7 Best Keyboards for Transcription in 2023

By Robin Owens 8 days ago, Keyboards

What is the best transcriptionist keyboard to buy this year?

best keyboards for transcription

For transcriptionists, a keyboard is a key instrument that ensures effective work. This job requires attention to details, accuracy, and meeting deadlines, and all these components cannot be achieved without a perfect accessory, namely a transcriber keyboard.

Top 7 Keyboards for Transcription

  1. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard - Our Choice
  2. Razer Cynosa - Sturdy construction
  3. Perixx Periboard-512 - PnP feature
  4. Logitech K840 - Portable
  5. HP K1500 - Cheap
  6. Microsoft Sculpt - Ergonomic design
  7. Logitech MX Keys - Fast keys

Certainly, a highly functional keyboard can improve your typing experience and increase your productivity. But choosing a perfect keyboard for your work is not always an easy task and can cause some troubles. This article describes seven great keyboards that will make the task of preparing transcriptions as easy and enjoyable as it could be.

1. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Our Choice
microsoft wired keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Convenient to use
⊕ Great support
⊕ Wired for faster performance
⊕ Budget-friendly
⊖ No drivers for the keyboard
⊖ Lack of backlighting

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard is a great accessory that is designed to make the process of typing comfortable and trouble-free. Equipped with improved cushion and wrist rest, the keyboard eliminates fatigue that is likely to appear while working for a long time.

It comes with an integrated numeric keypad and dedicated shortcut keys that speed up your work and make it more effective. Fast functioning is also ensured with its wired design. This keyboard for transcription can work with Windows 10, but its functionality is limited when paired with Windows 8.1 and 7.

To customize a keyboard, you need to install Microsoft's Mouse and Keyboard Center. However, this feature is not available if you connect the keyboard to devices with Windows 10 S or macOS operating systems.

2. Razer Cynosa

Sturdy construction
razer backlit rgb keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ RGB backlighting
⊕ Great customization
⊕ Water-resistant design
⊕ Sturdy construction
⊖ You need to update Razer software

If you are sure that you have already found the best keyboard for transcription, think again, as Razer Cynosa may change your mind. This model is fitted with a great number of useful and innovative features like individually backlit keys, numerous options for customizations, etc. The rich functionality of this keyboard makes it also ideal for gaming needs. Razer Cynosa can synchronize with the majority of popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and more. As the keyboard features key illumination with 16.8 million colors, you can easily use it in dark rooms. Moreover, its splash-proof construction can resist accidental liquid spilling without any problems.

3. Perixx Periboard-512

PnP feature
perixx ergonomic keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Ergonomic construction
⊕ PnP feature
⊕ USB interface
⊕ Convenient
⊖ Large

Periboard-512 is a full-size wired keyboard that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience. This model is considered as on the most popular Perixx keyboards. It is equipped with touch-sensitive keys that don’t require much pressure for their activation.

Moreover, this transcriptionist keyboard offers a Plug-and-Play feature and a USB interface. Its cable measures 1.8 making Periboard-512 quite portable. This length is enough for using the peripheral without troubles, no matter if it is on or under your computer desk.

4. Logitech K840

logitech keyboard with romer g

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Equipped with mechanical switches
⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ User-friendly
⊕ Solid construction
⊖ Wobbling keys

Many users consider this device as the best keyboard for transcription, as it is equipped with very sensitive keys and can brag about quiet performance. Featuring solid construction made of aluminum, this keyboard will serve your typing needs for a long time, for sure.

It comes with Romer-G mechanical switches that produce soft tactile bump ensuring near-silent functioning. All in all, this keyboard will meet your typing needs and make your transcription experience more comfortable. But the quality of the keycaps could be better.

5. HP K1500

hp wireless keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Low-priced option
⊕ HP Premium keyboard
⊕ Compatible with many platforms
⊕ User-friendly
⊖ Fragile letters on keys

HP K1500 is a great keyboard for transcribing that offers all the features you are looking for. Its functionality allows you to increase the productivity and quality of your work. Equipped with a USB port, the keyboard is easy to connect and use.

