6 Best GoPro Gimbals to Buy in 2023

By Tati Taylor 10 days ago, Tripods

The best GoPro gimbals to record dynamic movements and sports.

top 3 gopro gimbals

A GoPro gimbal stabilizes your camera as it moves, allowing you to capture smooth and blur-free footage. It can be handheld or wearable and can be used in conjunction with any GoPro camera. It can be mounted on a harness, helmet, handlebars, or even selfie sticks.

Top 6 Geared Tripod Heads

  1. Hohem iSteady Pro 4 - Our choice
  2. GoPro Karma Grip - For older GoPro models
  3. INKEE Falcon Plus - Built-in battery
  4. Zhiyun Crane M3 - 3-sec Quick Release
  5. Moza Mini P Max - Pocket size gimbal
  6. FeiyuTech Scorp Mini - Color touchscreen

It's important to choose the gimbal that is compatible with your Hero camera or GoPro alternative to ensure optimal performance. When selecting a gimbal, look for one with decent battery life to avoid running out of power halfway through a shoot.

Most gimbals offer a variety of shooting modes that allow you to capture unique and creative footage. The best GoPro gimbal will also offer advanced modes like Inception mode, which makes the camera do a barrel roll through 180 or 360 degrees, giving you even more creative freedom.

1. Hohem iSteady Pro 4

Our choice
hohem isteady pro 4 gopro gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 3 to 10, DJI Osmo Action, etc. | Weight: 0.33 lbs | Dimensions: 11.81 x 5.12 x 1.97”

  • ✚ Superior stabilization
  • ✚ Supports multiple operating modes
  • ✚ Long battery life
  • ✚ Remote control
  • Motors are slightly less responsive than some other alternatives

One of the main advantages of the Hohem iSteady Pro 4 GoPro stabilizer is its superior stabilization that provides smooth and steady video. It also has multiple operating modes, including POV, Sport, and Motion Timelapse, which gives you a lot of creative freedom when shooting.

hohem isteady pro 4 gopro stabilizer

The quick setup process is also a great feature, making it easy to mount your camera on the GoPro tripod. And the automatic algorithm-based stabilization is perfect for beginners who don't want to spend a lot of time adjusting settings.

Another advantage is its long battery life of up to 14 hours, making it perfect for outdoor shooting.

2. GoPro Karma Grip

For older GoPro models
gopro karma grip gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 3 to 7 | Weight: 1.01 lbs | Dimensions: 3.62 x 4.21 x 10.55”

  • ✚ Top performance in image stabilization
  • ✚ Simple controls and intuitive to use
  • ✚ Modular design
  • Expensive compared to third-party gimbals
  • Disappointing battery life when recording at 4K

If you're looking for the best gimbal for GoPro that will let you capture smooth, shake-free videos, the GoPro Karma Grip is definitely one of the best options out there. It is considered one of the essential GoPro accessories for videographers who want to take control over shooting process.

gopro karma grip stabilizer

It comes with simple controls that allow you to power on/off, change modes, start/stop recording, and add HiLight Tags. The Karma Grip is also a versatile gimbal that can be used on the GoPro Karma drone or in handheld mode, making it the best gimbal for GoPro in terms of functionality. 

3. INKEE Falcon Plus

Built-in battery
inkee falcon plus gopro gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 5 to 10, DJI Osmo Action, etc. | Weight: 0.66 lbs | Dimensions: 9.06 x 5.91 x 1.97”

  • ✚ Compatible with a variety of cameras
  • ✚ Wireless control via Bluetooth
  • ✚ Powerful anti-shake algorithm
  • Not waterproof
  • Uncomfortable grip

The INKEE Falcon Plus provides superior stabilization and smooth video with multiple modes to suit your shooting style. This gimbal mount for GoPro is compact and portable, making it easy to carry on adventures, bike rides, and other activities.

inkee falcon plus gopro stabilizer

It has up to five different modes of stabilization, which can be changed from a single press on the Mode button. It also has a three-axis lock and nine-hour battery life, making it perfect for long shoots with your expensive or budget action camera.

The OLED screen displays current settings, power consumption, and Bluetooth status, making it easy to monitor your device.

4. Zhiyun Crane M3

3-sec Quick Release
zhiyun crane m3 gopro gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 6 to 10, smartphones, etc. | Weight: 2.62 lbs | Dimensions: 11.02 x 2.95 x 6.18”

  • ✚ Versatile gimbal
  • ✚ Suitable for time-lapse and panorama shots
  • ✚ Easy to use and operate
  • It can be challenging to balance heavy cameras
  • Very poor documentation

One of the standout features of the Zhiyun Crane M3 is its compact design, making it the best gimbal for GoPro Hero 10. You'll be able to hold it for much longer without getting an aching wrist. It's also able to take a mirrorless camera or phone, which makes it the perfect all-rounder if you only want to buy one gimbal for all your cameras.

zhiyun crane m3 gopro stabilizer

The GoPro gimbal has a joystick for controlling the camera, trigger and record buttons, as well as a small monochrome OLED display that provides you with an overview of the gimbal's functions.

