ContentDetector AI Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software

ContentDetector AI

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Verdict: ContentDetector AI searches for all AI-created text that was generated using tools like Chat GPT, GPT 3, and GPT 4, while calculating a percentage score that lets you know how likely it is that the text was produced by artificial intelligence.

This solution is pleasantly user-friendly, feature-rich, well-optimized, and capable of providing highly precise results that can significantly improve your workflow. I’d also like my ContentDetector AI review to note that this artificial intelligence software offers automatic word counting and is available for free. It has already done wonders for elevating the quality of my content to the next level.

  • Cutting-edge algorithms
  • Word counter
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Unlimited number of checks
  • Doesn’t detect traditional plagiarism
  • Barebones customization
contentdetector ai interface

ContentDetector.AI is a great tool for bloggers who’d like to start a photography blog, teachers and professors, and any user interested in locating AI-produced text.

This solution is equipped with editing functionality while providing AI detection results in a comprehensible and aesthetically pleasing manner without imposing any word count limitations.

The platform was developed to perform real-time detection of AI-generated text, which is why it can be a solid addition to your toolset if you need to quickly check the authenticity of certain written content.

ContentDetector AI – Main Features

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ContentDetector AI is a plagiarism finder and AI-checking tool. You simply have to paste your text into the appropriate field to start the detection process. This solution was created by leveraging and combining the results of OpenAI’s GPT 2 version and the technology of the highly efficient BERT pre-training approach (Roberta) model.

Easy to Use AI Content Detector Feature

One of the features that deserve to be highlighted in this Content Detector AI review is the tool’s intuitive UI. This solution offers a user-friendly dashboard that doesn’t require any technical skills to be used. The results are presented in the form of likelihood percentages and thus are easy to comprehend and evaluate.

contentdetector ai feature

For instance, when I order texts from copywriters for my photography blog, I want to make sure they aren’t just using an AI model to generate them. However, AI-created texts might or might not be treated as spam, based on how the AI solution was used.

Teachers and professors can also benefit from this tool to check if the essays submitted by the students were written by them. By simply pasting text into the relevant field and pressing “Analyze” you’ll soon find out if the student was trying to trick you for an easy grade. Such functionality can be essential for any modern teacher.

Useful Word Counter

It only takes a couple of clicks to find out the word count in any of your texts. Simply copy and paste your text into the appropriate field to receive an instant result and learn the exact number of included words.

contentdetector ai word counter feature

In contrast to alternative word counters, the feature implemented in ContentDetector.AI doesn’t have a maximum word cap, hence why it’s perfect for long-form content. This tool is pleasantly user-friendly and always delivers accurate results.

Such functionality is useful for ensuring you’re meeting your writing goals and hitting the required word counts for blog posts, essays, and other tasks. This solution is perfect for writers, students, academics, journalists, and other creatives.

High Level of Accuracy

contentdetector ai accuracy

I tested the platform to check how accurate ContentDetector AI is at doing its job. For this test, I analyzed 10 AI-generated posts from several AI writers like Jasper, Longshot, and Anyword.

The delivered analysis shows that this tool is perfect at determining AI-created texts. This is possible thanks to the thorough training process it underwent, which now allows it to detect nuanced patterns that match known content guidelines.

Free Unlimited Wordcount

Arguably the most appealing aspect of this solution is that it enables you to conduct as many checks for AI-created texts as you need without spending a dime. As such, you can analyze as many articles or essays as you’d like without stressing over artificial limits or unexpected fees.

This is especially good news for bloggers who have to frequently check large numbers of texts for AI-created content. Without having to deal with word limits, you can rely on ContentDetector AI as your sole solution for checking written text for AI traces.

Interesting Blog from Experts

contentdetector ai blog

Their blog features posts on how to utilize ChatGPT, the safety of ChatGPT, typical mistakes you should avoid when working on research proposals, GPTZero replacements, top generative AI tools for business, and so on. Moreover, the blog is frequently updated with new posts.

ContentDetector AI Prices

ContentDetector.AI is available completely for free and it doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of checks or overall word count.


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