7 Best Laptops for X Plane 11 in 2023

By Robin Owens 23 days ago, Hardware

The best laptops for X Plane 11 available on the market.

top laptop for x plane 11

X Plane is among the most realistic flight simulators on the market. The developers did a fantastic job making the player feel like a real pilot, especially in the latest version of the software. The X-Plane 11 has a user-friendly UI that gives you all the freedom you need for editing your flight. It also lets you marvel at the carefully recreated 3D cockpits and beautiful plane exteriors of the many models represented in the game.

However, such powerful software also demands a powerful machine. If you’re interested in finding out what is the best laptop for X Plane 11, then this post covering 9 highly-rated options definitely deserves your attention.

Top 7 Best Laptops for X Plane 11

  1. Acer Predator Helios - Our Choice
  2. MSI GL65 Leopard - Pre-installed bloatware apps
  3. ASUS ROG Strix G17 - Professional
  4. HP Pavilion Gaming - Aesthetically pleasing
  5. Omen by HP 15 - Excellent IPS panel
  6. Razer Blade 15 - 144Hz display option
  7. OMEN 17 Gaming - Decent speakers

The latest edition of X-Plane is rather demanding on your hardware, but it more than makes up for it with fantastic graphics. If you want to run this software efficiently, you’re going to need a dedicated GPU and meet the system requirements for other components. Check out this overview and pick the best laptop for X Plane 11 for your taste and budget

1. Acer Predator Helios

Our Choice
laptop for x plane 11 acer

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 5.1 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ 512 GB SSD
⊕ Impressive performance
⊕ Convenient keyboard
⊖ Cooling system needs to be improved
⊖ Only has a single USB-A 3.0 port

The Predator Helios is the best laptop for X Plane 11 if you’re willing to invest around $1000 into your flight simulation system. This model comes with the highest specifications you can find in this price range, as it’s supplied with a Core i7 7700HQ processor and a GTX 1060 graphics card that packs 6GB of VRAM.

The Helios is a fantastic option for running X-Plane 11 in Full-HD resolution without going broke. Moreover, the performance provided by this laptop can only be matched by products in the $2000 range. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of budget-friendliness and gaming-grade functionality and power, you can’t go wrong with the Predator Helios.

2. MSI GL65 Leopard

Pre-installed bloatware apps
laptop for x plane 11 msi

CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | GPU: RTX2070 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 5.07 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ Top-tier graphical performance
⊕ Pre-installed bloatware apps
⊕ State-of-the-art i7 Intel CPU
⊕ Enough of memory
⊖ Loud cooling system
⊖ Rather bulky

The GL65 Leopard does a great job of satisfying XPlane 11 specs by offering a 15.6-inch 144Hz Full-HD display with slim bezels and only 3ms of response time, an Intel i7 10750H Hexa-core processor with a clocking speed of 2.6GHz, and a high-end RTX 2070 GPU that provides 8GB of DDR6 VRAM.

Thanks to the power provided by that hardware, you'll be able to enjoy a smooth and seamless performance while flying in X-Plane 11 and admiring the stunning graphics of this flight simulation software.

3. ASUS ROG Strix G17

laptop for x plane 11 asus

CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 17-inch | Weight: 6.28 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ Beautiful RGB keyboard backlight
⊕ Terrific sound
⊕ One-of-a-kind Keystone hardware key
⊖ Can make a lot of noise when running demanding software
⊖ Display lacks G-Sync support

This ASUS product is probably the best laptop for X Plane 11 if you’re looking for something as eye-catching and visually-impressive as X-Plane itself. The product’s design features an RGB light strip at the front and edges of the laptop and a big ROG logo on the lid. The provided keyboard is equipped with per-key backlighting, which can be personalized to suit the specific game you’re playing.

In terms of hardware, the Strix G17 allows you to enjoy the power provided by the RTX 2070 GPU and a 9-gen Intel i7 CPU. The laptop offers smooth, well-rendered performance and is more than capable of providing an immersive flying experience while running X-Plane 11 and other similar games on high settings.

