lets you apply one colour to various layers of your canvas in quick succession. The tool helps to create interesting effects and is very easy to use. To apply a new colour, select an existing layer, then select "layer stack" from the options menu.

What is Paint Net?

paint net interface

One of the biggest reasons that Paint Net is so popular with designers is because of its unprecedentedly easy to use interface. The software allows users to import pictures from almost any digital source and quickly and easily edit, remove or add color, adjust contrast and size. With Paint Net you can even change the background of your entire canvas or apply a new color scheme to a single picture.

Paint Net offers a number of useful features, including multiple brushes, layers, and gradient tools. It is one of the most popular photo editing applications available for the new generation of artists and designers. There are various tools that allow you to change the properties of a new layer such as color, size, transparency, and blend modes. If you need to add a new layer, just select New Layer, and a pop up window will appear.

For those more into photo editing, Paint Net also has features similar to GIMP, such as batch removal, image masking, and modifying transparency and contrast. There's also support for GPAA and UVaO. This means that if you are into 3D modeling, you will be happy to know that Paint Net is compatible with most common formats and is the fastest and most accurate photo editing software available in the market today.


krita logo
paint net logo

Krita & Paint Net Features:

  • Image offset tool for texturing
  • Rewritten OpenGL canvas
  • New composition Docker
  • File-backed layers
  • 1000+ plugins
  • Advanced editing with levels and curves
  • Supports plugins
  • Many useful functions and effects
  • Many plug-ins
  • Easy to use

Krita and Paint Net Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Krita offers more customizable brushes and deeper layer work. Moreover, you will find the largest database of third party plugins.

Paint Net is relatively good free software for photo editing and simple web designs. But the fact that the program is only available for Windows and has very few third-party plugins is a bit confusing.