This full-size keyboard is perfect for typing ensuring precise accuracy and fast work. Besides, HP K1500 has a splash-resistant body for long-lasting and trouble-free performance. You can also adjust the legs of the keyboard achieving the most comfortable position for your wrists.

One more advantage of this model is quite functioning. All these features make HP K1500 the best keyboard for transcription.

6. Microsoft Sculpt

Ergonomic design
microsoft ergonomic keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Soft wrist rest
⊕ Split keyboard layout
⊕ Worth its money
⊖ Convenient to use
⊖ Lacks RGB backlighting

Featuring ergonomic construction, Microsoft Sculpt is an easy-to-use keyboard with a split keyset design that allows you to hold the wrists and forearms in a convenient position for enjoyable typing. Moreover, this model comes with a soft wrist rest that eliminates fatigue.

The keyboard has even more features for comfortable typing including a contoured keyset, palm lift, and adjustable keyboard legs that allow you to choose the most comfortable position for work. All these great features prove that Microsoft Sculpt is an excellent transcriptionist keyboard.

7. Logitech MX Keys

Fast keys
logitech wireless keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Great stroke keys
⊕ Comfortable and reliable
⊕ Compatible with many devices and operating systems
⊕ Sensitive keys
⊖ Pricey
⊖ Useless software

Logitech MX Keys is a highly functional backlit keyboard designed for effective, stable, and precise functioning. Is has great stroke keys, the shape of which matches your fingertips.

The backlighting is motion-sensitive, so it is activated once it detects the approach of your hand. This user-friendly keyboard for transcription is fitted with a great variety of helpful features like long battery life, high compatibility, etc.

Image Name Features  
microsoft wired keyboard
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Our choice
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
razer backlit rgb keyboard
Razer Cynosa
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
perixx ergonomic keyboard
Perixx Periboard-512
Split Keyboard
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No

How to Choose the Best Keyboard for Transcription?

best keyboard for transcription

Keyboard Usage

The market is full of great keyboard models, all of which are developed for some particular tasks like typing, gaming, etc. Therefore, the first step, while choosing the best keyboard for transcription is to determine its primary function. The products designed for transcriptionists usually have an ergonomic design, sensitive keys, and other helpful features for faster and more convenient typing experience.

Keys and Keystrokes

Before purchasing a keyboard, check its keystrokes and keypad. Choose the model that will make your work comfortable preventing fatigue and strain in your hands, increase your typing speed, etc. For transcribing, you’d better purchase a keyboard with sensitive keys that require little pressure for activation.

Compatibility with Devices

Buy a keyboard that can work with your device. Many keyboards are wireless, and a lot of models connect to the computer using USB.

Ergonomic Keyboards

best keyboard for transcription

Ergonomic keyboards allow you to hold your hands in a natural position eliminating fatigue and wrist strain. These models are perfect for transcriptionists as their work involved much typing. Such keyboards also allow you to avoid possible health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • • What equipment do transcriptionists need?

To start transcribing audio or video files, you need a PC, Internet connection, transcription software, and such additional accessories like a headset and a transcription foot pedal that are desirable but aren’t a must. However, the most important tool for a transcriptionist is a computer.

  • • Should I choose mechanical keyboards for typing?

The best thing about mechanical keyboards is that their keys do not require much pressure to be activated. It means that you are likely to type faster using this type of keyboard. For someone the weight of a mechanical peripheral is its advantage, for others, this aspect is a drawback. Nevertheless, it depends on how you are going to use the keyboard.

  • • Which is better: a flat or raised keyboard?

We recommend you choose a flat keyboard as it allows you to locate your wrists in a natural position eliminating the strain and reducing fatigue.

  • • How much time do I need to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

On average, a person needs about four hours for transcribing audio the length of which is 1 hour (even with the best keyboard for transcription). So, you need to spend approximately one hour to transcribe 15 minutes of a clear, slow audio file.