4. HP Pavilion Gaming

Aesthetically pleasing
laptop for x plane 11 hp

CPU: Intel Core i7 | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 256GB | Display: 17-inch | Weight: 6.1 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ Solid battery
⊕ Wi-Fi 6 support
⊕ Heavy-duty Nvidia mobile graphics card
⊕ Stylish look
⊖ Lacks Thunderbolt 3 support
⊖ Screen is 60Hz rather than 144Hz

While the Pavilion Gaming laptop can look like a rather outdated inclusion on this list since HP released its Omen series, but it manages to meet all X Plane 11 minimum requirements and even surpass them in some cases. This enthusiast-level device is available in different configurations, with the cheapest one being supplied with a Core i5 9300H CPU and a GTX 1050 graphics card while being sold at about $800.

The configuration tested for this overview had better specs and came with a Core i7 9750H processor, 16GB of RAM, a GTX 1660Ti GPU, a 256GB SSD, and an HDD with 1TB of storage space. Such a build is priced at $1600, but you can lower it significantly by slightly downgrading some of the included components.

5. Omen by HP 15

Excellent IPS panel
laptop for x plane 11 hp

CPU: Intel i7-9750H Processor | GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 8.6 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ Beautiful design
⊕ Great for Full-HD gaming
⊕ Amazing IPS panel
⊖ Short battery life
⊖ Lacks a flash-card slot

The Omen 15 earns the right to contend for the best laptop for X Plane 11 title by offering a 9-gen Intel CPU, a GTX graphics card, and state-of-the-art design. Other than the solid specifications, this model also comes with a quality 144Hz screen while being available at a surprisingly low price.

A reliable chassis, G-Sync support, pleasantly silent fans, and consumer-friendly pricing all serve to make the Omen 15 a good pick for all your flight simulation needs.

6. Razer Blade 15

144Hz display option
laptop for x plane 11 razer

CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 15-inch | Weight: 4.56 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ High speaker and touchpad quality
⊕ Robust build
⊕ 144Hz screen option
⊕ Long-lasting battery
⊖ Can heat up quite a bit
⊖ Distracting lid logo

Razer Blade 15 is proof that a high-end model can meet X-Plane 11 requirements and be used for work and entertainment with equal success. It offers a sturdy chassis, great audio quality, and a heavy-duty battery while being able to handle even the most demanding games without any problems.

Moreover, the Blade 15 manages to remain a slim, lightweight laptop that you can easily take with you everywhere.

7. HP Omen 17 Gaming

Decent speakers
laptop for x plane 11 omen

CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 512GB | Display: 17-inch | Weight: 5.27 pound

rank rank Rating

⊕ G-Sync screen with a terrific refresh rate
⊕ Plenty of factory options
⊕ Solid speakers
⊖ Loud cooling system
⊖ Disappointing battery

The Omen 17 Gaming has the potential to be the best laptop for X Plane 11 due to the unique combination of a 17.3” G-Sync screen and a powerful GeForce RTX GPU, which is something you won’t find even in more expensive models. As a result, you get to enjoy extremely smooth X-Plane performance, particularly thanks to the 8GB RTX 2070 graphics card and the Hexa-core i7 CPU.

The laptop’s robust build, special macro keys, and Thunderbolt 3 support make it even more noteworthy. That said, the Omen 17 Gaming isn’t perfect, as its cooling mechanism makes quite a lot of noise and the vastly superior per-key backlight system isn’t present here. Thankfully, the relatively low price of this product helps ignore those flaws, making it one of the most attractive options on the market.

Image Name Features  
laptop for x plane 11 acer predator helios
Acer Predator Helios
Our Choice
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB
laptop for x plane 11 msi gl65 leopard
MSI GL65 Leopard
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • GPU: RTX2070
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB
laptop for x plane 11 asus rog strix
ASUS ROG Strix G17
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB

How to Choose the Best Laptop for X Plane 11?

laptop for x plane 11

Which Operating System to Get on Laptop?

