5 Best Monitor Covers in 2023

By Robin Owens 9 days ago, Monitors

Top computer monitor dust covers.

best monitor covers

After some time, you will definitely notice dust and fingerprints on a display. This doesn’t only ruin the appealing look of the monitor but also prevents you from viewing the image in a regular way.

While you aren’t working at the monitor, it should be protected with a monitor cover. In this post, we have collected the best covers that will help your Dell, LG, Samsung monitors not get dirty too fast and ensure that the monitor is safe.

Top 5 Computer Monitor Covers

  1. Pawtec - Our choice
  2. Curmio 27" - The best monitor screen cover for Apple 27-inch iMac
  3. FORITO - Protective cover
  4. Curmio 21.5" - A great choice for Apple 21.5-inch iMac
  5. Computer Dust Solutions - The best monitor dust cover

The nowadays’ market is full of various computer monitor cover types:

- Universals – they are fitting for a number of models with particular sizes. Typically, a manufacturer specifies the dimensions of the cover (length x height x depth) and the appropriate screen sizes, like 20-22 "or 23-25".

- Created for certain models with specific dimensions.

- Feature handles to make sure that the monitor is being transported conveniently and safely.

Find out the size of your display and you will be able to pick an appropriate monitor cover.

1. Pawtec

Our choice
monitor cover pawtec

Screen size: 20-22 inches | Dimension: 21x13x1 inches | Material: outside - stretchable lycra material, inside - soft lining | Color: black

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⊕ Suitable for numerous models
⊕ Compact when folded
⊕ Open seam on the back panel
⊖ Absence of pockets

Pawtec is a decent monitor cover for protection of the flat panel, HD, LCD or LED models from dust while they aren’t used or are being carried. It is fabricated of qualitative, non-heavy and stretchy Lycra material.

The screen won’t be scratched due to the soft lining on the inner side of the cover.

With the open seam on the back, the dust cover will seamlessly encompass the monitor and won’t affect mount and wires.

Pawtec is adapted specifically to all well-known monitor brands with their 20-22" models, like Samsung, Asus, Dell, Sceptre and View Sonic.

The cover doesn’t add up plenty of extra weight to the monitor. It is reliable and will serve you for a long period of time.

2. Curmio 27"

Screen cover for Apple 27" iMac
monitor cover curmio 27

Screen size: 27-inch | Dimension: 26.2x18.3x1.3 inches | Material: outside - water-resistant nylon, inside - soft velvet lining | Color: black, grey

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⊕ Multi-purpose design
⊕ 4 pockets
⊕ Rubber handle
⊖ Made specifically for Apple 27" iMac Desktop

If you are an owner of 27" iMac Desktop computer, Curmio will be the best monitor cover for you. Its durability is ensured by water-proof nylon fabric on the outer side.

The protection from scratches, dirt and dust is provided by means of soft velvet lining on the inner side.

The regulated straps will fully encompass the monitor and are flexible enough to deal with the Ergo stand.

The cover pleases us with the back and front pockets for storing wires, headphones, a mouse and a keyboard together with the display.

With Curmio 27", namely its non-heavy design and rubber handle, users will be able to conveniently carry around their iMacs.


The best monitor protective cover
monitor cover forito

Screen size: 23-25 inches | Dimension: 24x18x3 inches | Material: outside and inside - non-woven fabric | Color: light gray

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⊕ Compatibility with the majority of monitors
⊕ Effortless folding
⊕ Open bottom
⊖ Absence of lining

With the dimensions of 24x18x3 inches, FORITO will be fitting for the majority of 23-25" LED/LCD monitors. It may boast the compatibility with the majority of monitor brands, like Samsung, Asus, Acer, HP monitors, Dell, Lenovo, Viewsonic, BenQ, LG and so on.

FORITO is generally used as a protection from fingerprints, scratches, dirt and dust, as well as for the purposes of transportation.

The non-woven fabric of this monitor protective cover is qualitative, it isn’t harmful and can be washed. Due to the open bottom, users can slip the cover over the top of the monitor.

Whenever users don’t need the cover, they can effortlessly fold it, and it won’t occupy much space.

4. Curmio 21.5"

Monitor cover for Apple 21.5" iMac
monitor cover curmio 21

Screen size: 21.5-inch | Dimension: 22.5x15.5x1.4 inches | Material: outside - water-resistant nylon, inside - soft velvet lining | Color: black

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⊕ Lightweight and stylish design
⊕ 3 pockets
⊕ Shoulder strap made of artificial leather
⊖ Made specifically for Apple 21.5" iMac Desktop

Curmio with its dimensions of 22.5x15.5x1.4 inches is the best monitor cover for the owners of 21.5" iMac Desktop computer.

