7 Best Memory Cards For Nikon D3500 in 2024

By Robin Owens 15 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Affordable and high-quality memory cards for Nikon D3500.

best memory card for nikon d3500

The regular Nikon D3500 kit doesn’t include a memory card. While some marketplaces offer bundles that come with extras like SD cards, stumbling upon such a bundle demands quite a bit of luck, leaving most photographers with the need to purchase a memory card separately.  

Top 7 Best Memory Cards for Nikon D3500

  1. Lexar LSD128GCB1NL633 - Fast
  2. SanDisk SDSDXXY-064G-GN4IN - Weatherproof
  3. SanDisk SDSDXV5-256G-GNCIN - Durable
  4. BOYMXU 32 GB - High build quality
  5. Keple 32GB - Secure
  6. Lexar LSD128CBNA1667 - High-speed perfomance
  7. PNY 64GB - Cheap

The market is full of SD cards suitable for Nikon's D3500 DSLR. This post serves to help you reduce the number of potential options by only covering products that passed both factory and user testing and have proven to offer a reliable and durable experience. Read on and pick the best memory card for Nikon D3500 out of the available options.

1. Lexar LSD128GCB1NL633

lexar lsd128gcb1nl633 memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 128 GB | Interface: USB 3.0 | Speed: 95 MB/s

  • ✚ Large storage capasity
  • ✚ Ideal for professional
  • ✚ High-speed file transfer
  • Not reliable

The Lexar Professional 633x 128GB UHS-I memory card is a high capacity, in-camera hard drive that can support the high resolution imagery and other important digital files for SLR or digital still photography. It is perfect for professional photographers and videographers who need to transfer large amounts of media on a regular basis.

There is a UHS-I compatible mode which supports standard SD cards and it has a MMC compatible mode which supports the advanced MMC types. The card can also be used in high-performance imaging gear like digital cameras. The card is ideal for professional photographers, videographers, and even HD enthusiasts.   

2. SanDisk SDSDXXY-064G-GN4IN

sandisk sdsdxxy-064g-gn4in memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 64 GB | Interface: SDXC | Speed: 170 MB/s

  • ✚ Weatherproof
  • ✚ Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video
  • ✚ Good storage capasity
  • Not found

The SanDisk SDSD XXY-064G- GN4IN card is a popular type of memory card that comes with 64 gigabytes of space. It can be used for various storage devices such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants, and camcorders. This card can also work with most digital cameras manufactured by Nikon.

In addition, this card can also work with other multimedia devices, most especially those that are designed to work in the infrared light. This means that your compact discs or DVDs can be read by these devices even when they do not have infrared capability. This means that SanDisk SDSD XXY-0 64G- GN4IN can be inserted into your digital camera or other multimedia devices that have the infrared feature. However, the card is only compatible with certain types of digital cameras. It also has different speeds and capacities as compared to other SanDisk SDSD cards.

3. SanDisk SDSDXV5-256G-GNCIN

sandisk sdsdxv5-256g-gncin memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 256 GB | Interface: MicroSDXC | Speed: 150 MB/s

  • ✚ Large storage capasity
  • ✚ Easy to use
  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • Not found

Even though the device looks like a normal flash memory card, it also includes a PCI slot and a slot for CompactFlash cards. This card can also function as a CD-ROM drive because it can work with both types of media.The drive is very compact in size and it is also highly efficient. Because of these features, the SanDisk SDSDXV5-256G-GNCIN can work without the aid of a computer. Another benefit of the card is that it is capable of transferring various forms of data. It can transfer sound, graphics, video and also documents.

Aside from that, the drive can also work in conjunction with other devices such as printers, scanners and camcorders. This card is also very easy to use because it can function as a CD/DVD drive. It also has read and write abilities and it can be connected to a computer through FireWire or USB connectors.


High build quality
boymxu 32 gb memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 32 GB | Interface: SDHC | Speed: 95 MB/s

  • ✚ High build quality
  • ✚ Easy transfer to laptop
  • ✚ Easy to use
  • Fall a bit behind in terms of speed and storage space

One of the most impressive aspects of the BOYmxU 32 GB Professional is that there is no need to have a working PC or laptop in order to be able to upload the pictures to your computer or to transfer the videos to your recorder. You simply plug the memory card into the USB port of your camera and upload the photos, videos, or movies to your computer or store them onto your hard drive. The card is designed in such a way that it stores all of the data that you take with the camera onto its internal hard drive.

The build quality of the BOYmxU Professional memory card is excellent. When compared to other cards in the same class, the BOYmxU Professional seems to fall a bit behind in terms of speed and storage space, but it does feel like the winner when you compare the price to size.

