5 Best GIS Software in 2022

If you work with large volumes of geographical data and need efficient tools for visualizing, analyzing, and interpreting the results of your studies, make sure to choose the best GIS software from those described in this post.

We know how helpful good geographic information systems can be, so decide to filter out available programs and narrow down the choice to really efficient instruments.

Top 5 GIS Software

  1. QGIS - Consumes all data types
  2. Whitebox GAT - Excellent for LiDAR data
  3. GRASS GIS - Advanced image processing
  4. gvSIG - For 3D mapping
  5. OpenStreetMap - Easy alternative to Google Maps

The systems presented in this overview are indispensable for land-centric enterprises and geo-science companies, who need to control sales territory, perform field service dispatching, organize transportation, and keep tabs on the construction processes.

1. QGIS - Our Choice

Consumes all data types
  • Advanced cartography tools
  • Free to use
  • Plugin library extends functionality
  • Has a surfeit of usable features
  • Map-making features are poor

Verdict: QGIS stands for "quadrant global intelligence software". It's an industry standard tool for creating and managing digital intelligence systems. A QGIS system contains all of the necessary components required for creating digital map visualization, such as: maps, data sources, field processing, database management, graphic interface, visual language tools, etc.

qgis interface

2. Whitebox GAT

Excellent for LiDAR data
  • Top notch hydrology
  • Remote sensing software package
  • 410+ plugins and geospatial tools
  • Shoreline mapping
  • No classical editing toolbar

Verdict: Whitebox GAT provides high resolution imagery, providing you with maps you can manipulate in order to get the data you need, making it ideal for scientists, educators and anyone involved in land mapping.

This powerful software allows you to save a huge number of data sets, saving your time and allowing you to share data with colleagues. Whitebox performs as free map drawing software offering you the ability to perform parallax mapping, which is a complex process where you map the horizontal and vertical lines on a map based on what the actual point would be if the terrain was flat.

whitebox gat interface


Advanced image processing
  • Erosion modeling
  • Specializes in terrain manipulation
  • Raster and vector data manipulation
  • Temporal framework
  • Not ot beginners

Verdict: If you know of any GIS software programs, then you are probably wondering what GRASS GIS is. Suh software programs that use the GIS data are able to analyze this data and map it using mathematical algorithms, producing a digital map that is able to show an area of land or area of a certain size, shape, or texture.

grass gis gis software interface

4. gvSIG

For 3D mapping
  • Animation and 3D mapping
  • Basic and advanced geoprocessing
  • Vector representation
  • Multi-platform mobile data needed

Verdict: gvSIG GIS software has revolutionized the way we use geographical information and maps. The basic goal of this software is to create highly reliable, accessible, cost-effective GIS (geospatial data and maps) by building a database that can be accessed by everyone, instead of just the intended users.

It makes it possible to get accurate and up-to-date maps from any source using any operating system, browser, or hardware. This open source technology also allows easy migration of data once the software has been purchased to suit the new workflow.

gvsig gis software interface

5. OpenStreetMap

Easy alternative to Google Maps
  • Continually updated
  • Totally free
  • Open-source map
  • Limited number of queries

Verdict: OpenStreetMap is a GIS software solution which provides the mapping data needed for cartography, environmental monitoring, archeology research and urban planning. OpenStreetMap is able to provide the best mapping data to any type of user who might need it, be it a government or non-government organization.

In addition to being able to produce maps like map software for Windows, it is also capable of processing the data and organizing it in such a way that is easy to manage and use. One of the best characteristics of OpenStreetMap is that it is completely editable by any type of computer, which allows cartographers to make minor changes and modifications to the final map.

openstreetmap gis software interface