11 Best IP Camera Software in 2020

11 Best IP Camera Software in 2020

The IP camera software functions as an online video monitoring system. Such video systems can be used for different purposes such as keeping tabs on homes, business facilities, offices, retail outlets, etc. Such programs allow keeping an eye on workers, household, children, pets and spot suspicious activities from random people in your neighborhood.

Top 11 IP Camera Software for Home and Business

  1. NetCam Studio - Our choice
  2. iVideon - With the function of counting visitors
  3. Genius Vision - For small businesses
  4. EyeLine - 100+ cameras simultaneous viewing
  5. Blue Iris Software - For professionals
  6. ZoneMinder - The best security DVR software
  7. Security Eye - Contains loudspeaker
  8. Anycam - Basic surveillance feature set
  9. Visec Surveillance Software - The fastest performance
  10. iSpy - For home surveillance
  11. ContaCam - With customizable frames

Here, you will find a list of the best IP camera software that you can use to view people or objects. With some options, you also will be able to edit videos, change their sizes, zoom in, adjust the settings, save, convert, and share footage.

1. NetCam Studio – Our Choice

Our choice
  • Sends SMS and emails
  • Has auto-detection feature
  • You can use the free version as long as you want
  • Compatible with different camera brands
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Verdict: NetCam Studio is the best IP camera software that you can use to watch house, office, or have a closer look at different objects. With it, you can observe what’s happening at your place remotely via hidden cameras.

It’s compatible with practically every brand of webcams. You will be able to connect up to 64 cameras from a single account and get 250 notifications per day through e-mail or push messages. All you need is to have an Internet connection.

If you want to use the free version of this software, there will be some restrictions. You will be able to connect just two cameras and receive messages from them for five days per week. Your videos will have watermarks, and you need to buy a licensed version to eliminate them.

It doesn’t matter what version you decide to use, you will get access to the community support and will be able to contact them if there is any issue in NetCam performance.

  • netcam studio ip camera software interface

    2. iVideon

    With the function of counting visitors
    • Simple to use
    • Smart notifications
    • Offers a visitor counting feature
    • Cloud-based
    • Difficult to install and embed live videos

    Verdict: iVideon can be called the best IP camera software as it offers the face recognition feature that requires no additional equipment. All you need is a wireless security camera with the dedicated software and a computer or phone where you are going to install the software. iVideon works via the net and saves videos on the Cloud.

    You can connect many cameras to it and use it for free for 2 weeks. iVideon offers a visitor counting feature. Due to it, outlets can easily calculate how many people are there, where they stand, and track them.

    Another plus of this software is that it spots such subtle movements as flickers in lighting fixtures. Similar software options don’t have this feature. You can use iVideon on macOS and Linux on both desktop and portable devices.

    • ivideon ip camera software interface

      3. Genius Vision

      For small businesses
      • High-res image
      • Supports many camera brands and CCTV
      • Customizable options
      • Many versions
      • Lack of direct troubleshooting help
      • Refund only via PayPal

      Verdict: Genius Vision is the best IP camera software for corporative purposes as it offers multiple versions such as NVR Lite, NVR subscription edition, enterprise, community, and a hybrid version. Each of them provides unique features, so users can decide which one is more suitable for them.

      These versions offer visual tamper detection, complete remote control, mobile app support, motion detection, and several monitor displays. You can watch and monitor the movement remotely through the web browser. You can select the panorama view or visual tamper detection, save videos and export them in the AVI file format.

      You can use this software on Windows and macOS. There is also a version for Android and iOS devices.

      • genius vision ip camera software interface

        4. EyeLine

        100+ cameras simultaneous viewing
        • Supports different web- and network cameras
        • Sends e-mail or SMS notifications when detects suspicious activity
        • Has online access
        • Affordable
        • Can be slow from time to time

        Verdict: EyeLine is a great IP camera viewer online that can record 100+ cameras, networks, or local at the same time. When it detects suspicious activity, it sends notifications to your email straight away.

        You can select the type of activity that the software needs to warn you about. It’s a useful feature, which will help you minimize the amount of unnecessary information such as small movements near the camera. You can save your videos in the WMV format and share them via e-mail, social media sites, or publish them on any network.

        • eyeline ip camera software interface

          5. Blue Iris Software

          For professionals
          • Detects suspicious activity and audio
          • Provides a multi-camera view
          • Can take snapshots
          • Offers remote upload to FTP server
          • For experienced users

          Verdict: Blue Iris software is used to watch and record all types of suspicious activities. It’s compatible with different kinds of cameras, including built-in webcams, USB devices, or Internet-based cameras.