When looking for a decent computer for X Plane 11, you need to select a model with an operational system that suits your needs most. The most popular one is Microsoft Windows, and the majority of modern laptops available in the stores run Windows 10. The same is relevant for top-tier gaming laptops under 2000 dollars. Most users are quite satisfied with this system, but there are other options as well. Apple products come with macOS and have a loyal audience. Another well-known alternative system is Google’s Chrome OS.

Mac versus Windows

Modern laptops under 500 dollars are mainly based on Windows 10 or Chrome OS. A Chromebook will be a wonderful choice for those, who are planning to use the laptop for simple office tasks, like working with text documents, editing basic spreadsheets, writing emails, surfing the Internet and watching movies. If you opt for a Chromebook, make sure it is equipped with a high-quality display and an ergonomic keyboard. You don’t need large storage or the most powerful processor, as you will have full access to Google Drive. Besides, you can use other cloud services. I recommend you to look for bargains and special offers, as sometimes this is a great way to get a medium range Chromebook with a full-HD screen and excellent keyboard.

If your budget allows you to spend a bit more, the Apple MacBook is a great alternative. This simple and stylish macOS device will perfectly cope with your everyday routine. Apple products are not cheap, for example, the MacBook Air costs more than $1000. However, they are excellent value for money. Amazing elegant design, outstanding battery life, a huge variety of in-built multimedia applications, direct synchronization with the iCloud account – these are the features appealing to many users who opt for Apple laptops.

The MacBook Pro is a high-end laptop. It will be a great option for any content creator, though its price is above average. This i9 laptop has a superior 16-inch display.. However, unlike Windows and Chrome-based devices, macOS laptops come without a touch screen.

If you are planning to use a laptop as a gaming device, you have to make sure it has the necessary specifications. For instance, it should meet the X Plane 11 minimum requirements if you want to play this game. The majority of advanced games are compatible with Windows. Some games are available for macOS. If you are using a Chromebook, you can play only the games, which work directly from the browser, or the ones you download from the Chrome Web Store.

Another feature of a Windows-based laptop is the wide selection of configurations and designs. It is quite predictable, as most models are equipped with Windows 10. You can easily find a solid laptop for Microsoft Office and enjoy smooth operation. The recommendations below concern Windows laptops in the first place, though some features can be found in Apple models and Chromebooks. Read on to learn how to choose the best laptop for X Plane 11.

Ideal Size and Weight

Most people prioritize portability when choosing a new laptop. An ultraportable laptop, as a rule, is about 0.5-inch thick, and its weight doesn’t exceed 3 pounds. Thanks to it, you can take your laptop with you wherever you go.

The majority of the laptops come with a 13 or 14-inch screen, although there are decent 15-inch laptops and even bigger displays. Manufacturers offer various design options. It may be a traditional laptop or a 2-in-1 convertible device with a special hinge for a 360-degree screen rotation.

2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

There are Windows-based laptops and Chromebooks with 10-11-inch displays. In fact, some of them are not even 11-inch laptops, but tablets with detachable keyboards. If you are not looking for a tablet, I don’t recommend you to get these models. You won’t be able to fully enjoy such a device neither as a laptop nor as a tablet. A detachable keyboard is far from comfortable, and such devices cannot cope with complex tasks. The laptop performance won’t be ideal either.

The largest possible screen you will find is 17 inches. With a big 2-in-1 laptop, you can enjoy a desktop-like experience. However, such a laptop will be rather bulky and heavy. There are models that weigh more than 8 pounds and are 1-inch thick. Devoted gamers often choose 17-inch screen laptops, if they use them mostly on the desk. Those who appreciate portability should opt for a 15-inch-screen laptop.

laptop for x plane 11

Kind of Laptop Screen

The quality of laptop screens has improved significantly over the past years. The colors now are brighter and more natural, the images became sharper and the text looks better. Pixel density is measured in PPI. It is one of the main characteristics of a screen. Another important characteristic is its resolution measured in horizontal-by-vertical pixels.