The gimbal is also easy to attach and remove, thanks to its V-shaped quick release design and dual safety locks at the push of one lock button. It can also be mounted onto most tripods, camera jibs and sliders on set.

5. Moza Mini P Max

Pocket size gimbal
moza mini p max gopro gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 5 to 10 | Weight: 2.2 lbs | Dimensions: 7.79 x 6.37 x 4.01”

  • ✚ Professional gimbal modes
  • ✚ Waterproof
  • ✚ Running time of up to 20 hours
  • Expensive than some other options
  • Compatibility issues with some cameras

The MOZA Mini P Max can hold everything from a tiny action camera to a full-sized DSLR camera. This means that you can switch between cameras depending on the situation.

Another advantage of this gimbal for GoPro is its professional modes such as inception mode, which creates camera movement that twists into a shot; FPV mode to focus the camera on you; and sports gear mode for tracking athletes.

moza mini p max gopro stabilizer

The MOZA Mini P Max also has some great features, such as a nine-hour battery life, three axis lock, reverse charging, and quick installation.

6. FeiyuTech Scorp Mini

Color touchscreen
feiyutech scorp mini gopro gimbal

Compatibility: HERO 4 to 10 | Weight: 1.74 lbs | Dimensions: Not specified

  • ✚ Ergonomic T-shaped handle
  • ✚ ARCA quick-release plate
  • ✚ Five positions for flexible adjustments
  • May not be as durable as other gimbals in the list
  • Some users may prefer a larger gimbal

The FeiyuTech Scorp Mini is one of the best GoPro gimbals on the market, perfect for those who want to take videos with their GoPro. It's also very quick and simple to set up, which is great for those who want to start filming right away.

The Scorp Mini has a good range of stabilization modes, making it one of the best DJI Osmo Action accessories.

feiyutech scorp mini gopro stabilizer

Another standout features of the Scorp Mini is its ability to control your camera with a simple tap of a finger on the screen. The gimbal is also equipped with an ARCA quick-release plate, so that you can fix your camera or smartphone to Scorp Mini within seconds.

gopro gimbal hohem isteady pro 4
Hohem iSteady Pro 4
  • Compatibility: HERO 3 to 10
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 5.12 x 1.97”
gopro gimbal karma grip
GoPro Karma Grip
  • Compatibility: HERO 3 to 7
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3.62 x 4.21 x 10.55”
inkee falcon plus gopro gimbal
INKEE Falcon Plus
Nice sound
  • Compatibility: HERO 5 to 10
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 5.91 x 1.97”

How to Choose the Best GoPro Gimbal?

While some gimbals can be used only with action cameras, others can also be attached to mirrorless models and DSLRs. This can really expand your filming capabilities and allow you to capture footage that you wouldn't be able to with just your GoPro.

how to choose the gopro stabilizer

Weight. If you're on a budget, you may want to consider an action camera under $100, but still make sure the gimbal can handle the weight of your camera.

Also, pay attention to the weight of a gimbal. If you pick a heavy option, it might be challenging to manipulate and hold for long-lasting sessions. That is why it is better to choose lightweight and compact models.

Appearance and design. If you are going to purchase an action camera gimbal, pay attention to its construction. While some users feel comfortable with an extended handle, others prefer a compact body and short handle.

Another factor to consider is the material of the construction. It may be metal, rubber, foam, plastic, and aluminum. Check beforehand whether the handle delivers tight grip and comfort and make sure it doesn’t slip when your hand is wet.

how to choose the best gopro gimbal

Time for the gimbal mount. If you want to focus on shooting breathtaking clips rather than assembly your gimbal for hours, pick an easy-to-mount model. The GoPro stabilizer typically doesn't require any extra tools to assemble, and you can usually attach your camera to the gimbal in just one minute.


  • • Can I use a GoPro gimbal to hold my smartphone?

Depends on the model. GoPros are more lightweight and compact than modern smartphones. That is why some gimbals for GoPros doesn't have enough load capacity to handle such a bulky device. Moreover, their frame housing doesn't fit a smartphone. If you want to shoot with your phone, make sure to prepare a proper accessories, such as smartphone gimbal.

  • • Are GoPro gimbals water resistant?

Most action cameras come with water protection. However, not all GoPro gimbals are completely water-resistant.

  • • Should I purchase a wearable or handheld gimbal for GoPro?

If you want to shoot casual videos on the go, producing comprehensive views and correct perspectives, it is better to pick a handheld gimbal. Those who are all about recording their adventures, whether it is a cycling overview or you want to document your POV travel, then you will need a wearable gimbal for GoPro.