          You can upload up to 64 cameras and view them remotely on your computer. Also, you can control the situation via e-mail notifications or push-messages. All cameras will operate under one license, so you won’t need to purchase each one separately.

          This software detects not only movements but also noises. Due to this, your house or office will be fully protected from strange activities. You can use this software with a lot of third-party cameras, but in this case, it might get slow with high-end HD models

          • blue iris ip camera software interface

            6. ZoneMinder

            The best security DVR software
            • Supports DVR and NVR systems
            • Free
            • Simple setup
            • Supports third-party programs
            • Isn’t translated to many languages
            • Access to documentation is limited

            Verdict: ZoneMinder is great free IP camera recording software that can be used for home and business purposes. It can work without recording as well as record videos after it detected suspicious activity and record non-stop. You can choose the most suitable variant. This software can be used with IPs and analog cameras, which means both DVR and NVR systems are supported.

            ZoneMinder is simple to install and use. All you need is a good Internet connection. If needed, you can use third-party programs (for editing recorded videos, changing their size, applying effects, etc.) Also, you don’t need to worry about storage. ZoneMinder is cloud-based software, which means the data doesn’t occupy free space on your device.

            • zoneminder ip camera software interface

              7. Security Eye

              Contains loudspeaker
              • You can record as many videos as you want in the full version
              • Sleek interface
              • Has Xvid MPEG-4 Codec
              • There is a free version
              • Has high system requirements
              • Icons are not intuitive

              Verdict: Security Eye is the best IP camera software for business purposes. Its full version offers a lot of features while the trial one has nice functionality too. In a free version, you can record 2 hours. There is a timer, so you can record whenever you want. Then you can capture the ready file as a JPEG image, compress it, and share.

              This software can also send notifications on suspicious activity though e-mail, push-notifications or loudspeakers.

              • security eye ip camera software interface

                8. Anycam

                Basic surveillance feature set
                • Compatible with any camera
                • Constant updates for one purchase
                • Simple to use
                • Only the necessary features
                • Not user-friendly timeline
                • The free version is limited

                Verdict: Anycam doesn’t offer many features and has only standard ones like video recording and playback. It’s compatible with all famous brands and models of IP cameras. That’s why this software is rather universal.

                There is also a free version but it has a lot of limitations. You have the possibility to connect only to two cameras. The recording time is also limited, but you can boost the capabilities of the software by getting the full version. The full Anycam pack is available as a one-time purchase. Then you will have the software forever with all the updates from the developer delivered automatically.

                anycam ip camera software

                9. Visec Surveillance Software

                The fastest performance
                • Speedy
                • Support for H.264 technology
                • Video history
                • Live view mode
                • Doesn’t work with macOS

                Verdict: Visec is one of the best IP camera software using which, you can keep an eye on your property from a device through the net or locally. It records and analyzes the movement and sends you notifications if it’s suspicious.

                Due to its minimalistic design, you can quickly find the necessary IP camera, tilt the image, or zoom it in. Besides, you can see multiple views, so that you can set the screen according to your needs. Visec Surveillance Software can be used on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with macOS.

                Visec supports H.264 technology (the newest technology in video compression), which makes it simple to navigate. You can save your videos as MJPEG and MPEG4 files and share them on all digital sources.

                visec surveillance ip camera software interface

                10. iSpy

                For home surveillance
                • Powerful and free
                • Selective motion detection
                • Detects movement and sounds
                • Great quality of footage
                • Standard searching features
                • Lack of remote control in a free version

                Verdict: With iSpy software, you can monitor your house, children, or pets when you are not at home. It’s a great option to work with nanny cameras. It can monitor and record what’s happening and send notifications, if a camera detects suspicious actions.

                You can upload different cameras and microphone, however, the free version needs USB connection for them. You can also specify the areas you want to monitor and set the threshold value for the amount of motion that will trigger auto-recording.

                iSpy allows you to upload SFTP and FTP frames onto its server and record audio and video if you need it. After it saves the video, you can upload it to your YouTube account or any other source.

                • ispy ip camera software interface

                  11. ContaCam

                  With customizable frames
                  • Offers free trial period
                  • Simple to install and use
                  • Live streams from multiple sources
                  • Upgraded features
                  • Lacks a mobile version

                  Verdict: ContaCam is one of the best IP camera software using which, you can keep tabs on different objects.

                  Its main advantage is that you can set a one-time frame range a day for motion detection recording. It saves video in SWF animation file format automatically. This software isn’t very convenient as it has a limit of 16.000 frames. In this way, you can record just 9 minutes if you set 30 frames per minute.

                  Besides, you can change the format into AVI and have a longer video.

                  • contacam ip camera software interface
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