A screen with full HD resolution has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (or, in some cases, 1920x1200). Such displays are also called 1080p screens. They come with LCD panels that support IPS technology. IPS screens guarantee superior image quality, regardless of the angle you are looking from. Another screen type often used in modern laptops is TFT (thin-film transistor). On this screen, colors look faded if you look from a side angle. Take the screen type into account, if you are planning to use your laptop to create presentations and share the screen with your colleagues. In such a case, it is necessary to make sure that everybody can see the content.

OLED laptop screen

Budget laptops for Internet are generally equipped with mediocre TFT displays. Usually, they support a 1280x720 or 1366x768 resolution. The colors won’t be as bright and vivid as you could expect, and the text won’t look perfectly crisp. If you need to save some money and are ready to tolerate subpar image quality, a laptop with a low-resolution screen might be a good option to consider.

If you want to find the best laptop for X Plane 11, opt for a more expensive device. With it, you will enjoy bright colors and clear text on a Full HD display. High-end laptops are equipped with superior quality 4K screens with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. Like Full HD panels, these displays are based on IPS technology. However, some premium-quality displays use OLED technology, like the most advanced smartphones. Such screens are excellent for watching movies, as they provide exceptional image quality, precise and vivid colors. Regardless of the screen panel type, a display should have at least 500 nits of brightness to deliver great performance both indoors and outdoors.

Laptop CPU and Graphics

The majority of modern ultraportable laptops are fitted with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, or with an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7. The best i7 laptops are great for basic computing tasks. If you are looking for the best processor, it will be useful to know, that the higher number in the name means more processor cores, higher speeds and multithreading. Such CPUs can run several threads of execution.

Advanced programs use all processor cores, so the performance speed will be better with multithreading. Budget laptops are equipped with AMD A-series processors, Ryzen3, Intel Core i3, Celeron or Pentium silicon. Such processors have either two or four cores. If you can afford a high-class machine, you will be able to enjoy the most powerful Intel Core i9 or Xeon processors with eight cores. The same processors are embedded in the best gaming laptops under 1200 bucks.

Gaming laptops are a separate category of devices, and they usually have extremely powerful processors, which can be identified by an “H” in the name of a model. Intel and AMD both offer H-series processors. Powerful CPUs need better cooling and consume more energy. On the other hand, they deliver desktop-like performance.

A CPU has an in-built graphics processor, called an IGP, an integrated graphics processor. It ensures the smooth graphic performance of all the routine computing tasks. UHD Graphics, Intel’s HD Graphics or Iris Plus are examples of IGPs. This type of graphics processor uses the cores of a CPU and a fixed amount of its memory.

Experienced gamers usually are not satisfied with the IGP, so they buy a dedicated graphics processor. The difference between a gaming GPU and integrated graphics is impressive, especially when it comes to 3D games. Some laptops are equipped with cheap and simple graphics processors, for example, the GeForce MX series which won’t be enough for advanced games. If you want to get the best solution, try one of the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX.

To decide, which graphics processor unit will be the best for your gaming laptop, you should know the frame rate you plan to run. The games you are going to play will also affect your choice. For instance, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, pay attention to the X-Plane 11 requirements to choose the best model. When compiling this list, I played some of the most demanding games on these laptops to give you the best recommendations based on my experience.


  • • Can my laptop play X Plane 11?

Yes, if you have a laptop with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, 64-bit, or higher. Besides, there are versions for macOS and Linux.

  • • Which brand is better, Dell or HP?

HP laptops are equipped with long-lasting batteries, which are perfect for continuous use. Their hardware is similar to that one of Dell laptops, but the overall quality is lower. I prefer Dell laptops, as they are solid and reliable devices.

  • • Which option is better, Lenovo or Dell?

I recommend opting for Dell if you can afford it. Lenovo is also a good choice, especially for those who are on a budget.

  • • What does x360 mean?

The x360 means that a laptop is convertible and equipped with a touchscreen.