Cannibals Media – Digital Marketing Company Review 2023

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Photography Tips

Cannibals Media

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Price: $25-49/hour

Verdict: Cannibals Media specializes in digital marketing services. The company is widely known in Pune and New Delhi. Their team consists of creative professionals, web developers and analysts who provide top-class service to world-known brands and solve complex problems to help you generate revenue and boost sales.

In this review, we will tell you about the main benefits of working with this agency. They strictly follow an established schedule to deliver the results in time. The team always meets deadlines and plans everything according to your budget.

  • Effective marketing
  • Professional web development for photographers
  • Stunning portfolio
  • Notable Clients
  • Helpful blog
  • No pricing list
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Cannibals Media employs a complex marketing approach. While many similar agencies provide only a limited number of marketing services, Cannibals Media can plan and launch a full-fledged marketing campaign. Their strongest point is that they don’t use a standard approach. They create a personalized strategy for every client.

Another advantage is that they know how to promote companies of different sizes, be it a small restaurant or a successful startup with millions of dollars of investments. In their portfolio, you will find detailed samples of their works. Besides, you will be impressed by the list of their clients.

Complete Cannibals Media Review

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If you want to promote your website, you can outsource this task and contact an agency that specializes in online marketing. However, most such companies fail to provide an all-in-one solution. A professional digital marketing agency will analyze your website traffic and decide which platforms will be suitable for promoting your products and services.

As a recipient of multiple awards, the Cannibals agency is considered to be one of the top digital marketing companies. They are true professionals who use a creative approach to digital marketing.

Wide Range of Marketing Services for Photographers

cannibals media review services

There is an abundance of companies out there offering a variety of photography marketing services for your needs. They will help you establish your online presence, build your reputation, develop a website, etc. To save time and avoid wasting money, it’s better to opt for an all-in-one solution and contact a company that specializes in different areas.

Cannibals Media offers a variety of marketing services. They are highly knowledgeable in social media and influencer marketing, specialize in link building services and can contact bloggers to promote your products to a target audience. To reach their goals, they use the most powerful SEO software and spidering software.

Effective Influencer Marketing

To ensure that your ads will be seen by your target audience, they can reach out to influencers who might be interested in promoting your products. For instance, if you want to promote your photography portfolio, it might be useful to collaborate with popular bloggers and influencers who can share their opinion and recommend your services to their followers.

It will allow you to quickly engage your audience. The agency will analyze your website and find influencers that can reach out to your audience.

They will select different social media platforms based on your audience’s preferences. For instance, they can launch a marketing campaign on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

Extensive Portfolio

cannibals media review portfolio

On the official website, you will find the company’s portfolio. Here, you will see detailed descriptions of their projects, samples of their website design and development services, information about their content marketing, social media, PPC, digital branding and organic search marketing services.

When reading the information on their portfolio page, I was struck by the fact that this company can work on complex projects at such a professional level. They always strive to achieve impressive results to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

Expert Blogger Outreach

Besides promoting your products and services online, the Cannibals Media digital marketing company also specializes in content creation. They can write and publish articles about your brand to post them on various platforms. Their team will do everything possible to analyze your niche and create relevant content that will grab the attention of your audience.

As the result, you will get informative articles that and reviews that will help your potential customers learn more about your product. In addition, their writers will use top keywords and add relevant links to the articles to drive organic traffic to your website.

Notable Clients

cannibals media clients

Another thing that we should mention in this review is a list of their clients. Over the years, the company worked on projects for Audials, DepositPhotos, Wondershare, RenderForest, JoyoShare.

These companies contacted Cannibals Media asking them to create a new branding strategy and boost their sales. The agency helped them develop an effective marketing strategy and scale up their businesses.

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency. A list of previous clients allows you to understand what you should expect from a company.

Responsible Team

I was impressed at how quickly the Cannibals Media contacted me to answer my questions. They always meet their deadlines which means that they are true professionals. Their workflow is well-organized. The team will keep you updated on every stage of the project and take into account your suggestions.

Helpful Blog

cannibals media blog

On the official website, you will find an informative blog with helpful marketing tips and ideas for big and small companies alike. Here, you will find lots of useful information for developing your business, handy tips for fixing common marketing issues. You will get this information free of charge.

Powerful Link Building

Most agencies that provide link-building services pay attention only to PageRank, Citation Flow, and Domain authority, however, Cannibals prioritizes relevance. They pay attention to the quality of the links and select only the best links that can be used for the effective promotion of your website.

They value every client and make everything they can to ensure customers’ satisfaction. The team offers personalized services and selects only links that are relevant to your area of interest.

First, they will evaluate your portfolio and analyze your competitors to develop an effective strategy. Then, they will manually check and verify all the links. By avoiding automated tools, they guarantee that you will get only high-quality links that are relevant to your topic.

Cannibals Media Prices

Similarly to other companies, they will provide you with a price quote when you send them a message and describe your project in detail. They offer a personalized solution to every client and meet all customers’ needs. The agency believes that every company needs a unique approach.

Besides, the final price will depend on the size of your business. You will see the contact form at the bottom part of their website. Send them a message, and, in a few hours, you will receive a price quote.