Driver Talent Review

Platforms: Windows
Price: Free or from $5.99 – depends on a version

Verdict: Driver Talent that has been previously known as DriveTheLife, is pro-level software for downloading drivers and updates.

Thanks to the easy-to-understand interface and powerful driver repairing option, it’s a perfect tool for managing drivers that is suitable for creative professionals and casual PC users alike.

  • Convenient UI
  • More than 3 million downloads
  • Installation doesn’t take much time
  • Auto-scan and update options
  • Can be used for game updates
  • Pre-downloading feature
  • Driver backup tool
  • It might cause some issues with installed antivirus software
driver talent review interface

As many users prefer accessing Driver Talent remotely to quickly fix any sound card, Bluetooth, or network connection issue, it’s astonishingly easy to use. With Driver Talent, you can update all the drivers in no time. Thanks to its effectiveness, your PC drivers will be always updated to their most recent versions.

As there is a free version available, you can test it before making a purchase.

Complete Driver Talent Review

Download Driver Talent Free

Whether you need to install the newest drivers on your home or office PC, you will benefit from a one-package option. It can save you time by updating all the outdated drivers in your OS. To solve any issue more efficiently, try using Driver Talent.

Clear User Interface

driver talent interface

The installation process doesn’t take much time so you can quickly run this software on your PC. It comes with a well-thought-out user interface featuring a black background and compact menu.

The interface is divided into two parts. You can find all the main tools on a left sidebar. The area on the right is used to display information about any possible issue that might arise and instructions on how to handle it.

There are chat buttons in the right corner, as well as user tutorials, FAQs, and other options.

Keep Your Computer and Devices in Top Condition

Driver Talent is safe and reliable software for searching drivers from developers. You won’t see any distracting ads or pop-ups. A user won’t have to worry about viruses either.

Auto Scan and One-Click Update

driver talent auto scan function

All the software designed for driver updating come with this option. This feature allows analyzing your PC and detecting any driver that might cause issues for your OS.

Once it’s done, the program installs the newest update. A user can also decide which driver version to download. This option is not available in most similar programs.

Backup and Restore

driver talent backup function

If something goes wrong during installation, you can use the backup and restore option. This software uses its backup to restore a previous version of a driver.

Usually, this problem arises when the recent version of a driver is incompatible with your PC. By restoring the driver, you can quickly fix the issue.

Pre-Download Drivers for another PC

driver talent pre download drivers

If you know the exact hardware configuration of another PC, you can pre-download Driver Talent to use it later. It ensures that you will have all the necessary drivers that can be installed on that PC at any time.

Advanced users can also use this software to install drivers during OS installation. For instance, they can be added to Windows 10 ISO.

Once you have done it, you can install a new OS and all the drivers simultaneously. All the downloaded files are WHQL certified, so they are completely safe to use.

Driver Search during Operating System Restoration

driver talent operating system restoration

When you install too many drivers simultaneously or try to fix damaged files, you might face another serious issue, namely, system files damage. To fix it, Driver Talent comes with a handy tool that allows restoring a previous OS configuration. It is quite helpful when your OS starts freezing or crashes.

If any issue arises, you can quickly solve it by restoring the previous version of your operating system. To access the option, just click on the System Restore button.

Peripheral Drivers

driver talent peripheral drivers

One of the main selling points of this software is that it can be used for updating drivers of all the devices connected to your PC via USB ports. Just find the Peripheral Devices on the left sidebar and choose any option that you need.

For instance, you can install drivers for any printer connected to your network. Make sure to check the “USB drivers” feature as well.

Game Component Driver Support

driver talent game components

If you are a hardcore fan of gaming, you can use this Driver scanner to enhance your gaming experience. With the help of this software, you can quickly update any drivers and game components. Once you do it, you won’t have to worry about any possible issues that might cause your game crash.

Uninstall Drivers Function

driver talent uninstall function

Those, who want to uninstall one of the drivers, can use this effective tool. It can also be used to ensure that a recently deleted driver doesn’t leave any trace in your OS. For instance, if you face some Photoshop lagging issues, they can be solved by removing a driver and installing a new one on your PC.

Windows Assistant Feature

Advanced users will appreciate Windows assistant tool that can be used for making your OS performance smoother. Driver Talent has been designed for detecting missing DLL files, drivers that don’t work perfectly with your OS, and other issues.

The program will quickly scan your system and delete any incompatible components. It significantly contributes to better performance speed and enjoyable gaming experience. With the help of Windows assistant you will see all the information about your hardware.

Multi-Language Support

The software can be used in any supported language, for instance, English, German, French, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Armenian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Korean, Persian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

Antivirus Software Issues

There are some antivirus software, for instance, BitDefender Total Security, that block Driver Talent by default. If you are asking yourself, ‘Is Driver Talent safe?’ you don’t have to worry as it is pretty reliable.

If you get a warning from your antivirus, you need to add this program to a list of trusted products. In some cases, you might need to turn off your antivirus software.

Platforms: Windows
Price: Free or from $5.99 – depends on a version
Driver Talent: Windows
driver talent for network card interface

Thanks to the in-built driver library, Driver Talent for Network Card can be used for getting access to wired and wireless network drivers in an offline-mode.

If you choose this option, the driver detector will automatically find your network adapter and choose the best suitable driver for it. As the most popular drivers are included in the package, it won’t take a lot of time. It’s extremely helpful in situations when you don’t have access to the Internet and experience issues with your network card driver.

Once you have installed Driver Talent for Network Card, you will see that it is pretty similar to Driver Talent. Just like the software product designed by OSToto Co., Ltd, this driver booster can be used for updating your PC drivers and fixing any driver-related problems. There are backup and restore tools available as well. You can also quickly uninstall any incompatible driver.

What’s more, you can quickly install drivers for your peripheral devices, for instance, a mouse, keyboard, network printer, scanner, gamepad, as well as for the devices connected through Bluetooth.

Driver Talent Price

You can purchase Driver Talent by choosing any option available. If you are on a budget, you will appreciate that you won’t have to pay for a year’s subscription as it often happens when you purchase similar software. As for now, there are several pricing plans available on the official website:

1-month License 1 PC - $5.99

Lifetime License 1 PC - $19.95

Lifetime License 3 PCs - $29.95

Lifetime License 5 PCs - $39.95

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Driver Talent is great software with an easy-to-navigate user interface. It is extremely helpful when you need to quickly update drivers. If the Driver Talent options and its impressive set of useful features are not enough for you, there are other similar products available.

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