5. Keple 32GB

keple 32gb memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 32 GB | Interface: SDHC, SDXC | Speed: 90 MB/s

  • ✚ Secure
  • ✚ Durable
  • ✚ Afforable
  • Not compatible with all cameras

The Keple 32GB memory card comes with its own innovative security system that protects your information while you use it. The hard drive is made of durable material, making it suitable for use in electronic devices.The card comes with its own unique features that make it so popular among its users. This includes a very fast data transfer rate, which ensures that you get quick access to the information you need.

The Keple memory card is extremely reliable and hence if you have it in your possession, you can count on it for many years to come. It comes with a warranty and thus you do not need to worry about any damages. The Keple memory card also comes with a data backup facility, which means that in case there is any damage to the card, you will be able to recover all the important data including photos, videos, music, contacts and so forth.

6. Lexar LSD128CBNA1667

High-speed perfomance
lexar lsd128cbna1667 memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 128 GB | Interface: SDXC | Speed: 250 MB/s

  • ✚ Large storage capasity
  • ✚ High-speed perfomance
  • ✚ High capasity
  • Overpriced

The Lexar LSD 128CBNA1667 memory card has a great many features. In addition to storage of photographic and audio data, it is also capable of saving the information on a Compact Flash Card. This makes the data easily transferable between computers. One of the most popular applications for the card is for those who travel and want to keep their camera or other valuable documents safely on board. If one uses a computer, the card can be used to store the information onto the hard drive and then transfer them later when needed.

The benefits of using this memory card are that one can store data for later use. The time factor is another advantage as a computer cannot be relied upon to store all the data that may be required at one time. This memory card also can be used to capture pictures and audio clips to share with friends and family.

7. PNY 64GB

pny 64gb memory card for nikon d3500

Capacity: 64 GB | Interface: SDXC | Speed: 100 MB/s

  • ✚ Portable
  • ✚ High perfomance
  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • Not reliable

The PNY 64GB high performance Class 10 U1 SDXC flash memory card offers excellent portability coupled with high-end performance for your professional as well as personal needs. This is a card that is very popular amongst professionals since it offers a lot of features in a small and sleek package.

There are many benefits that you can get from having this particular type of card such as: faster file access, better sound quality, enhanced photo and video recording capabilities, enhanced picture and text editing, enhanced audio capabilities and so much more. The capacities of the card are also a plus because it can accommodate different projects and applications.

lexar lsd128gcb1nl633 memory card for nikon d3500
Lexar LSD128GCB1NL633
  • Large storage capasity
  • Ideal for professional
sandisk sdsdxxy-064g-gn4in memory card for nikon d3500
  • Weatherproof
  • Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video
sandisk sdsdxv5-256g-gncin memory card for nikon d3500
  • Large storage capasity
  • Easy to use

How to Choose the Best Memory Cards for Nikon D3500?

how to choose the best memory card for nikon d3500

Physical Size/Memory Card Type

Memory cards of different types can significantly vary in size and form. The most popular types include micro-SD, SD, and CompactFlash. Other types that were recently added to the market are XQD and CFast. For D3500 cameras, the recommended card type is SD, particularly SDHC or SDXC since microSDHC and microSDXC models aren’t the correct fit for this DSLR.

Storage Capacity

Now that you’ve learned the correct card type, it’s time to look at other specifications the best memory card for Nikon D3500 should offer. Since SDHC and SDXC cards represent the majority of what the market is selling right now, you’ll have no trouble finding a model with the exact storage capacity you need. Currently, the most popular sizes are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 200GB, and 256GB. Some manufacturers even produce 512GB capacity cards, but those are rarely worth it. Most users consider memory cards with capacities between 64GB and 128GB to offer the best ratio between price and convenience.

If the recommended storage capacity seems too large to you, remember that the D3500 has a 24MP resolution. Photos of such high quality take up quite a lot of space on the memory card so you can run out of storage rather quickly with a 16GB or 32GB model. Keep in mind that if you’re taking RAW images, they will typically occupy between 20MB and 24MB each. Taking photos in JPEG allows saving on storage space, but you have to sacrifice image quality for that, which is not recommended.

how to choose the best memory card for nikon d3500


SDXC cards entered the market about two years ago, offering a significantly higher built-in bus speed. Such cards were also enhanced with a second pin row that capitalizes on that speed boost.

Nowadays, SDXC comes in one of two formats – UHS-I or UHS-II. Determining the difference between the two types is very simple. UHS-I format cards come with a single row of pins while UHS-II models come with two rows.

Overall, while there are plenty of options that can provide terrific results with this camera, the best memory card for Nikon D3500 is probably an SDXC UHS-I model with a U3 speed rating.