Due to the stylish and non-heavy design of the cover, the process of carrying the monitor will be simple and convenient. Curmio 21.5" is fabricated of reliable water-resistant material, protecting the device against all sorts of damages at a top level.

The robust shoulder strap is made of artificial leather. It has a height of 12.5” and brings additional convenience during transportation. The back Velcro tab is meant for storing iMac stand pass through.

Other significant elements of the cover’s design include three pockets for storing and transferring peripheral devices, two pockets with Velcro on the backside and one with the zipper and small compartments on the front side.

5. Computer Dust Solutions

The best monitor dust cover
monitor cover computer dust solutions

Screen size: 23-24 inches | Dimension: 23x16x3 inches | Material: outside and inside - EVA vinyl material | Color: translucent creamcolor with sky-blue trim

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⊕ A wide range of cover sizes
⊕ Antistatic and eco-friendly material
⊕ Cheap price
⊖ No lining

The monitor screen cover by Computer Dust Solution has dimensions of 23x16x3 inches and is fitting for the majority of 23-24" flat-panel LCD displays.

The material of the cover is top-grade EVA vinyl with a thickness of 0.2mm. Its antistatic qualities protect the device from water and dust, ensuring the spotless state of the screen.

The material is totally unharmful, not heavy and doesn’t have any smell.

The cover’s beautiful creamy color and light blue trim will look amazing on the desk or any other place. Its other benefits are an affordable price and a wide range of sizes for you to pick the perfect option.

Image Name Features  
monitor cover pawtec
Our choice
  • Screen size: 20-22"
  • Dimension: 21x13x1 inches
  • Color: black
  • Material: stretchable lycra
monitor cover curmio 27
For iMac
  • Screen size: 27"
  • Dimension: 26.2x18.3x1.3 inches
  • Color: black, grey
  • Material: water-resistant nylon
monitor cover forito
  • Screen size: 23-25"
  • Dimension: 24x18x3 inches
  • Color: light gray
  • Material: non-woven fabric

How to Choose the Monitor Protective Cover?

best monitor cover

Once you have bought a monitor, think about getting a decent cover as well. Otherwise, stains and scratches may appear on the screen and negatively impact the quality of the image, which is highly relevant for designers and accomplished gamers.

There exist several types of covers:

  • Stationary cover. It serves as a protection from stains, dust, scratches and fingerprints. Such a cover is meant to be used at work or at home.
  • Portable case. It is aimed at simplifying the process of carrying the device. That’s why such a case typically comes with handles. It is supposed to be reliable, have lining or a protective layer on the inside. Water-resistant material is a great benefit for your portable monitor.

Besides, mind that regardless of the type you pick, it has to fully correspond to the size of the device. In order to select the proper size of the cover, take into consideration the diagonal of the display (e.g. you have a 21-inch monitor), as well as the thickness of the device.

Find such values of your model as height, depth and length (width) on the net or measure them yourself.

Almost all computer monitor covers have the screen size in inches specified in the description along with the general dimensions. Pay attention to this info and you will be able to pick a perfectly fitting cover.

While deciding on the size, don’t forget to bear in mind the design of the monitor stand. With the display stand at the rear side, the stand size should be added to the thickness of the monitor. However, it refers only to fully closed covers.

Certain computer screen covers feature a slit on the back. It may be a zipper, a Velcro, fasteners, or a cutout for particular support.

Those who live with kids or pets may be concerned about the possible damage that can be made to the display. That’s why the material of a monitor cover is a highly significant aspect. If the material is dense, you may stop worrying about the safety of the monitor. Material is important as well if you are going to carry the device a lot.

best monitor cover

Moreover, certain computer monitor cover models feature extra pockets for peripheral devices, saving plenty of space on the desk.

To sum up, once again I want to stress that a monitor cover serves not only as a protection for the display. Also, it ensures that the device stays spotless and undamaged.


  • • Do computer monitor covers protect the screen from pet claws?

Pet owners should be careful while picking the monitor cover. Its material should be dense enough, otherwise, the pet may easily tear it.

  • • Is it possible to put the monitor in the cover while it is turned on?

Technically, you can do it since the latest monitor models don’t give away sufficient amount of direct heat to result in trouble. It is better to be safe than sorry, so don’t put the monitor in the cover while it is turned on for a long period of time.

  • • Are there protective covers for monitors with a carrying handle?

Yes, the majority of the latest covers feature dedicated handles along with shoulder straps for trouble-free carrying.

  • • Can I get a cover for a curved monitor?

Covers for curved displays aren’t so widespread, but don’t rush to give up on the idea of finding a perfect cover for such a device. In this case, try calculating the size of the coating based on the value of the monitor’s curved angle and get a regular cover.