Camtasia vs Vegas Pro

Can’t decide what software among these powerful video editors to choose – Camtasia vs Sony Vegas? My comparison review will be helpful for you.

Camtasia is an advanced professional-grade video editing software available in the market. It offers a perfect balance of a powerful UI, high-quality output control, and a finely tuned technical user experience.

Vegas Pro is one of the leading programs on the market for both beginners and advanced video editors. The program allows to smoothly manipulate digital cameras, capture photos, edit existing videos, add text, and much more.

Final Verdict:

The choice of advanced video editors is Vegas Pro. There are hundreds of professionally designed templates to choose from when doing photo and film editing. You can add text, shadows, background music, and customize your video with visual effects options that include red eye removal, smoke, wipes, blurs, sharpen, panning, and much more.

Vegas Pro is the winner >

Vegas Pro Features:

  • Video stabilization
  • Multiple timelines
  • Advanced filters
  • HDR color support
  • Audio editing tools

What is Camtasia?

camtasia interface

Camtasia has a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to create, edit, and share their videos. For example, you can easily move windows and select features in real time with the mouse and keyboard.

Perhaps one of the best things about Camtasia is that it incorporates a wide range of innovative options that make it suitable for a broad range of purposes. There is a number of useful filters, transitions, and visual effects, all of which can be used to give your video a higher quality and a striking cinematic feel. This is especially useful when you're producing high quality corporate videos for presentations. In addition, Camtasia also includes a wealth of capabilities that make it easy to quickly identify and fix common problems, such as lighting variations, jitter, skip backings, and missing frames.

What is Vegas Pro?

vegas pro interface

Vegas Pro is an excellent editing and recording software that enables you to make professional looking videos and photos. It can be used to create DVDs, video postcards, videos on CD, Microsoft bandwidth movies, Flash movies, and iPod video files. It also includes a movie studio, a music player, an online game center, photo editor, an Article Authoring Tool, and movie post editor.

One of the newest additions to this software is the package of new features such as image processing tools, video editing features, and professional graphics. This software also includes a movie maker that makes it easy to make a short movie or longer video. The movie studio lets you edit existing video footage, as well as the ability to transfer movies from other digital cameras to your computer.


camtasia logo
vegas pro logo

Camtasia & Vegas Pro Features:

  • Free templates
  • Magnetic Track function
  • Multiple editing modes
  • Screen recording
  • Sharing options
  • Style transfering ability
  • Noise reduction
  • Planar Motion Tracking option
  • Media management instruments
  • Color grading

Camtasia and Vegas Pro Price:

STARTING PRICE $249.99/license $599.00/license
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FixThePhoto Choice:

You can also edit scanned documents and photographs with Vegas Pro. The movie studio allows you to insert up to 200 pictures or footage, while all the other features let you import, edit, and restore video clips.